Palm lines - Episode 36

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Lawrence's POV
After I got discharged, I was put on bed rest. I didn't stay in bed, I had to see Feso to apologise to him. I noticed him frown at me immediately he walked in.
I did deserve it.
"What do you you want?" He asked and I sighed.
"Forgiveness" I answered and he sat. "You hate me, that was why you did it, admit it" 
"I did it cause I was drunk and careless . The truth is, it didn't mean a thing until you got arrested and knowing you might get the maximum, I felt really guilty. I've been feeling guilty of recent and I'm here to say I'm sorry, I'm sorry for being a talkative"
"It's your fault though" he replied, "I know"
"And we can't also overrule the fact that someone could have found out later" he added, "Exactly what I told David" I answered and he chuckled.
"You're lucky I'm in a good and forgiving mood" he answered and I raised my two hands up. 
"Am I free" I asked and he nodded.
Suddenly I sighed in relief. "Thank Goodness! I can finally breathe. I've been feeling awful."
"Thank you, you have no idea how happy that makes me."
"Good thing you're happy, just try to be less annoying and live life wisely"
"Why did you say that?" 
"I don't know. Knowing I might be on the lock up for a long time, I guess if I have a chance to be out, I could maybe make a difference

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. Make things better"

The next day being Feso's trial, I had to be at the office in David's stead. I was dressed in a suit and I had a suitcase in my hands. Just as I opened the door, I sighted Sunshine by the door about to knock. 
I sent her an address the previous day when she joked about visiting me, I never knew she was serious about it.
"Good morning" she greeted with a smile and I chuckled. "Good morning to you too" I answered.
"Going somewhere?" She asked and I nodded. "I have work"
"Shouldn't you be on bed rest?" She asked and I laughed. "I have to go it's important"
"Have you taken your drugs?"
"Not exactly" I answered. "Not exactly is not exactly an answer,"
"I haven't" I answered and she walked in. 
"I'm kind of late" 
"You're still sick"
"I'm fine," I closed the door and she placed her hands on my neck. 
"Your temperature is still high, you're not fine"
"I am, trust me Sunshine I'm good, I've never been better. I spoke to Feso, the guy whom I caused his arrest. He has forgiven me and although I still feel bad that he has to go through trials. I need to get my head off it. I don't know what the judge's verdict would be"
"Just keep your fingers crossed, he's pleading guilty right?" She asked and I nodded. 
"It'll be fine" she answered and I leaned in for a kiss, I expected some form of resistance, but there was none.
I kissed her and she kissed me too. I dropped the suitcase and her hands roamed around my arm.
 "I thought you had a meeting"
"Screw the meeting!" I lifted her up, kissed her and she wrapped her legs around me.  I squeezed her ass and she gasped in my mouth.
We moved to the couch where she took off the suit I wore and I pulled down the zippers of her gown.
"I can't go further than this" she answered and I wondered why she said so. "Why?" I asked and she bit her lips. 
"I'm a virgin" she confessed and i scoffed in unbelief.
"You're lying"
"I'm not, I know it's unbelievable because of the slay look but I've never been more truthful. I'm a virgin and you're right, I'm a Christian freak and I really don't want to lose it until after marriage. My exes are usually scared of.." she paused.
"I haven't liked anyone in a long while and I've never met anyone touch my ass. Lawrence you look like a bad guy but one with a soul and I feel like I could give us a try" she confessed and I shook my head.
"Virgins don't exist, except 15 years old virgins not a twenty six years old virgin"
"It's real. You have to believe me" she smiled and I immediately got scared. She doesn't deserve someone like me.
"I'm sorry, I can't do this" 
"I'm sorry" I apologized again. "I have to go"
"Okay..." She stood up struggling to zip up her gown. "What was I thinking?" She scoffed. 
"You're not worth it" she answered leaving and I felt empty, I felt like crap.

