The Picnic

The picnic (summary)

 The death of popular Bolaji Daniels at a picnic organised by him, brings his brother Durodola Daniels back to town.
 Getting to know the strange things that occurred before Bolaji's death and the weird behavior of his friends instigated suspicions.
Now Detective Duro must investigate into his brother's death meanwhile trying to satisfy the earnest desire of his mother to get a wife for himself.

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    • The Picnic - Episode 1

    • A gun shot was discharged in the air. The deafening bangs lasted thirty minutes. Everyone at the pool house laid in wait where they hid.  Caroline walked out of her ...
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    • The Picnic - Episode 2

    • As Bola strangled her, she woke up immediately to realize it was only a dream. "It's just a dream" she mumbled.  "Dreaming about death again?"...
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    • The Picnic - Episode 3

    • Muna leaned on the metal bar pavement of the upper flat where she lived with Ugo who was quietly observing her as she stood there  in her red tank top and black shorts. He saw...
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    • The Picnic - Episode 4

    • "This is Kaz on Thursday rush hour. Don't forget to tune in tonight to 96.5 Lite fm as I serenade you with the best blues you can ever dream of. You know how we do it"...
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    • The Picnic - Episode 5

    • Duro sat on a couch topless with a case file in hand reading from it when the thought of Rukky crossed his mind.  He remembered the first encounter then he wondered why she ha...
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    • The Picnic - Episode 6

    • Rukky heard a knock on the door then opened it to see Duro standing by the door with a dark shade on. "First you got my number and now my address" "I told you...
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    • The Picnic - Episode 7

    • Happy new month to you all!!! Soon Rukky's lip were buried inside Duro's mouth as he tentatively sucked on her lip as though sucking on lolipop. Rukky could hear ...
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    • The Picnic - Episode 8

    • "What are you to Bola?" Duro asked Ugo. "I'm a friend" "Best friends or a friend he would go out to get a drink with" "This Kai...
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    • The Picnic - Episode 9

    • Duro clicked on the first message. The content of the message had "I know I f*cked up real badly, I'm sorry Duro, I need you"  written on it. The secon...
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    • The Picnic - Episode 10

    • Jamal sat in the interrogating room, his  cuffed hands laid on the table in as his head rested uncomfortably on it in thought. "What mess have you gotten yourself into Ja...
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    • The Picnic - Episode 11

    • Rukky arrived at Duro's flat an hour later, she knocked severally but no one answered. It seemed as though there was no one home but Rukky noticed his car was parked outside, s...
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    • The Picnic - Episode 12

    • Rukky's cousin Cynthia, was in rukky's room rummaging through her wardrobe as the usual curious person she was. She tried opening one of the wardrobe only to find it locked...
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    • The Picnic - Episode 13

    • "Ugo's testimony rhymes with Muna" Vivian  disagreed in their own little brainstorming session. "What If they have it already rehearsed?" Dare d...
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    • The Picnic - Episode 14

    • Cynthia immediately turned off the phone as she felt the room go cold. "Wetin I go do?" She muttered. "Why Rukky life dey always get bow leg ehn?" Aft...
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    • The Picnic - Episode 15

    • Rukky called Duro to know if he was free in order to open up to him what she has been hiding. She wanted to stop by to talk to him but Duro told her he was busy with the case. ...
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    • The Picnic - Episode 16

    • Cynthia picked up a call, it was Mama Rukerwe. "Thank you you hear?" She shouted on top of her voice. It was already cracky. "You get mind report Rukky&quo...
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    • The Picnic - Episode 17

    • ****Flashback**** Caroline walked into Taye's office screaming. "I hate him! I hate him!" "Calm down Caroline" Taye closed the door, "Who is ...
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    • The Picnic - Episode 18

    • The police stormed Carol's fashion house while she was admiring a model who had her design on. "You look amazing" she commented while photographer took pictures of th...
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    • The Picnic - Episode 19

    • Rukky stood up to leave and Duro begged, "At least, one minute of your time" "You don't even deserve even a second of it" she retorted picking up ...
      • Views (3,533)
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    • The Picnic - Episode 20

    • (The final episode) I'm using this medium to thank every reader for their motivating comments, suggestions and praises. Thank you!!!! Caroline sat i...
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