Set me free - Episode 43

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An hour earlier

  Lightning light up the sky and deafening thunder shake the quiet street. It really was raining cats and dogs. It was already dark from the pregnant clouds. Jessica look down at her wrist watch to make sure she wasn't too late for what she braved the heavy down pour of rain to accomplish. 3:56pm . She pull her raincoat down to shield her face from the rain. Her hair was already getting weak from too much water. Her palms felt clammy, but she knows it has more to do with the nerves tearing her up for what she was about to do and not the stupid rain.
  Her phone beep in her hand at this moment and she absently look down at it.


 Her phone starts buzzing even before she reads to the end. Rory. She drag the call icon to ignore.


The phone starts ringing again. She doesn't bother to pay it any attention this time. She just study the silver gate just across the street. 

"Come on jess. It's just several steps away. He used you for years without considering your feelings now he's getting married to another woman. You can't be happy so they shouldn't either." Another message alert goes off.


 Her eyes water at the personal nickname Rory gave her since when she was a little girl

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. He would always tail her around. He couldn't do without her. But not anymore. He was going to dump her without a second glance.

 Her phone buzz again and this time she picks up the call.

"Hello? Thank God Jessie. I've been so worried, Sweet tooth." Jessica cringe at this. It didn't feel right coming from his lips anymore.
"Are you still on the line? Hey, hello?"
"You should have chosen me." She says simply.
"I--- Can we talk about this in person? where you. I'll come meet you there." A sad smile play on her lips when the silver gate starts to open and bright headlights show that someone was coming out of the house.
"One question, Rory."
"Yea, anything." Rory answers, desperately grasping for a chance to make things right. Jessica keep her eyes on the car. it wasn't out yet. She still had time but not much of it.
"Do you love her?" She says into the phone.
"Sweet tooth." Rory mutters.
"Answer the question, Rory." She snaps, her patience was running out. The car would be out soon. Her decision had to be made and it all lies on Rory's answer.
"I--please." The car was finally driving out. It stops for a while at the gate and the occupant hands something to the gate man.
"Yes or no, Rory."
"I love you as well sweet tooth. We are a team." Rory says instead.
"To hell with your team." Jessica growls. The car was out of the gate and she walks out of the shadow.
"Jessica I know how you can get. Don't do anything stupid please." Rory pleads.
"You really do know me." she chuckles.
"I'll advise you go save your little princess, now." She says before throwing her phone into the puddle of water beside her.
 She spy the driver's seat of the passing her to make sure it wasn't who she needed to have a little chat with. It was just one of the goons leaving. She damn well doesn't care where. She cross the street and before the silver door fully close, she walk into the compound.
"Who the hell are you?!" The man at the gate stop her in her track.
"I need to speak to your boss." She says.
"Of course you do. Your hands on your head." He bellows. His voice was beginning to get on Jessica's nerves.
"Can't you just be a good lap dog, go in there and get your boss for me?"
"The fuck you saying, bitch!" He makes the mistake to come up close and Jessica surprise him with a gun to his balls. He stops short in his steps.
"I told you to get your boss." Jessica sneers.
"I--He he isn't here." Jessica push the gun harder into his precious balls. She felt disgust at how he was shaking.
"Think twice before lying to me.

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. I've been outside that gate for hours and I saw him come in about an hour ago. Now, I just need an audience with him." 
"I'm saying the truth. He's--" The large oak front door burst open at this moment and Jessica pull another gun and point it at the man that comes out of the door. He pulls his gun out too.
"I'm sure your boss wouldn't want his fellow rich neighbors to hear gunshots at his mansion. The patriotic citizen that he is and all that." Jessica says to the man pointing a gun at her, her face twisted in a smug smirk.
"He wouldn't mind me blowing your head off first. I---"
"That's enough, Nelson." Jessica relax a little as Michelle's father strolls out of the door. Just the man she wanted to see.
"Ah. He finally shows his face."
"What do you want here? You do realize you ain't leaving this place alive right?" He says. More men surround them with guns.
"Of course I will. You see, I have information you'll love."
"What makes you think I'll want this 'information'?"
"Because it has everything to do with this drug empire and family." Jessica shrugs when she sees she now have all their attention.
"The new border your precious son in law gave you? Ring a bell?"
"What are you talking about?"
"Oh and the precious new couple. Two blinds people that can see." Michelle's Father's brows shoot up mildly.
"Let her in." He commands immediately and Jessica grins.



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