Obsession - Episode 9

Love birds

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I was at the office when I thought of Charming and then decided to put a call through to hear that sexy breathtaking voice of hers,her voice sounded really stressed as she explained her encounter with her project supervisor so I decided to take her out for some ice cream

Everybody loves Ice cream!!

I got to the creamery barely a min and immediately caught a glimpse of her radiant self in a yellow sundress.

She looked beautiful as usual.

Hello Darren,how're you??

Doing great as always.

Oh thanks she said as I pulled out a chair for her to sit on. The waitress approached immediately and asked for our order.

Two cups of vanilla mixed with banana flavour and a little bit of chocolate please thanks I said to her

Coming right up....

You didn't even ask what I wanted first she said pouting...

You're so sexy when you pout I said laughing,you would love it,I promise I said to her

Alright fine!

So have you thought about my proposal??



Yes Darren,I would love to be your girlfriend she said smiling...

Oh my,you really don't know how happy you've made me I smiled happily.


I really hadn't decided yet but decided to put the man outta his misery,i mean it's quite obvious he loves me so there was really no need to keep him waiting and besides I loved him so I felt there was really no reason to stall.

Y'all need to have seen the expression on his face,it was epic.

I promise to make you happy always and never make you sad he said to me, just then the waitress brought in our order 

The ice cream surprisingly tasted really good, I moaned out in pleasure as the rich taste of the cream melted in my mouth

Hmmmm this taste real good I said with my eyes close as I savoured the taste..

I opened my eyes to see him staring lustfully at my lips and a part of me craved for him


You do that again and you wouldn't be able to walk home the same way you came

Oh oh

Hummm that was some turn on.

I really enjoyed spending time with you,thanks for the treat,you really made my day I said to him as he walked me to my car

It's my duty to always be there to make you happy sunshine never forget that he said as he kissed me deeply.

   And that was the beginning of our love story...



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