Once Upon a corper season 3 "Faith" - Episode 9

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2 weeks later

Location: Texas

Kim’s point of view, at Phil’s bar

It’s been over 3 weeks that I still haven’t heard from Ola. The broken frame of Ola and I still remain a mystery to me and I still haven’t been able to understand how it happened. Could Tracy be right? How could I have not been able to reach him for the whole 3 weeks? Could something have happened to him? He never takes this long before getting in touch with me . Even if he had lost his phones.

Hey beautiful! Juan Carlos walked up to Kim who had been sitting all alone at the bar taking in some alcohol.

Kim: Hi Carlos! How are you?

Carlos: Never been better... How long have you been here? (Sitting close to her)

Kim: Some 45 minutes I guess (gulping down some drink into her system)

Carlos: Wow! Still alone Kim? How long will you cry over that black nigga?

Kim: Watch your tongue Carlos!

Carlos: Oh. I am sorry. I don’t really mean that but how long will you keep sulking over someone who might be having a nice time with some black who-e back home?

Kim: (Getting angry) enough Carlos!

Carlos: (sipping his drink) Am sorry. Errrmmm

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. What about dancing away our sorrow Kim?

Kim: I think am going to need that (she gulped down another shot of her drink)

Carlos: After you angel

Beyoncé’s song was being played and they both chanced together for some minutes before Carlos took her to a room and…..

Location: Nigeria


“Youth obey the clarion’s call”

“Let us lead our nation’s right”

“Under the sun or in the rain”

“With dedication and selfishness”

“Nigeria ours, Nigeria we serve”

That was my ringing tone…I tried to still concentrate on my sleep but it keeps ringing. Oh God! It’s still early now. Who is it gan? I rolled on my small bed to check who the caller was then I heard a loud bang on my door.

Knocks: Aunty Corper

Knocks again

Uhmmm. Who is that? I asked trying to get up from the bed only to see that it was Ibrahim that had called my phone twice. I walked hazily to the door only to see Ibrahim, wearing a smile with his two buckets in his hands.

Ibrahim: Corfer Yemi, na wa o. Na so I dey sleep?

Yemi: Good morning Ibrahim. How you dey?

Ibrahim: I dey good o. You say make I call you if I dey go river go fetch water this morning.

Yemi: Oh. I almost forget. But Ibrahim, it’s still early now. Wetin be time?

Ibrahim: Chai corfer. You don forget say if we no go dey this morning, the river no go clean again. All those yaro go don go there go scatter the water.

Yemi: Ok Ibrahim. Give me some minutes let me change into something better before I reached for my bucket too.

Let us go. I said to Ibrahim then we started walking down the river.

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. Its Quite unfortunate that there is no pipe born water in our area. We had to walk some miles away from home before we could be able to get water from the kubuwa water. The Kubuwa River is a river I could say originated from Usmandam. This river is what the people of Kubwa had been drinking and using. I am currently down on cash and I can’t afford to use the little cash on me to buy water. The federal allowance is yet to come in and I had to manage with the little money left one me.

Ibrahim is my good friend, my landlord’s last son who had great respect for me. Aside from Corper Bridget who stays in the house, I am the only corper in the house. Corper Bridget and I are not on the same page though because her way of life is quite different from mine so for my sheep not to eat shit while following her dog, I had to live alone.

After 25 minutes of walk, we finally got to the bush path which leads to Kubwa River. We walked down the bush path and got to the river. Ibrahim and I walked down towards the middle of the river so we could fetch the cleanest of the water. Ibrahim had successfully fetched his two buckets while he was waiting for me to fetch my second when my eyes caught a figure towards the eastern part of the river.

Ibrahim! I shouted

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