Obsession - Episode 8

Getting to know each other

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Flashback to the night of the dinner party......

Would you be my girlfriend Darren said to me once again.

I really want to but I'm scared I thought within myself...

Please say yes to me and make me the happiest man on earth he persisted as he broke into my thought....

I was super flattered but I couldn't bring myself to say yes to him.....um, can I be given some time to think it through???

Most definitely but please make it quick as I can't wait to have you all to myself Darren said as he kissed my knuckles.

He really does make me feel special..

The night went pretty well with us gazing at the stars in the sky and getting to know each other. I got to know that he's a CEO of a law firm somewhere in ikeja Lagos State, Nigeria and that he's the first son and has a younger brother named Damien I think . He also told me about this parents and I could sense from his tone that they weren't really close,I didn't ask why though because I was busy minding my business and also because I knew he would someday share his feelings when he's ready to.

I told him about my parent and siblings too,I'm from a family of six(my parents,three elder brothers n myself as the last child and only daughter)....He asked about school and I told him everything he needed to know,shared my ideas and aspirations and he was really encouraging.

I like an ambitious and hard-working lady and I can see you excelling at whatever you do he said to me.

Oh dear,thank you I said as I looked deep into those brown eyes of his.

We ended the night with a kiss and a promise to call.

    Back to the present.......

Oh Jesus,where did I put this files for crying out loud I said as I searched frantically for the files I was supposed to submit to my supervisor whose appointment I was running late for... Lord please help me.

I screamed for joy when I finally saw it underneath the bed after a very tiring search.

But wait, how did you get here you naughty thing?? 

I quickly drove to the office of my supervisor Mr Richard praying and hoping he doesn't send me back

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. That man can be really crazy!

Knock! knock!

Come in! I heard Mr Richard say

I opened the door to his office and greeted him as politely as I could even though I raged inside of me.

Took you long enough miss charming,I thought you would never show up

I'm really sorry sir, something came up I said to him

Well you're lucky you got here in time as I was just about to stop out,drop the files there and come back next week

But sir,the defense is in few weeks time and I'm nowhere done I said hysterically

Well it isn't my fault or is it?? You should have submitted yours when your mates did theirs,have a good day miss he said dismissively

Oh Jesus,you see why I hate the guts of this man,I mean I don't understand how people abuse the little power given to them and trample upon the feelings of the weak....mtcheeew

I really can't wait to be done with school and it's drama I said to myself as I thought of what to do to make myself happy and just then,like a wish come through,Darren called to invite me for an ice cream treat.....

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