Once Upon a corper season 3 "Faith" - Episode 12

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Queen: He can’t be feasted upon. He bears the mark of Christ on him. He has the mark of Olodumare, the creator and king of the Universe. The creator of we all. He bears the mark of the lord Jesus on him
At the mention of the name JESUS, they all bowed down.
Queen: Ogide, Tanko
Ogide & Tanko: Yes my Queen
Queen: Take him to my chambers. Call the maids to take care of him.

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. He is not dead. He who has the mark of Christ in him is forever saved. His time on earth is not yet over.
Ogide & Tanko: Yes my Queen
Just as instructed, the two guards carried the body into the chamber of the Queen. 3 days later, Ola was revived and brought forward in front of the Queen and her council. 
Queen: Young man, nobody comes to this place and survives even when you are dead right from the earth. What happened? What brought you here?
Ola: I don’t know how I got here 
I looked around and I was surprised to see how I was able to breathe under the water with lots of fishes swimming over me minding their business
Queen: You can’t remember? Then she pointed her ring towards the wall then I saw the way Chief Wilson shot me twice and how his boys threw me into the big river. Then the revelation closed.
Queen: Now you see what happened

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. But with the mark on you, you have been revived through the power of the most high, the creator, Jesus Christ
And they all bowed while the Queen bowed and removed her crown
Queen: You are hereby released and sent back to the land of the living but you have to pass some test.
Ola: What test is it?
Queen: You can’t go without passing our test
Ola: Hmmmm…ok then
The council of Elders stood up and met with the Queen. After some minutes, they went back to their seats.
Queen: I will ask you one riddle, if you get it right, you will be released.
Ola: Ok, I am all hears
Queen: I am was.  Am always to be. No one ever saw me and no one will. Yet I am the comforters of all who live and breathe. Who am i?

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