A week went by and I still felt like crap. "What do you think I should do?" I asked Erika who was trying to recover from Feso's sentence.
"You're in love" she concluded, "Slow down Erika, let's start with like"
"You like her already. Go and talk to her."
"She's refusing to pick my calls or see me and it's making me go crazy. I've tried the hospital, she's driving me nuts"
"That's the power of a woman" David commented and I chuckled. "Don't stop trying, that's the secret to winning a woman's heart" 
I left Sunshine a lot of messages, text messages, Facebook and WhatsApp messages and voicenotes.
"I really really want to see you, I'm going crazy and it's because of you. I've never imagine saying this to a woman, ever!"  I dropped my final voicenote.
It was a Sunday, Shola stopped by afterwards. She kissed me on entering into the house. "I'm sorry I can't do this" I pushed her away and she kept on coming.
She grabbed on to my shirt and the door opened. I turned to see Sunshine, her hands were folded.
"I saw her walk In and I decided to surprise you" 
"Sunshine" I called out and she walked out.  "Just leave her jhoor" Shola snapped and I left her chasing after Sunshine.
"Please" I moved to her front. "It's not what it seems" 
"What is she doing here? For s*x?"
"Yes, it was just a two time thing. It didn't mean anything. Please listen to me."
"It's all about s*x for you right?" She walked away and I knelt down. "Please!" I begged and she scoffed.
"It was all about s*x before I met you. I don't care if we don't have s*x, even if I have to wait till marriage. Sunshine as long as it's you, I'm willing to wait. I... I love you" I cried. 
I didn't believe it was tears until I wiped them off with my hands. I just freaking cried over a woman, I never thought I would live to see that day.
I watched Sunshine walk away as though the words I just confessed made no meaning to her.
I sighed in defeat; suddenly I heard her laugh out loud. "You should see your face right now. I can't believe you cried, I'm so touched" she placed her hands on her chest and I chuckled admist the tears. 
I wasn't sure if the she was serious or not; with Sunshine, you can expect anything.
"You seemed so angry"
"I was until I saw you cry" she answered and I laughed again rising up from where I knelt.
"So..what were you saying about loving me?" She asked and I kissed her on the lips and she kissed me too. 
Suddenly her gaze fell on Kechi who was obviously staring at us. "So you're going for her?" She asked and I nodded. 
"Yes. He chose me so, go and find yourself another man cause this one's taken" she tapped me on the chest and Shola left in anger.

Feso's POV

Ifeoma came to me , it was to be my last time of seeing her. "You broke your promise" that was the first utterance I made.
"Screw promises! Why won't I cry with everything!" She sniffled. 
"Feso I'm worried about you, twenty years imprisonment is way too much!" 
"Well by the time I get out, I'll be 56 years" i scoffed and she cried the more.
"Ifeoma please, don't cry, you'll make me feel bad"
"You should feel bad!"
"I'm trying to accept my fate, I don't know how the main prison would look like but... Maybe I can use this to access myself like you've always done to me, you've always been some sort of inhibitor to me. You have that magic that calms me down" I commented and she laughed
"Your mom is fine by the way, I was with her but I had a call to meet my husband so..."
"How's his health?"
"He's going to be fine" she nodded. 
"I'll miss you so much but I'll come to visit maybe twice a week or once a week, base on convenient"
"It's never going to be convenient"
"Ifeoma I don't want you to visit," "What are you saying?"
"I requested that David limits the numbers of who can visit me in prison. I don't want to subject anyone to such a life.
"And who says I'm complaining?" She snapped and I scoffed.
"I don't want you to"
"Don't you dare shut me out Feso, not without my permission. Don't you dare!" She yelled in tears. 
"It's miserable"
"Yeah leave it that way!"
"I'll suffer seeing you come to visit"
"And I'll suffer if I don't see you!" She yelled.
 "Twenty years without seeing you will be pure torture you know why? Cause I love you! It's been you for you! It has always been you" she cried.
That was a shocking revelation, I never knew she still felt anything since she got married. The revelation brought me to tears.
"I waited for you, I waited Feso. You just didn't want  the secretary"
"It wasn't that ..I was scared of what dad might think and I wasn't sure if you liked me that way and I didn't want to complicate our friendship. You were my best friend"
"If you have something in mind, if you love a girl, you should let her know not... Keep it. Feso I love you that's why I never left! Do you know how difficult it has been?"
"I'm sorry" I apologized.
"It's okay Feso" she held my hands softly. "I'll visit you till I get tired, and you're not gonna stop me; I'll make that decision myself" she demanded and I nodded.
"Yes Ma'am" I answered and she laughed. 

