MY CAMPUS LIFE - Episode 41

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  The storm that blew across our path a day ago was nothing to write about.It was one stormy day and the rain continuously poured down nonstop till the exent I feared it was never going to stop but it eventually did,leaving behind crystal clear skies and lower temperatures though it felt a little cozy or perhaps I was the only one feeling like that.I awoken to the sound of my alarm clock which kept on buzzing by the corner,irritating me to an exent.I was the sensitive kind and I simply hated being disturbed by anything at all.The day shimmered so bright just as crisp and hard rock candies or so I thought.I sluggishly got out of bed,with my eyes wearied and my head,a little too spinny from the previous day's activity.D was totally right.I need a day out without anyone getting on me but I can't really bet on that,especially when you've got three kids,chattering here and there,each and everyday but at least thanks to them,I get to take my mind off some things worth not hovering over.I gave a faint sigh as I turned the door knob,stepping outside.Downstairs,

I could hear grandma Hennia's voice,humming a tune I knew not.Everywhere seemed so quiet and I was starting to think something wasn't right or maybe,it's just me."Hmm,but I do wonder where the kids are?They shouldn't have left for school by now,should they?"I thought wryly,walking down gently."Grandma Hennia?"I called softly,as I heard the stairs' floor board creak slightly.


"Oh,watch your steps dear.That floor board is a bit wobbly now"Grandma Hennia said cautiously."Hmm,I wonder why he's taken so long"she muttered,making towards me.


"Who grandma?"I curiously asked.


"Mr Clearridge dear"she spoke softly,adjusting a little."Remember him?"


"Oh!Of course.The wood worker?"I chuckled slightly.He hasn't come?I thought you've been calling him for days now?"


"Oh,I have dear.I wonder what's taking him so long.The kids can trip on that if they aren't careful"


"Great!Well,he better hurries.I don't want any of my babies getting hurt in the process"I shrugged making towards the puff.


"Mmm...You worry so much my child"she chuckled,taking her glasses off."Well,why don't you come sit with me"she urged,ushering me towards the brown hairy couch that stood in the middle of the living room."Well,if you'd like"


"Oh,grandma.You know I won't refuse that"I giggled,taking my seat right next to her as she c*ressed my hair just like my mum did whilst she was still alive.Oh,poor mum.I do hope you can see your daughter right now.I sulked inside as I saw grandma Hennia's eyeballs focused on me."Uhm,grams,where are the kids...and aunt Suz?I don't see them around"I said worriedly,


"Oh dear!You missed them"


"I did?"I exclaimed wuth disbelief as I caught sight of the clock."9:00?I yelled as my eyes widened more."Whoa!I really did sleep in"


"You sure did child"


"Gosh!I never should have worked myself out yesterday"I said,yawning for a second."But how come nanny Suz went to drop them off?I thought their bus always came early?"


"Well,actually,Phil wanted it that way...."


"He did b-but why?Hold on grandma,did he stop by?"


"Oh,no,no dear but he did call earlier though"




"Mmm-hmm"she nodded,giving a soft laugh."He wanted to speak with you but you were still asleep then.So,he told me not to bother you and you do know,he's always busy these days?"she chipped in,trying to get some food particles off her teeth.


"Right"I said with a shrug,remembering what he said about working on some case."Oh no!Hope it isn't what I'm thinking?"I thought,mumbling silently as my mind went to James."Grandma,is Phil okay?Is he going to come home this night?"I asked with eager-longing eyes.


"Oh,he's doing just fine.He can take care of himself,you know?He's a grown man now"she smiled softly,caressing my cheeks.


"Well,grandma,I've been thinking lately..."


"Thinking about what my dear?Is something wrong?"


"Oh,not that"I laughed nervously."But grams,sometimes I do tell myself,that all these wouldn't have being happening if Phillip didn't get to know me"I swallowed bitterly as a tear dropped from my eyes."I...I don't know grandma.Why do I feel this way?"I sobbed uncontrollably,burying my head in my palms.


"Oh child!Stop crying.Why do you feel that way?Did my grandson say anything to you?"


