Palm lines

Hello everyone!!! Sorry I've been away for some time now. Just trying to focus on my final exams. I hope you all miss as much as I do.

This is another story titled "Palm lines" I hope you'll love it. 


They say our lives are in the palm of our hands. Palm lines tells a story of Erika Nkwachukwu, a thirty four years old woman in her spiritual, but yet infuriating journey and desperate search for marriage and joy. 
Something happened along the line.......something that might change the course of event in her life; for better or for worse.

Will Erika's line fall into pleasant places?

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    • Palm lines - Episode 1

    • Erika's POV "Who have I offended?" I yelled on top of my voice. I was standing on the church altar. I went to church because I felt frustrated to the point ...
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    • Palm lines - Episode 2

    • I manage to sit up but then I felt like my head was going to explode. Hang over! My worst nightmare!  I hated the feeling. I had my guess that whoever I slept with had ...
      • Views (1,408)
      • Comments (7)
    • Palm lines - Episode 3

    • I expected it since she was already due for marriage but I didn't think it will be so soon. "You're not even bothered" "Why should I be both...
      • Views (1,320)
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    • Palm lines - Episode 4

    • The environment was still tensed. "Detention should be a place where you reflect on what you've done" I broke the silence. I noticed I just scared the ...
      • Views (1,332)
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    • Palm lines - Episode 5

    • Feso's POV I knew I would definitely have a disturbing Sunday judging from what happened the previous night. I did something, something I regret so much.  I ...
      • Views (1,358)
      • Comments (12)
    • Palm lines - Episode 6

    • Erika's POV My boss had to interrupt my discussion with Feso. It broke my heart. I have never felt this way in a very long time about a man. I can't rememb...
      • Views (1,502)
      • Comments (17)
    • Palm lines - Episode 7

    • Erika's POV Feso drove me back home while I navigated his way through. I was still ashame about the way i embarrass him. "Thank you for the date" I said...
      • Views (1,175)
      • Comments (10)
    • Palm lines - Episode 8

    • Sharon's POV I went back home where I started drawing. I realized I needed a room to paint and do stuffs. I haven't had the tools yet but I happily chose a room t...
      • Views (1,244)
      • Comments (6)
    • Palm lines - Episode 9

    • Erika's POV Just when everything seemed perfect in my life with a new relationship and Feso, things had to go south.  "What are you going to do?"...
      • Views (1,131)
      • Comments (13)
    • Palm lines - Episode 10

    • Erika's POV Mrs Reiner paid me a visit in school during teaching hours . I had to steal a moment to talk to her. She seemed really sad then she let me in on her pains...
      • Views (1,400)
      • Comments (14)
    • Palm lines - Episode 11

    • Erika's POV Mr. Odogwu took us away from Feso and his mom. "If this is about the way I spoke to you earlier on, Sir I already apologized" "Its okay...
      • Views (1,425)
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    • Palm lines - Episode 12

    • David's POV The news of my father's death saddened me. He was only eighty four years, I know one may be tempted to think he has spent all his time on Earth but I wan...
      • Views (1,448)
      • Comments (13)
    • Palm lines - Episode 13

    • Erika's POV "Is this some sick joke?" I blurted out vexed by the number of times we've met based on coincidence. "Are you following me? I added and he...
      • Views (1,457)
      • Comments (16)
    • Palm lines - Episode 14

    • I'm sorry about the late post. I've been dealing with vigil hang over since on Friday.. LoL David's POV After the emotional rollercoaster I wen...
      • Views (1,278)
      • Comments (8)
    • Palm lines - Episode 15

    • Sharon's POV Miss Erika stood up to take pictures of the mountains, suddenly Dad stood up to meet her. I assumed he was going to apologized to her.  They spo...
      • Views (1,359)
      • Comments (10)
    • Palm lines - Episode 16

    • Erika's POV "Haba Miss Erika! You didn't used to be like this" the principal complained about my recent skipping of school activities. That was the first t...
      • Views (1,613)
      • Comments (21)
    • Palm lines - Episode 17

    • David's POV I walked into my office with Sharon, I had this smile glued to my face. I was excited about seeing her. "Is it just me or Miss Erika added weight...
      • Views (1,600)
      • Comments (20)
    • Palm lines - Episode 18

    • Erika's POV After I got back home, Mr. Savage called me to know how I was. I didn't know why he called. "Aren't you breaking your no talking policy?"...
      • Views (1,631)
      • Comments (11)
    • Palm lines - Episode 19

    • David's POV I pulled Lawrence back to avoid a fight between these two once again. "It's not worth it Lawrence" i muttered. "Don't you dare insu...
      • Views (1,679)
      • Comments (15)
    • Palm lines - Episode 20

    • Erika's POV I stayed indoor after my fall out with Feso. I cried my eyes out while memories of how I had knelt down and how Feso had driven off heartlessly streamed thro...
      • Views (1,454)
      • Comments (30)
    • Palm lines - Episode 21

    • Mrs Reiner's POV While we had dinner, Tuni informed me that Erika had been fired from work because of her pregnancy. I felt bad, it felt like a form of discrimination...
      • Views (1,377)
      • Comments (23)
    • Palm lines - Episode 22

    • David's POV After finding out Erika was pregnant with my child, I thought avoidance would be better. I was consumed with guilt.  On Wednesday, after picking ...
      • Views (1,130)
      • Comments (12)
    • Palm lines - Episode 23

    •  Sharon's POV During the period of Miss Erika's illness, Dad's closeness with Miss Erika became stronger by the day. Even when she was discharged, dad we...
      • Views (1,041)
      • Comments (8)
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