Dad came in afterwards, i didn't understand why he did, he was the last person I expected to see.
The room was quiet for about five minutes. "There are a lot of things I could use my time for" I snapped, "Like what? Staring at the jail bar?" He asked.
"It's better than wasting my time here"
"I was trained by a soldier, your grandfather was a force to reckon with. He made life miserable for everyone, he ruled by an iron fist but despite his iron fist, I noticed it worked. I realized he wasn't doing because he hated us, rather it was because he wanted us to be something productive. All four of us did well in life, we got married at the right time, we.." he busted into tears. 
"I was wrong about dad's strategy. I just wanted you all to have it good In life the way I did"
At a point I started to ask where I went wrong, then I blamed your mom for sending Ashley to go study abroad. I failed to realize that everyone had a choice and dream. If I had drawn you all closer and for once in my life; if I had been a father, none of this would have happened."
"Since we're telling stories, remember the accident you had that made you limp? I caused it. Technically I didn't do it, Dozie did, he Masterminded the whole thing"
"And while we were at the hospital, he wanted me to pull the plug on you but I didn't. I couldn't because whether I like it or not, you're still my father" I confessed in tears and dad busted in tears again. 
"Forgive me Feso, i have wronged you, I have..." He sobbed. 
 I have never seen dad react this way before.
"I don't deserve to be called a father. Dozie and Ashley, they're back."
"Who told them?"
"I had to. I can't ask for forgiveness enough. Now you're going to prison"
"At least I'll go knowing I finally saw my dad cry for the first time in my life" I answered and he laughed. 
"Did... Did you have any course you wanted to read in case I influenced your choice?" He asked and I shook my head, "No. I've always wanted to be like you, to be better than you. The company, who's going to run it"
"I'll run it, along side some new fresh brains till 2029 after you'll be released" 
"It's 2039 actually"
"The court will have no choice but to accept our appeal, your sentence will be reduced"
"I'm glad we had this talk"
"Too bad I didn't realize sooner"
"Dad... Please take care of ifeoma, give her anything she wants. Promise me you will"
"I promise"

I walked in chains as I was led to my new address. There were five guys in there, three didn't seem tough, only two had tough look.
"How's your new home?" David asked when I had my first visit and I laughed. "I don't like my neighbor, two of them look like they're going to punch the hell out of me,"
"Isn't that like your field?" He asked and I chuckled.
"The lighting in the room is very bad and it stinks too" I answered and he smiled. "Refunds?" He asked and and I laughed. 
"What do you expect? it's prison" he finally added and I laughed.
He passed some money to me. "You're going to need it too" I collected it secretly. "Thanks. I'll need a novel too. Is that possible?" I asked and he nodded.
On one his visit, David had a wide smile on his face. "Adeshola won for President" he announced. 
"I heard, the inmates talked about it but I haven't heard about the gubernatorial election yet"
"Babashola won, I told you your stupid candidate won't win" 
"Urgh! More unfinished projects" I rolled my eyes.  "I told you I'll rub it on your face"
"I'm sure that election was rigged" 
"No election is never rigged, all elections are rigged. Politics is a dirty game."
"We need to work towards a better country where the democratic principles of this great nation can be adhered to" I answered and David laughed.
"You're already sounding like Nelson Mandela. Who knows, you might be like one of those Presidents from prison to   presidential seats" he commented and I laughed.
"You're crazy"
"The wedding is coming up in April"
"Save my cake" i answered and he smiled.

