Once Upon a corper season 3 "Faith" - Episode 13

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Ola: Hmmmmm….
Queen: You only have 3 minutes for that. If you fail to answer it, you’ll be trapped here forever
Ola: (Fidgeting) errmmmmm…Air
Queen: Wrong answer. You missed. One wrong answer and you are trapped here forever.
Ola: Ermmmm… (Still thinking)
Queen: Your time is almost up.
Ola: Just give me some minutes
Queen: Your time is…
Ola: Tomorrow. The answer is tomorrow.
The whole council was filled with murmuring . After some minutes, it reduced.
Queen: You are right. You are free to go back to the world of the living. Take this.

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. She stretched her hand and she directed a golden pearl towards my direction and I took it.
Queen: That is my parting gift to you. Use it when you feel it’s almost over. You can go.
In a twinkle of an eye, an opening surface in front of me like a wall and I walked into it and it closed up.
Back to the present
Ola: I think that was how I got here
Yemi: Hmmm…What a sad story. Do you still remember where you stay? Do you remember any of your family or friends around?
Ola: Family friend? (Then I remembered Kim) For how long have I been here?
Yemi: This is the second week that I have been taking care of you
Ola: What is today’s date?
Yemi: Today’s date? It’s the 18th of September
Ola: Oh My God

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. (That means I have wasted over 2 months of my life) where am i? What is the name of this place?
Yemi: You are in Maitama, in Abuja
Ola: How did I get here? Oh God. This people will surely pay for this! I swear
Yemi: Calm down. You are going to hurt yourself in the name of going for revenge.
Ola: Don’t worry. I will be fine
Yemi: You need to rest okay? That’s your breakfast. Kindly get up and use your medications. I need to go for my monthly clearance.
Ola: Alright. Do enjoy your day

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