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"Oh my God! Michelle!" William exclaims and I wince. God! I just blew my cover. I watch him nervously. I'm expecting him to get his phone out and call my father. What would I do then? I should just beat and lock him up somewhere. I start walking faster away from the scene. I don't even care when I see the woman who just attacked us get up and stand running away. William doesn't seem to care either.
"Y--yo-you just--that woman . I mean your eyes. You--" William stutter, his eyes almost falling out of their sockets when I look at him.
"William, you have to calm down. I just took a few defence classes a few years ago. Nothing out of the ordinary."
"No No No No No! You can't explain that off! You can see!" I freeze in my steps and face him.
"What?! Don't be absurd." I try to play everything down.
"you just went all kung fu on her ass few minutes ago. You could tell where she was and you were able to dodge her knife!"
"Your father. Does he know about this? Was this all part of his evil ploy?" His face starts to go red in anger. I'm a bit confused though.
"My father's evil ploy?"
"Don't play dumb with me, Michelle! Your father killing that man right in front of me, video taping everything to make it look like I did, blackmailing me to work for him, what's all this about, Michelle?"
"You killed someone?"
"What? Never! Your father did. But I guess you already knew this

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. He's your precious dad afterall, right?"
"I don't understand."
"What's there to understand?! I'm done with you and your father's manipulations!" William gets toe to toe with me to breathe down my head.
"Manipulations?! You are the manipulator! How much did he pay you to spy on me, huh? Did he also pay you to play with my feelings?! I can't believe this." I scrub angry tears off my cheeks.
"You don't know what you are talking about. You and your father are ruining my life." William says weakly.
"You should have thought of that before working for the monster. But yea, you are also a monster too aren't you? You killed your father afterall" I spit the words in anger and I literally see William's eyes ignite in fire.
"Don't talk about what you know nothing about!" He grabs my shoulders and shake me harshly.
"I'm done with this sh*t. Just go on home ahead of me. I need to clear my head before I do something I won't like." he turns his back on me and I sigh.
 I start walking away slowly.
"I didn't kill my father Michelle. That's one thing you should know."William says quietly. I stop in my steps and turn around.
"Please go." his voice sounds weird.
"Are you crying?" I ask but he doesn't say anything else.
"William--" I grab his hand and turn him slowly towards me. He turns his head away from me.
"Look at me." my hand goes up to his face.
"Michelle don't--" I ignore his words and pull his face towards me. His eyes are red with unshed tears.
"I shouldn't have said those things. You just make me so mad, Liam. You make me feel things I don't know how to deal with." I caress his cheekbone softly. He's looking down into my eyes like he can see into my soul.
"I mean, I am supposed to marry Rory. He's my friend. He wants to get me away from my father. I should take this chance now right?"
"Michelle you--" I place my finger against his lips to shut him off.
"Let me finish. I can't stop wanting you, Liam. No matter how infuriating you are, I still want you. I mean, I've wanted you since high school and I can't seem to stop even now when I don't know whose side you are on." I search his eyes for answers.
"I'm on your side, Michelle."
"Are you?"
"I took this job to take your father down. But when I met you, you just kept getting under my skin. I just can't shake you off."
"I don't want you to shake me off, Liam. We can bring my father down together."
"What about your fiance?"
"I don't know about that right now. All I can think of right now is kissing you again. I just have to confirm if what I felt this morning is really there." my eyes move down to his lips as I bite down on my lips to try and control the herd of butterflies in my stomach.
"You shouldn't treat these lips so poorly." Liam gently pull my bottom lips from under my teeth.
"I need to console them." He whispers as he drops a soft kiss on my lower lips. My legs start to shake with excitement. William feather kisses all over my bottom lips. I try to press my lips to his, to deepen the kiss but he pulls away.
"More?" He grins down at me. I have lost my ability to speak. I just nod.
"I should pay attention to the upper lips." He says. He proceeds to feather kisses on my upper lip.
"William!" I growl. I want more. These kisses are just driving me insane without being satisfying. William has the nerve to laugh at my desperation.
"Calm down, princess." He teases and I curse it all to hell. I jump on him, wrapping my legs around his waist and my hand around his neck.
"I like this. Take what you want, princess." He growls as I press my lips against his. And boy, do I take what I want! My tongue is everywhere in his mouth. The sound of the crashing waves only serve to intensify the moment. I feel like I'm being tossed like the sea right now. William starts moving with me in his arms. I feel like I'm floating in cloud nine. This is central Liam cloud nine, people!
"I think we both need to cool off." He whispers into my ear and before I can make sense of what he's saying, he throws me into the water.
"argggghhh!!" I scream as the cold water drench me to my skin. I push my head out for air and I find William laughing so hard beside me. His wet face glitter in the sun.
"What did you do that for?! What if I didn't know how to swim!" I scream.
"You were getting too hot and bothered. You needed to cool off. And as for the knowing how to swim part, we went to the same high school. You loved swimming back then."
"how do you know that?"
"I would always see you in the school's pool after class."
"Wow. I thought you never noticed me."
"It's hard not to. The way you handled those rich snubs. I was envious."
"Impossible." I scoff.
"You doubt that? Okay, let me tell you a little secret." He says.
"I'm all ears."
"I was also a scholarship kid."
"That can't be true! You were the star of the class.

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. Hell, you were the son of one of the richest men in the country back then." William chuckles at this.
"I was just the illegitimate son. I practically grew up in a trailer house." He grins mildly but I notice the smile doesn't reach his eyes.
"Wow." That's all I can say to that.
"So you see, you were the cool one back then." He brushes a strand of wet hair from my face and I shiver.
" Come on. You are getting cold. Let's get you out."
"No. I want to hear more." I pout. He ignores my objection and pick me out of the water like I weigh nothing.
"We'll finish the rest of the story in the house. I want to feed my princess." He says. You won't here me complain about that. I'm pretty comfy in his arms. I just hook my hands around his neck and relax my head against his chest. I can so get used to this.

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