The Underworld(Battle Within) - Episode 8

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Felix: ok you can go now, but what's your name ?

Lady: i'm krish

Felix: krish?

Krish: yes, any issue with that?

Felix: no no, not really, but wish we meet again, just go in forget about the wash, am gonna do it,

Krish: no my lady, we don't have time to waste, you face the omega's rescue and allow me finish up this so we can make out of here before dusk, i have been waiting for you to come for my rescue, am a sourceress too.

Felix: what! You are ?

Krish: yes my lady, my parents was killed the same day i was brought in here, please lets make it snappy, cos we have no excess time. Go!

Felix: wait . But. . .

Krish: no but just go(she interrupted her and start washing the cloths and spread them with magics to make it fast while felix secretly rushed down the cage in search of anachrist) . .


Presa: (coming out from a particular room) my lord you summond me why? Aliue: its about that b-----d he must be killed tommorow very early am having a bad feeling

Presa: my lord me too, or does it mean he isn't the real omega?

Aliu: no he is i saw the cross chain on his neck

Presa: what? then lets go take it

Aliu: no one can have that chain when he is still alive, thoug that what we need, but for us to have it, he must be killed, go make the sword of justice ready that is what can only kill an omega, go! 

Presa: ok my lord, on it(he turned and disapeared into the thin air). And not up to few seconds of his disapearance the queen of the underworld appeared giving aliu few distance.

Amena: my king (coming close to aliu) what is the problem? You should be sleeping by now

Aliu: yes

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. . But am just having some fishly feeling. . But don't worry the fish must be a history

Amena: my king i don't get you at all please make me do

Aliu: just go. . Its about the omega.

Amena: what about him?(going to her throne to seat down)

Aliu: dont just understand . . But never mind its ok. . (he walked a little bit towards the entrance and vanished into the thin air

Amena: the omega.hmm . .ok oo.


Felix searched almost all the cage but could not find anachrist. . . but when she turned to take her leave back to check on krish she heard the sound of footstep approching her and she rushed and hid behind one empty cage waiting for the person to surface very soon aliu and presa was seen going down to a particular place .

Aliu: hope that b-----d has not done anything crazy?

Presa: no he is there, lets go and see

Aliu: where are this fools i asked to follow me. . . Guards!!!.

Yes my lord(the two guards responded coming towards them). They got to the place and unlocked it and inside the room is the cage which they locked anachrist . . .

Presa: (on seeing anachrist sleeping) waw i told you he is here.forget the feeling its just.

Aliue : ok hey! The two of you guard here till morning and let no one come in here.

Guard 1: yes my lord

Aliue: good(walking away with presa) if anything happens to him consider yourselves dead.

Guards: yes my lord Aliu and presa walked out of the room and vanished into thin air while the guardsstood stead at the cage making sure no one goes in. . .felix seeing what just happened from where she was hiding came out to go into the cage but she cant just go in because of the guards so she dicided to plot a distraction.

Felix: s--t! How do i get in here? Ok let me kill them with my magics and make away with my brother She started moving close to the cage when DIDE'S SPIRIT APPEARS.

Dide: do not do what you wants to do right now

Felix: suprised what so you are here all this while?

Dide: am not here but do not do what i said.

Felix: but i need to get in there(she was in her thoughts when he vanished).

Felix: how can i distract them now? (looking around . . And she spoted a very big iron drum above a 4 sided leg construction. Waw. . . Cool. . .now i think i make the first good of my power . . . Thanks to dide anyway. . She turned facing the drum with her two hand pointing at one leg of the stand and after minutes of spells casting. One leg of the the stand got broken getting the attention of the guard

Felix:latra-ut-zam*ka*bri*zum*na.. . .

Guard1: what. . the drum, the drum! the water all has to be wasted lets be fast.

Guard2: ok lets go fast (they rushed outside the room heading to the drum stand which is about to smash on the ground. 

felix saw them rushing to the drum and laughed.

Felix: fools, i thought you are smart, hahaha(she rushed into the cage and saw anachrist.

Felix: s..t .

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. .oh am realy sorry dear.

Me: what! felix, what are you doin here? are you stupid? what of mummy? when did you arrived? how did you know am here?

Felix: listing no time for all these, where do i even start. lets try to get you outta here fast before those fools comes back !. . . . .



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