S.I.R.E.N (The Journey of Love) - Episode 3

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Siren made her way to her brand new Suv jeep. Old Paa had brought the car when she celebrated her birthday a year ago.

She quickly drove out of the premises of PaSiren Company towards the residence of Juliet.


Sirene having finished her chores for her mother decided to visit her friend. She set out and swam for the most deepest part of Oceania and swam towards a reef and the trench just beyond it . Getting past the reef was always the tricky part. It took a bit longer, going around, but soon enough she found the little hole she could wriggle through and wind up on the other side.

There was no chance of running into any other merfolk on the far side of the reef, because the far side of the reef was also the start of the Dark Abyss and no proper mer would ever go near it.

She swam straight down, bypassing the colorful reef for the shadowy waters below. There was still light filtering through the water when she stopped at a little ledge outside of a cave opening partway down the trench. It didn't seem particularly notable, unless of course one knew what she was looking for.

"Endolei!" Sirene called, swimming into the gloom of the cave. "Endolei, are you here?"

She made it all the way back to the part where the light couldn't penetrate and was starting to have to feel her way by touch when the lights appeared

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. Soft red and purple ones, set into the walls at regular intervals, and pulsing slowly as they dimmed and brightened.

Good. That meant Endolei was home.

Picking up her pace now that she could actually see, Sirene swam the rest of the way through the tunnel until it emerged in a large cavern lit with the same strange lighting as the part she'd just left. No mer knew the secret of the light in the darkness; only Endolei.

"I hate the part I had to take to get to your humble cavern " Sirene grumped, swimming in and peeking in the pot to see if Endolei had anything in it that was edible today.

"Again?" came an amused voice from somewhere overhead, and Sirene looked up in time to see Endolei emerge from a hole high up in the cavern and drift downward.

Endolei was a fascinating and somewhat intimidating sight. She always was, even now when Sirene had known her for years. Unlike a mer, with their fins and scales, Endolei's entire lower half was sleek and smooth like that of a human, only softer, and if the human had eight legs. And was brightly colored in red and purple, like an octopus, rather than the same boring color all over. Endolei has been the one  telling her about fascinating things in the human world.

All right, Endolei wasn't at all like a human. But she wasn't much like a mer either. She was the last descendant of the Sea Witch clan, and as far as Sirene knew there wasn't anything like her in the whole seas. 

She has once heard the story of how Endolei's ancestors did something to provoke Queen Luciana grand mother,  which made her killed all the Sea Witches leaving Endolei alive.

It was by luck that Sirene had met the Octopus.

"What are you doing here Sirene?" Endolei asked her.

"I was feeling bored at home and decided to come visit you my dear friend". Sirene said and went around looking at some strange objects in Endolei's cavern.

"You are always bored Sirene and I know you long to meet the young human man you had once met again, right?". Endolei questioned.

Sirene swam to meet her, "Yes Endolei. You have to help me meet the man of my dreams". Sirene said holding the sea witch hands.

"I am not a magician Sirene, I don't make things appear", Endolei said softly.

"I know you do, your ancestors has powers, I know you are gifted Endolei. I want to go to the human world to find and meet him again".

"You don't even know if he has gotten married and have children now. It has been long he saw you. Now he will believe what he had saw that day was a figment of his own imaginations, Mermaids do not Exist". Endolei explained.

"You don't get it Endolei. That day I saw him first, I felt a connection between us, a bond. Eww, Mother will kill me if she heard what I just omitted". Sirene said laughing.

"You know Sirene, I once helped a queen to go to the human world. She fell in love with a human man there.

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. I don't know what really happened there but she got her heart broken by her human lover. She came back home devastated and could have ended her life if she hasn't found out in time that she was pregnant. She found a reason to live again and I don't want to see you end up in that way Sirene, like her". Endolei said trying to make the young girl see her reason.

"But I am not her Endolei, we are different but hold on a second, did you just say a queen? Who is the queen?". Sirene asked then lower her voice "Is she by anyway our queen Luciana?".

"Forget it Sirene, it is all in the past now. You had better be going before your mother starts looking for you". Endolei said.

Sirene nodded her head and turned to leave when her eyes caught a shiny object, a big sea shell.

"What is that Endolei?" Sirene asked as she turned to see it very well but Endolei has already blocked it with her form. "It's nothing Sirene, now run along. Do come by whenever you feel bored again". Endolei said as Sirene smiled at her.

"Okay, bye Endolei, see you soon". With that she swim away.

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