Once Upon a corper season 3 "Faith" - Episode 11

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Yemi: Ola Olowo. Thank God you remembered that. What happened to you? How did you get to the river bank?
Ola: How did I get to the river?
Yemi: That was where we found you. Ibrahim and I brought you here.
Ola: Really? What’s is your name? I am Yemi
Ola: Yemi…thanks very much
Yemi: What happened to you?
Ola: What happened to me???
At the Dungeon
When Chief Wilson checked his pulse to confirm his death.
Chief Wilson: He is gone. Throw his body away into the bush or anywhere . Just make sure you dispose it in the place it won’t be found
Rackie, Ben & Broken bottle moved to the dead body and carried it to the back of the track outside. They drove out of their hideout to an unknown destination.
Rackie: Where Chief want make we trowey the body now?
Broken bottle: We better do that now before its morning
Rackie: Where we go trowey am be the koko?
Broken bottle: Make we go trowey am for Osun river na
Rackie: Ben, abeg drive towards the bridge jare. Make we trowey the guy inside the river.
Ben: Ok guys
When they drove to the middle of the river, Rackie and broken bottle got down from the truck and moved towards the back of the truck. They carried the dead body and throw it to the river.
Broken bottle: Mammy water, we don bring you another food o
They entered the back of the truck and drove away

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. Some minutes later, a young man drove towards the bridge and was walking like he was searching for something in the river. After pacing up and down the bridge for some minutes, he entered the car and drove away.
Deep down in the river
Immediately the body was thrown into the water, it sanked down into the river and it landed in front of the golden gate of the palace of the kingdom of the mermaids.
Two guards were on duty, minding the gates of the palace. This is another meal for our Queen. Ogide, one of the palace guards said. The second guard walked to the body to examine the body and an expression of shock appeared on his face.
Ogide, come o. This body has a mark on it.

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. This is strange. Tanko said
Tanko, we need to report this to the Queen directly. We can’t take this to the Queen’s kitchen. Ogide said after examining the body too.
Swiftly, they carried the body like a piece of paper and they headed to the main court of the palace of the Queen.
In the Palace…
A beautiful and ageless woman was sitting on her throne with a golden crown on her head with her short staff on her left hand. She was in the middle of a meeting with her council of elders in her prestigious palace when the two guards, Ogide & Tanko marched in carrying a dead body on a stretcher.
Ogide: My Queen, we are sorry to barge into your meeting.
Queen: Ogide, Tanko, what happened? You know I am in the middle of a meeting.
Tanko: My Queen, we saw a strange thing outside the gate and we see it is necessary to let you see it
Queen: But you know anything found in front of the gate should go straight to the kitchen. What happened?
Ogide: My Queen, this is different. It has a mark I can’t understand. So I brought it to you.
The Queen stood up from her throne and walked down to where Tanko and Ogide dropped the body. Her council of Elders moved together with her to check the body. The Queen was amazed when she saw the body.
Queen: The body can’t be taken to the kitchen. Take it to my chambers.
Council of Elders: Ha!!!

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