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"Hey! Stop right there!" I yell after the guy who just started running away. A guy who looks too much like a guy she hasn't thought about in five years. She hasn't been able to get her eyes off the manly form of her high school crush . William. But it couldn't be him. Right? William was a rich snub. He couldn't have been trying to enter the states illegally.

"The bus is just downstairs. Ready for the captives. And Rory should be with you in seconds." Jessica's voice crackles in my ear and my head snaps away from the running man to see Rory pulling up from the side of the building. Ofcourse he climbed up here.

"Hey, one of them just ran out, I'll be back." I quickly say to Rory before I dash out of the rooftop to get to the guy who ran out.

  I take the stairs down three at a time. I have to get to that guy. I tell myself it's to make sure he isn't one of dad's men and I try to believe it. I try.

"Stop!" I scream once I catch sight of the man's broad shoulders as he tries to race through the revolving door of the abandoned skyscraper building. The man looks back at me, panic clear on his face but I can see he doesn't know how to tackle a revolving door as he keeps walking around in circles, the door pushing him back inside the building

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. I hear him swear frustrated. I'm  finally few steps away from him and I slow my pace. He looks like a trapped rat.

"That's not quite how that works." I stiffle back a laugh as I place my hands idly on my hips. Walking slowly to the stand in front of him. My head just barely reaching his shoulder. I have to look up to stare into his eyes. He's trying to look away but I grab unto his bicep. His eyes snap to mine which are barely visible through my mask, with a sharp intake of breathe. I gasp at the flash of hot sparks that racks my whole body.

 We both flinch back at the same time. The man crashes into the revolving door and this time the door pulls him out the building.

 We stare each other down for a split second before the man ups and run again.

"hey!" I push the revolving door open and try to follow when I'm grabbed from behind.

"What the-" I turn around to see it's Rory.

"Big trouble. The cops just flew in from another airplane."

"What!" My eyes reluctantly leave the man who's already on the other side of the street.

"I barely managed to get out when Jessica warned me. They would be down any moment. Come on!" Rory starts pulling on my arm.

"Wait, this just make things easier. We should give the police my father's name here and now."

"We can't."

"Why the hell not?"

"Because your father made the call to the police. Said he came to do a routine check on this building then heard gunshots. You both have to get out of there right now. The police are looking for you guys." Jessie says through the earpiece I totally forgot about because of my pursuit of someone who might not be the boy I used to crush on in high school. I forgot my mission.

"My father is not a hero." I spit brokenly, tears stinging my eyes from another loss to my father.

"Mara, we have to leave!" Rory whisper yells. I hear the heavy footfalls of the police coming down the stairs and I reluctantly grab Rory's hand and lead him out of there into Jessica's waiting truck.

"NYPD! Stop the vehicle!" Sirens blare around us as Jessica's truck weave through the traffic on the street.

"Damn! Damn! Damn!" I beat relentlessly on the seat in frustration.

"calm down, Mara." Rory tries.

"They made him a f*cking hero. We are the good guys and they are chasing us!" I snap at no one in particular.

"I'm going to try and lose them." Jessica says while she drives like a maniac off the streets.

"He killed my mother. He sent that old woman to a sudden afterlife right in front of me. He should be the one running. He's the monster!"


"No. We are never going to win this. He's far too connected." Angry tears assails me as I fail to get control of my emotions. I don't even know why I'm crying.

"We'll get him next time." Rory says quietly and I shake my head.

"No-- Don't you get it Rory? We have been trying for years! Long years when I couldn't get anything done for my life. You have been doing this chasing almost all your life. We can't get him." I bury my face in my palms in resignation.


"No, Rory. It's over."

"I hate to interrupt but we have to ditch the truck." Jessica cuts into our conversation. I look out of the car and notice we are in an alley.

"The cops aren't far behind. Come on." Jessica calls as she alights.

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. I take off my mask and pull off my gloves before alighting behind Rory.

"There's a mall. We go in and blend into the crowd." Jessica instructs and I nod.

"I'm sorry for dragging you into this mess, Mara. You want a normal life? I'll make sure to give that to you." Rory whispers into my ear. I want to tell him not bother but he's already walking up beside Jessica as we turn the corner and walk casually into the mall, the police siren not far behind us.



 My stomach growls and not for the first time as I walk the unfamiliar street of New York city. I'm finally here. Almost lost my life in the process but I made it. My hands are still shaky from the shock of hours earlier but other than that, the average New Yorker can't guess what I've been through in the last four hours.

"That's not quite how that works." The husky voice of the woman in the mask flashes through my brain and I shiver at the reminder of her hand on me. Christ I must be so famished to be thinking about another woman. A cop at that.

 My eyes scan the street and I notice a man and his daughter walk out of a glass shop with a small bag in hand. She's just about Aurora's age and I thank my stars again for not ending in prison again.

"It's delicious, daddy." The little girl squeals as she and her father pass me, leaving the savory scent of freshly baked goodies in my nose.

 My eyes scan the sign.

 Serena's Breakfast.

Below it, a paper read that they needed help in the kitchen. This is most certainly my chance.

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