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With the cold and constant rain, your girl has fallen sick guys. You all should forgive my late upload. I'm really down right now. Hope you enjoy this episode though.



"Hey. Stop it." I groan sleepily as soft lips tickle the side of my neck. I have a good idea whose lips they are but I'm too in the realm of sleep to do more than mumble sleepily.
"Wakey wakey." She whisper in my ear. I can feel her body pressed into my side . A certain part of my anatomy is waking up before me. Down, boy.
"How deep does he even sleep?" I hear Michelle mutter. I'm awake now but I keep my eyes open. Waiting for her next course of action.
 My stomach tense up when I feel my sweatshirt lightly move up. I peek through one eyes to see a head full of black hair covering her beautiful face. Her head comes up and our eyes clash. The evil smirk on her face tells me she's up to something really naughty. I wink at her and in one movement pull her up to my chest and turn us over so I'm on her.
"You win. Now kiss me." Michelle poker her lips and wink at me. I chuckle at her antics but kiss her anyways. I can't say no to her actually. Her legs wrap around my waist and her hands disappear under my sweatshirt.
"Michelle, I wouldn't do that if I were you--"
"Shhhh." Her fingers tweak my nipple and I groan.
"Okay, that's enough." I start to entangle myself from her grip but her hold tightens.
"Come on! Am I not s*xy enough?" She complain

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. My eyes take in her too short nightwear and I shake my head of the vision.
"I can tell you want this. Why do you keep holding back?" She pouts.
"Because we shouldn't rush this. Rushing is never good." I place a quick peck on her pout and finally unhook her legs.
"You know I'm going to rape you one of these days right?" She throws a pillow at me and I catch it then stick my tongue at her.
"What a child." She growls and I chuckle.
"An innocent child at that." I add.
"Something tells me you are scared of being intimate." I stiffen a little at this but hide it well.
"I better order us some food. Chinese sound good to you?" I say instead
"Avoiding the subject means it is true, Liam"
"When did you become a psychologist?"
"Since now. Tell me Liam, does this have anything to do with that rich girl you were dating back then in secondary school?" She looks thoughtful for a second but when her head goes up to stare at me, she sees the look on my face and burst into a fit of laughter.
"I'm right! Oh my God, let me guess she dumped you once she found out you came from the slumps just like me!" Her laughter continues to grate on my nerves. I bite down on my teeth to stop the explosion brewing inside me. She's so further from the truth and the reminder of Dawn hurts.
"Quit it Michelle." I grind out and start to walk out.
"Why so serious?! I'm right aren't I? She really was a snub back then. Always looking at me with her nose like I ain't human. She had no clue--"
"Shut the fuck up!" I scream as I throw the pillow in my hand against the wall, just above Michelle's head. I'm fuming mad.
"I'm-- It was just a joke."
"Joke?! You always talk about what you don't f*cking have one clue about!" I snap.
"Liam I--"
"No. That's enough. I'm out of here." I blow her off and walk out of the room in anger. Dawn doesn't deserve to be badmouthed like that. All she ever did was follow me till her death. The memories are still so fresh in my mind. Tears sting my eyes at the reminder of everything in my past I vowed to never forget. I don't stop walking until I'm on the beach. It's quiet and empty, just the way I feel right now.
"I haven't forgotten you, Dawn." I say into the dark night. A lightning lights up the sky and I shiver.
"I'm sorry, baby. I got carried away. I haven't forgotten you and our baby girl at home, okay? My promise to you comes first." I sniff back the tears.
"I'll always love you." I say more to affirm to myself. Michelle's smiling face flashes in my mind and all the memories we've been making for more than a week since I found out she could see. I don't want to remember all that now. I unhook the neckchain from around my neck and slowly drop my wedding band into my palm along with Dawn's ring. It hurts too much. These rings sealed the end of Dawn's life and looking at it has always kept the memory of her pain and death fresh in my heart and mind.
"I'll always love you, Dawn." I say as I caress the ring lightly.
"That's her name right? Dawn." My head snaps to the side at Michelle's quiet voice.
"You'll always love her." Michelle mutters. My eyes catch the glint of tears in her eyes before she turns to focus on the sea.
"This was what you couldn't tell me right? You married her." Michelle says after a few seconds. She still doesn't look at me. My chest feels tight at the sadness in her voice.
"I am just a fling aren't I?" She turns sad eyes to me.
"I--" Nothing else is coming out. I clutch the rings harder.
"I don't deserve an explanation huh?"
"Michelle I--" What am I supposed to say now?
"You shouldn't have let me fall in love with you Liam." My eyes snap up to her face. I can see the tears she's trying to hold back.
"Gosh, I can't believe I let myself fall for you again.

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. You'll always love her. She's beautiful and baggage free. While I'm the daughter of the man blackmailing you." Her shoulders slump and I just want to hug her. I ball my tingling hands into fists instead. This is for the best. I was carried away for a moment but I see the impossibility of the both of us being an us. I will always end up hurting her. Just like I took Dawn to her death.
"I'm sorry for badmouthing your wife, William."
"Don't say my name, please. I'm begging you. I can't have you say my name and make me want you all over again. I--" Her voice breaks and I flinch at the sudden sharp pain in my chest.
"Michelle, please." please what?
"Please what?" Michelle echoes my thoughts.
"I don't know." I say truthfully.
"ofcourse you don't." she staggers back and I find myself flying off the ground to catch her.
"No! Please don't touch me." She flinch away from my touch and I hold thin air.
"No." She mutters again before taking to her heels towards the house.


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