Ifeoma visited me twice a week, I noticed she didn't.. she visited oneday with a sad countenance. 
"Hey what's up?" I asked and she busted into tears.
"He's dead, we lost Chinedu, we lost him" she answered. 
"He died last night, I've just been made a widow"
I wanted to pull her close and hug her but the wardens gets strict when inmates do that with visitors.
A year passed by and I thought deeply on life after prison. I thought deeply on what I want for my life.
Will I get married afterwards?
How will I get back on track with my life?
Who will get married to as an ex-convict. Suddenly I began to think of Ifeoma and life now as a widow, for some weird reasons.
I started to think of the number of guys that might be asking her out.
She's still very much pretty.
On one of her visit days, I decided to ask.
 "How's work?" I began with and she smiled.
"It's fine, your dad is doing well as usual" 
"And ... how many guys do you have trailing you?" I asked out of nowhere and she scoffed.
"Why are you asking?"
"I thought we were discussing"
"Yeah about work not..." She paused. "Why would you want to know if..." She hesitated again.
"I'm sorry if it was offensive but I just wanted to be sure if..." I paused then I scoffed, "Forget that I asked"
A year later, when Ifeoma came back to me she told me a guy named Steve asked her  out.
 "You know Steve right?"
"Steve who?"
"Steve Jones"
"Oh the guy whose name looks like a character from a novel" I joked and she laughed. "Yes that Steve" she cleared her throat. 
"Since youve always wanted to  know who was trailing me, He. Uh... He asked me out"
"Okay... So...what was your reply?" I asked and she shrugged, "I told him I had to think about it"
"Why? He looks like a good guy" 
"I know"
"What's stopping you?"
"I don't know... Maybe I'm in love with an idiot who still doesn't want to ask me out even when I'm back to being single" She answered and I bow my head in shame. 
She was obviously referring to me.
She scoffed. 
"What? Is it because I have kids already? You can't take care of someone else's kids, that's it right?" 
"Then what is it?" She asked, "I just gave you a damn clue, a floor to ask me out and.. God I feel so stupid"
"Is it because of Chinedu, because he has had s*x with me? Or because I'm a widow? Or because by the time you get out, I might have been on my menopause and you'll want kids"
"No! Its not that_
"Then what is it?" 
"I have eight more years to go through. Ifeoma I love you that's why I can't put you through a miserable life of waiting"
"And who says I'm complaining?" She asked,. "I'm sorry Ify, I can't. You should accept him, "
"You know what Feso, screw off! You're right, I shouldn't have ...."
"This will be the last time you see me here and yes, I better accept Steve, at least he was man enough to ask me out." She yelled leaving the room.
I cried.

"Ify gave me a green light to ask her out" I told David and he nodded. 
"What did you say?" 
"What do you expect me to say? To tell her I love her, to tell her I don't want her dating another man"
"It won't kill to say something, I'm serious Feso, you love a woman, you go for it"
"I have eight more years"
"Is she complaining? She wants this. Just do the damn thing. For once, just do it, it's the right thing to do"
"Okay.... But she said she won't be coming back"
"And do you really think that's possible?" David asked and I thought deeply.
Ifeoma didn't show up until two weeks later. It was my birthday. "Happy birthday" she said to me and I smiled.
 I've missed her.
"Thanks. I thought you  said you weren't going to come back" I asked and she scoffed. 
"Did you really think I meant that?" She asked and I nodded.
"Feso junior had a mild health issue"
"Is he fine?" I grew worried. 
"He is, well Kasi got sick too, they all got sick" she laughed. "One after the other and ...." She paused. 
"What?" She asked.
"We're moving out" she announced, "I don't understand" "Like we're moving to another house"
"What happened to the other?"
"Well, the rent expired and without my husband, I've realized it's really high and I can't pay any longer so I'd rather shove my money into something profitable like my children's future"
"Where are you moving to?"
"It's far, it's a nice place though"
"Does it have a playroom?" I asked and ify laughed.
"It's manageable, it's close to a school. I'm thinking of changing schools too"
"I'll let dad know"
"That's the point Feso, I don't want him to know"
"It my problem, I'll deal with it the best way possible. I don't have to run to your dad everytime, he's been helpful but I had to decline his help. I'm sorry I didn't tell you"
"Is that grey hair I see on your hair?" She asked, probably to avoid the topic and I raised my brow in shock. 
"I'm not even 50 yet" "You're just 38 but most people have grey hairs from their youthful age"
"Are you serious? I don't want to look like David" I complained. 
"I must look like crap now"
"It barely shows, it's just a strand"
"And you look great" she bit her lip, "And the side burns look really good on you. You look really hot even with your prison suit" She commented and I laughed. 
"Thanks" I bow my head feeling uncomfortable.
It turned me on actually, the way she spoke. "That actually did turn me on" I confessed and she looked down at my trousers.
"Stop" I said and she laughed.
"You do know I have eight  more years right?" I asked and she nodded. "Eight more years and it's going to be torture for you dating a guy in prison"
"Yes. My answer is yes I'll date this prison guy"
"You'll get tired"
"I'm promising you that I won't, I won't get tired, you know why? Cause I love you"
"I love you too Ify, I really do."
"I just wanna kiss you right now" she confessed and I laughed. "I badly wanna kiss you right now" she added. 
"You and the kids can move in to my house. There's space enough" "I can't"
"Wait for me there. I'll meet you guys, if you don't get tired" i answered and she chuckled.
"If you wanna... You know have sex while I'm still in here, feel free."
"Nah... I'll wait for you"
"I might be rusty"
"Let's be rusty together" she answered and I smiled then I cried. 
"What?" She asked, "Did I say something?" 
"Nah... I'm just happy, I'm really happy. Thank you Ify"
Ten years later I was released, Kasi was already sixteen years, Sommy was fourteen and Feso was basically ten years old.  
I walked out of the building and David hugged me. "Congrats Mehn! You're a free man with beard and grey hair" he commented and I laughed.
 "Thanks" I answered looking for Ify.
"Where's Ify?"
"She went to the village with the kids, something came up" he answered and my face fell. 
I was so dissappointed.
I walked in and everyone yelled, "Surprise!!!!" I looked around, Ify was present with Erika, the rest were faces I've only seen in pictures; Ify's children. 
"Welcome home daddy!" A boy rushed towards me hugging me and two others followed hugging me too. 
They looked really alike. I immediately turned towards Erika. "They're my boys" she answered hugging me too. 
"Welcome back" she smiled. 
"Hey junior" I smiled at him, I was overwhelmed with joy. Hearing him call me dad was the most amazing feeling ever. 
Erika left me and Kasi and Sommy walked up to me. "They're big girls already" I said and they both laughed. 
They both hugged me and tears came pouring down. "I hope you both took care of Mom" I asked and Kasi nodded. 
"We tried our best" Kasi answered and I turned towards Ify. 
"Best for the last" she walked close kissing me on the lips then she hugged me crying. "Finally" she muttered. 

