The Underworld(Battle Within) - Episode 7

The Use Of Magics

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Felix learnt all she has to as for that moment and how to use magics which she enjoyed alot.

Dide: now we've somewhere to hold, Felix kept quiet and he looked back to see her using magics to draw at the wall(a sword) . . .

Dide: no wonder you never knew i was talking to you, she still did not say anything making dide got upset and used magic to pour her water on her head.

Dide: l a-tra-yuzu-arhs.

Felix: sh**t. Why that?

Dide: have been here talking to you and you gave me deaf ears (phill and pack came in and as if they knew what happened they started laughing which made felix to burst into laughter too.

Pack: great one they are ready(what is ready?, dide asked forgeting he asked them to get him arrow and bow with the sharpest sword) the pieces of gadgets you requested for, phill returned the anwer looking at pack suprisingly 

Dide: oh, come with them over here, (they brought the equipment which dide congratulated them for a job well done.) 

Felix: so what do we do with them? 

Dide: we are gonna use you and set trap for them to catch you and go with you. Felix: shiit, she bent down looking straight to the floor, this gonna really suck,

Pack: (putting the arrows together) that's true my queen but believe me you, you gonna be victorious.

Felix: now i remember why all this queen to and fro.

Phill: coming out from the other part of the room with food because you are the strongest sourcerlord in the nation.

Felix: what did you just say? what of hilda the white witch? she asked in suprise.

Dide: it's a long story, she died anyway.

Felix: what!! Then we are nothing if she is nomore. 

Pack: my queen i don't think we have time for argument please, because a succesor of hilda is standhng here with us which is you.

Felix: what!! You are insane, how can i be? When she is not my mother? Dide:smilling, there are much you have to know, but lets battle the worn first(and they started eating while felix was still down in thoughts especially going to the underworld

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Aliu and presa can be spoted discusing something i don't really understand, although that wasn't my problen but how am going to die and my hand and legs started shaking as if am dancing MAKOSA. Sudenly they started coming to where i am which made me to dress back

@THE WORLD Fastforward!!

After the too much questions from felix she agreed to go to the underworld which dide prepared her much and took her to the heart of the forest where presa will meet her and ask her to act as if she is hunting which she turned to a woman hunter within a twinke of an eye while dide hid at the nearby bush to witness what ever that will happen to her. .

SECONDS TURN TO MINUTES TURN TO HOURS AND THE DAY WAS BECOMING DARK. But suddenly Presa appeared again and Felix saw him and wondered the type of human or creature that could be.

Felix: within her self no doubt, it's obvious you came from the underworld. . . Then she pretended a run and Presa appeared beforeher and she stylerishly ran into him and he took hold of her and dissappeared

Dide: shiit!! Looks so disgust. Its obvious you aren't human. (dide apeared at home because he dont need to walk home and informed pack and phill and asked them to be set at any time and they nod in agreement and left.


Aliu and Presa got to where i was and looked at me for some minutes and aliu turned to Presa brought out his two fingers and round his neck telling him to kill me imidiatly i saw that i collapsed inside the cage which made me not to know when felix passed, because she was Lucky nobody has time to kill anybody now, there are all preparing well for my death as they thought, and she was joined with the people serving in the underworld .


Almost everyone has slept leaving those that still has one or two thing to do before bed, felix sneaked out from where she was to sleep to search all the cave and met a lady who was washing, she went to her forcely held her neck looking into her eyes and their both eyes turned white and the lady felt weak 

Lady: send me my queen(she told felix due to the power walking round her body making her do what ever she asked of)

Felix: i neeed those garments of yours and take mine.

Lady: yes my queen, she took off her cloth and hand it over to felix and so did felix too.

Felix: now one more thing .

Lady: command me my queen.

Felix: where did they lock the omega i need to see him?

Lady: down there pointing at a particular cage.

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