S.I.R.E.N (The Journey of Love) - Episode 2

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All Mer-folks assembly  before their new Queen again. They bowed in respect to queen Luciana.

"Not to waste my time, where are the new mothers, come out". Luciana said getting down to business. The newly mothers came out and presented their children to Luciana.

None looked like Lucy.

"This is not good", Luciana shouted in dismay. She turned to the guards.

"Go and call me the mid-wife that has helped your former queen give birth".

The guard went and soon came with the oldest mermaid on Oceania.

"As the one who was with the late queen, my twin sister, when she gave birth, do you by any chance know where she took her baby too?" . Luciana asked the elderly lady.

"I don't know my Queen".

"Take this disgusting thing out of my sight", the queen motion for the same guard who had brought her in to take her out.

The three evil Sirens appeared.

"I am afraid, I can't find out where Lucy kept her baby". Luciana told the Sirens.

"Don't worry Luciana, her baby isn't here". They told her.


10 Years Later.

A beautiful mermaid could be seen picking off shells from the deepest part of the oceans. Her tail was a beautiful blue and sometimes sparkles

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. A bag of herbs where in her hand as she pick up beautiful shells. She had forgotten that her mother needed the herbs urgently for a merman who has been sick.

"Sirene!" A voice called out to her. Sirene stopped in whatever she was doing when she heard her mother's voice, she quickly went to her.

"Where have you been? I told you to go and fetch me some herbs here and you have spent almost the day here". The lady said as she took hold of the herbs bag Sirene had presented to her.

"Am so sorry mother, I was carried away. I had always wondered how human land look like". Sirene said dreamy.

"And I have always told you, you are not allowed to go anywhere. Humans once they see you, you will become their lab test. They will use you for different experiment. Do not go outside this kingdom Sirene". The old mide-wife warned.

"Okay mother". They swam their way home together.


Sirene sneaked out of her house the following day as she made her way outside Oceania.

"Today I want to see something different". Sirene told herself as she swam further away from Oceania.

She swam upwards until her head came out from the water. She turned her head in the water and was swimming about in happiness that she was not in Oceania. She was outside Oceania, above the water where ships filled with humans often sail on. Isn't that what her friend Octopus once told her.

She was so elated in her happiness that she didn't see a ship coming slowly towards her direction, neither did she saw the little boy around her age at the edge of the ship watching her with fascination.

It wasn't until the boy spoke a little 'Hello' that she knew she has been caught.

Her first instincts was to run away from the voice back to her kingdom before they use her for experiment. As she turned to go, her gaze fell on the voice and she stopped as she stare at the most handsome face she has ever met. The boy was awestruck by the beauty of the girl in the ocean. They stare at one another until the boy got himself and wave his hand. "Uhm hello, why are you out there in the ocean. Did you mistakenly fell off your ship? Are you feeling cold?"

Cold? What is cold? Sirene thought to herself and out of curiosity she asked. "What is cold?"

The boy looked surprised. "Cold is when you have been in water for so long that you start shivering". The boy explained showing an example with his body.

Sirene understood what he was saying and laughed. "Where I came from we don't get cold".

"Where you came from?" The boy said in confuse.

"Yeah, I live under the water, water is a part of us so we don't get cold easily".

"You live in the water, like you breath underwater?" The boy asked.

"Yes I do. I am a mermaid".

The boy eyes grew wide "That is impossible, Mermaids doesn't exist".

"We do", Sirene said and brought out her tail.  So Mermaids does exist?. A voice called out the boys attention.

"Davies, where are you?". 

This time around Sirene decided to go before another human see her and maybe they will tell Davies to catch her. And Davies might help them and catch her.

"I have to go, goodbye".

"Wait, what's your name, please tell me so that I can use it to remember you". The boy pleaded.

"You can call me Sirene". She told the pretty boy and disappeared into the waves.

"I hope to meet you one day again Sirene".

10 Years Later.....

A beautiful lady was seen walking straight towards the door of a company which opened once she got there.

"Good Morning Ms". Filled the air as the elegant lady made her way to the elevator that would take her to the last floor of the company.

 PaSiren Company was one of the leading and largest company in Nigeria. Every one in the state wishes to work in the company in fact it was a dream come true for those.

Siren sighs as the elevator opens to her office. She majestically walks straight to her sit, sat down and started going through the documents on her table. She was the C.E.O and has been for almost a year since her father stepped down for her.

Her phone rang bringing her out of her thoughts. She checked the caller and saw her father's name boldly written on the screen she quickly pick the call.

"Hello old man", Siren said smiling when she heard the laughter of Old Paa on the other end.

"I have told you dear one that I am not an old man". Old paa said cheerfully.

"Well, you are too me", Siren replied.

"Okay if you say so. Well I called to inform you that your betrothed will be coming. Your mother won't let me rest until you are here".

Siren sighs, her father had gotten re-married to Evelyn after the death of her mother. Although Evelyn hasn't given birth to her own child after her marriage to her father, Siren took Evelyn like her biological mother.

"Hello Siren, are you still there?" Old Paa asked worried.

"Yes I am, tell mother I will be on my way soon and please me and him are friends. I don't know why she wants me to get married to someone that has being my childhood friend since".

"Will tell her, love you baby girl". Old Paa said ignoring the last statement

"Love you old man". Siren cut the call before her father protest again.

She rang her secretary who came rushing in. Her cup of coffee hasn't arrived yet like they use too.

"Good Morning Ms. Siren".

"Morning, where is Juliet, tell her to bring me a cup of black coffee".

"Sorry Ms. Siren, Mrs Juliet called to inform us that she won't be coming over today. Her son is sick". The Secretary told her.

"Her son is sick? I see... send me her house address. I will branch over to her house on my way home.

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. I will know if she was telling the truth, if eventually she lied, she will be fired from this company".

"Yes ma'am".


A young handsome man was seen drawing a beautiful woman with tails. All around him was the portrait of the same young mermaid girl he had once met. He was now drawing how the lady would look like now. Beautiful, no, more beautiful. He had long to see her again, to tell her how she had struck in his heart ever since that day.

The door to his artist room opened and his father walked in to see his son drawing that same picture.

"So I thought you are ready, you know Siren's family would be waiting for us". The father told his son.

"I have told you father, me and Siren are just friends. She told me herself and besides it is not her my heart beat for". Davies said.

"I don't care who your heart beat for, you are getting married to Siren and that is final. Like I have always tell you son, Mermaids do not Exist how many times do you want me to tell you that? You better hurry and dressed up, I don't want to wait for you in the next thirty minutes". His father, Roberto, said and left the room

"Mermaids does exist father, they do. When can I see you again my beautiful Sirene".

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