After our first night together, I couldn't sleep, all I could do was look at the roof. "Aren't you going to sleep?"
"Prison habits, it's going to take a while to adjust"
"I'm haven't gotten to my menopause as i supposed, we can um... try to have kids.

Read " Dysfunctional " by the same author ( Essien Eno )

. I don't know the chances of getting that done but, if you're down for it" she paused and I smiled. 
"It's fine, I really don't want to stress you and who cares about that when I have three children already" I answered and she kissed me. 
"Let's have a get together, all the family, David, Lawrence, Ajayi's family"
"Ajayi isn't married yet"
"Seriously?" I asked in surprise, "Yes, he's still claiming bad boy but the idea of the get together doesn't sound bad" she placed her hands on my chest, "Let's work towards it"

Mrs Reiner's POV
Palmists don't actually read their own destiny, they just live by the elements of surprise. After my sexual encounter with Seyi, I started to give things a thought. 
I had to take the advice I gave to David and every advise I've ever given to people; I reconciled with my husband. This made Tuni really happy, I had my two children back, living under the same roof.
I had my happy ending, David and Erika had their happy ending too. At the age of 18, Sharon travelled to America to further her passion for arts. 
She got separated from Tuni and Ade. When we heard that Sharon was coming back because of a get together, Tuni was so excited. 
We all decided to go for it, Feso Odogwu hosted the party. It had families and friends. 
Tuni was with Sharon whose eyes scattered around probably looking for Ade. 
I gazed at everyone present and I smiled. Paths crossed once again bringing joy, laughter and most of all, love. 
A handsome, muscular Ade walked up to Sharon, he had a wide smile on his face. "Hi" he waved at Sharon and she waved back at him.
"Hi" she answered.
Another love story begins.....

The End.

Thank everyone, it's been a wonderful journey. Thanks for the comments and likes. You've all been great!
I just want to focus on my project defense then I might give Palm lines 2 a thought. Lol
Thanks once again!

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    and a round of applause for our dear Eno *pa pa papa pa paa* thank you very much dearest...this has been one smooth ride and as usual it was mind-blowing...all the best in your defense..God grant you utterance and wisdom to excel...even if it's not palm lines 2, any other story from you will be most welcome...will be patiently waiting for your comeback... bless ya!!
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    and a round of applause for our dear Eno *pa pa papa pa paa* thank you very much dearest...this has been one smooth ride and as usual it was mind-blowing...all the best in your defense..God grant you utterance and wisdom to excel...even if it's not palm lines 2, any other story from you will be most welcome...will be patiently waiting for your comeback... bless ya!!
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