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"You have been pacing to and fro for almost an hour now. Just spit out whatever you have to say." Jessica says after almost an hour of watching Rory pace up and down in front of her. He was already making her headache worse. The events of this morning were already pasted on the news, the press labeling Michelle's father the hero but Jessica had a feeling that wasn't what was making Rory pace up and down. He has been like this ever since they dropped Michelle back at the beach house . She had felt his reluctance about leaving her there.

"I know you are worried about Mara. We are all friends. I am worried as well but--"

"I want surgery." Rory cuts off whatever sympathetic sermon Jessica was warming up to preach and he finally comes to a stop in front of his long time friend. That friend didn't understand him right now.

"What?" The words are only a breath out of Jessica's lips.

"You said you can fix my eyes." He says and pause.

"You have always wanted me to get it fixed jessie. Why the hesitance?"

"You have always kicked against the idea of fixing it though. You always say it's a reminder of what you ought to do for revenge." Jessica says as she watch her friend wince selfconsciously. And then, the reason for her friend's sudden need for vision hits her.

"This is because of Mara, isn't it?" she asks and the subtle drop of Rory's shoulders confirm her fears

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. A silent gasp escapes her.

"She said she wants a normal life, jessie. I have to give this to her." Rory quickly defends.

"So what? You plan to waltz into her father's beach house with both your eyes open and drag her out of there?" The idea sounded crazy even after voicing them out.

"I have a plan. You just need to fix my eyes. Please, Jessica. You've always been here by my side for decades. Do this last favour for me." Rory takes her hand and squeeze it gently. I've been by your side for decades, why can't you love me then? Jessica is tempted to ask but the question hangs in her throat as she looks deeply at the face of the man she has loved for most of two decades.

"You love her." She says, trying desperately not to fall on her knees and cry out her heart to her friend. She couldn't do that. She just keep staring into his blank eyes. Rory nods slowly and Jessica has to blink her eyes shut over his next words.

"I love her enough to drop my revenge." Rory says with so much emotion. He has been trying for so long to not reveal his feelings for the daughter of the man who burnt his family alive but after the day they'd had, he couldn't anymore. He had left Mara shaken in her father's pool house but his shaky resolve had been hardened. He had to get her out of there and fast. Without getting her hurt.

"It will take a few days. I'll get the things ready." Jessica interrupts his thoughts before walking out of the living room to her bedroom. She'll be helping the man she loved get another woman and it wasn't leaving a good taste in her mouth.





 The smell of freshly baked bread permeates the air of the glass shop as I push the door open to let myself in. A small bell jingle above me as I take in the rundown interior of what seems to be a breakfast joint. It surely looked better from outside.

 There are a few customers drinking what's probably coffee while they munch on baked food. My stomach growls again. I have to eat something. A man in the corner reading a newspaper gestures me over and I timidly adhere.

"A new comer huh?" His deep voice resounds. I just scratch my head as I stare down at the bagels on his plate.

"You can have them. I'm full anyways." He says as he pulls out of his chair, his stomach bulging out. I just eye the plate and contemplate eating it.

"Goodluck in the big city then." he pulls on a face cap before walking pass me, out of the store. I watch the strange man disappear before I replace him on the chair and start right on devouring the bagels on his plate. I'm almost done with the food when my eyes notice the sleek black car parked just outside the glass shop. I wouldn't have thought much of the car if the man inside wasn't staring at me without trying to hide it. I painfully gulp down the mouthful of bagel before standing. I need to get out of here and fast. Could be the police or the people who wanted to sell my kidneys. I suddenly feel like puking my guts.

"Are you okay, sir?" I startle back a little at the tiny voice. My eyes meet a redhaired woman. Probably barely in her twenties. She's spotting a server's uniform and I calm down a little.

"Well, I'm fine." My eyes briefly trails back outside but the car is nowhere to be found. Am I being paranoid?

"Are you sure I can't help you with anything?" the server asks again and I nod. She shrugs and starts to leave when I remember why I walked into the shop at first.

"Actually, I need a job." The woman turns back to me then shrug.

"You need to talk to Maggie about that one. She's just around the back." I walk down to the area she pointed and the fresh smell of bread tells me I'm in the kitchen.

"Laurie! Get the ham to the customer! He's been waiting out there for a while now." A huge woman in an apron yells from the back of a big gas cooker. There's no one in here so she probably thinks I'm Laurie.

"Umm I'm sorry but I'm--" fiery blue eyes snap to me.

"What the hell you doing in my kitchen! Customers ain't allowed out here."

"I was told to meet you out back."

"Why would anyone tell you that?" she looks me up.

"For the notice outside. An help. In the kitchen."

"Oh. You know how to cook?" she asks and I nod.

"bagels, ham, bread and the likes?" her eyes goes back to the gas cooker.

"I can cook ma'am." I answer and she nod slowly.

"okay. You got the job. Now get to the other stove. A customer requested for a ham sandwich." She point to an identical gas cooker.

"Umm just like that?" I ask.

"yea. Ten dollars an hour."

"Thank so much. You won't regret this." I'm so excited. My head already converting to naira. Quite decent if you ask me.

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. I could finally get settled and start sending money home. My luck was beginning to look good.

"no problem. If you'll just show me your papers.” The bulky woman turns around while my jaws hit the floor.

“Say what now?”

“Your papers. You are obviously an immigrant. So?” Her hands rest on her hips as she waits for me to produce my nonexistent papers.

“Ma’am please. I need this job. I’m a good worker. I’ll work overtime—“

“Four dollars. You won’t find a better deal anywhere. If you are up for the deal, grab an apron.” My eyes move from the woman to the apron. I really don’t have a better choice right now do I? I grab the apron and pull it on.

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