The Underworld(Battle Within) - Episode 3

The Dance Of The Fitted

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Felix: (sobbing) mum please talk to my understanding am not geting it wich battle and what do i need that i can find in the dad's room?.

Janesy: my queen am sorry i never told you these, listing to me, she started. . . You are a confessor and a sourceress while jimmy a great omega and a sourcerer too,. . The magic book is under your dads atiquated wadrobe, the chain on your neck can never be out of you(she started loosing strenght) me ne ne meet dide the great wizard of ha ct er. . Hac. . . Hacter(she gave up the ghost)

Felix: crying, mum. Please you can't abandone me here just like this. . . It was then she noticed that she was talking to nobody and she cried up to her voice, she stood up and suddenly a ray-like moved out of her late mother's body and penetrates into her without her awareness and that gave her more courage . . .she went straight to her late father's room to get the unknown magic book she was told of. Felix: (in a low voice) what is happening? loosing mum and anachrist the same night, the same hour ay the same unknown presa. . . . No. . . No. . . Noooo. . . I must get to the root of this, and will make sure those beasts pay with their life. . . . .

Back to the underworld*

I saw my self in another strange world strugling for freedom out of a big monster ,everybody was yeiling and shouting.

All: the great presa.

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. Long life maker. .

I looked around to find that the whole place is of nonehuman and monsters of all kind, sooner than later the beast took me to a saperate cage and got me locked in with his magics, then i was totally confused of what am going to face, then the chain on my neck started flashing some light. . .

Flash Back**

I remembered what my father told me before he died in the forest and how he died mysteriously. .

Jimat(my dad): my son do not be afraid you are a hero and a conquaror, the chain on your neck is of different from just a chain with it you can trade in the most dangerous path fearless, it will notify you anyday it will get to the battleLine .

me: dad, pls which battle line? (asking looking borthered, and he can see that in my face)

jimat: my son presa and other's can never be at rest unless they capture you, but fear n o o -o. . . . . . t(he gave up the ghost) i looked at his old fashioned wrist watch and it was 11:1Am . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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. . . . . . . Main story:

Back To The Underworld**

Every being was moving to and fro doin one thing or the other. . Some will drag hardly and wickedly some normall humans like me into a certain place, very soon a man with a long(black) hair almost sweeping the floor appeared infront of the beast that came with me, i was like (so magic is real) and every other monster and beasts bow down including presa, i was still looking more confused*** . . Stay tuned for more episodes i still remain anachrist

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