"Oh,no grandma.He didn't.But I do blame myself for the feud that's being going on between Derek and Phil.I do blame myself grandma.There never would have been something like that if I hadn't come into their lives and now....and now..."


"Oh,please child.Don't say that"she quickly interrupted,shoving me into her arms.You shouldn't blame yourself dear one.My grandson loves you so much and I know your husband does.I know,it's quite sad having two brothers fighting over one,but you see,no one's to be blamed here.No one knew that things were gonna turn out this way"she snivelled raising my head up.No one knew and you're not to be blamed in anyway my dear.Look on the bright side,you have three wonderful children,ready to lit your face with a smile and a little one...waiting patiently,to be brought into a whole new world"she laughed softly,placing her hand on my protruded belly."So,you needn't beat yourself up my precious,cause believe it or not,everything that's happened,have a reason.And I must say,if not because of you,I doubt we would have ever known that our son was alive"


"You think grandma?So,you don't think I'm a bad person?"


"Not at all baby.I don't.I've always loved you right from the start and I always will and remember,you're a Mac-Kenny now,so nothing will ever make me see you as that.Nothing at all"she smiled,embracing me again as I felt much relieved.


"Oh,thank you so much grandma.I'm so lucky to have someone like you"I smiled,sniffling a little.


"Oh,you needn't thank me dear one.Now let's dry those tears,shall we?We don't want you all stressed up before it gets to noon"she teased,wiping my tears with her palms.


"Oh,grandma.Thanks again"I laughed hugging her delightedly as a tap came on the front door.


"Hmm,I wonder who that could be"Grandma Hennia said getting up immediately,as she hurried towards the door,sliding it open.


"Derek?"I muttered under my breath with my countenance changing.


"Hi grandma"the buffed figure greeted,stepping inside as he planted a kiss on the old woman's cheek.


"Humph!What a drama king!"I scoffed,averting my eyes,pretending he wasn't there.


"Oh,Derek.Welcome my son"came grandma's Hennia's voice as the sound of a closing door could be heard."Come sit down child"


"Blurf!I wonder why grams making him feel so special?He doesn't deserve any courtesy"I said inwardly with a hard nostalgic shrug as I made to go upstairs.


"Hi baby"


"Hi"I said,halting to a stop as a faint smile enveloped my wine red lips."Argh!Why did I just say that?"I yanked inside,setting my lips in a curved manner.


"Here.These are for you"he smiled,handing me the marigolds he had in his hands,still clutching onto the fancy bag in his other hand.


"Humph!Marigolds?Not even my favourite flowers"I sighed inwardly."WHAT...AN...I-D-I-O-T"


"Um,so I gotta go do something upstairs.I'll leave you two now"Grandma Hennia said delightedly from behind,giving a funny chuckle.


"Sure grams"we both said as we watched her hurry upstairs,with her slippers making some silly flop noise as it dashed against the floor boards.




"Well,uhm,thanks for these"I breathed outwardly,relieving myself of the swarms of nervousness that were a bit suffocating as I made to place the flowers inside a vase.


"And oh,one more thing..."he said swiftly,clasping my arms.


"Derek?"I called,giving him an eye he captured immediately.


"Oh,ahem!Sorry baby.I just..."he paused,staring deeply into my eyes as if he was searching for something I knew not.


"Yeah?"I asked,arching my brows at him."Some doofus!"I cursed inside,taking a deep breath 


"I...Uhm,I wanted to give you this"he laughed nervously as he handed the package to me."They're toys....For our baby.He's definitely gonna need them all"he said throwing a wink at me as he lowered his face on belly."Oh,hi baby.Daddy's got you,all right?"he said sweetly as I took a step backwards.


"Who knows if he's gonna try kissing my belly next?Yuk!I can't believe I married such a jerk"I spoke inwardly,rolling a disgustful eye at him."How disgusting!"


"Right.I forgot about the whole not-nearing stuff"he said scoffingly,biting his lower lip.


"Thanks"I breathed,feeling relieved again."I'll go pack these up with the rest of the toys"I said,making for the stairs as I felt his grip on me.


"Oh,no baby.Don't be like that"


"Don't be like what?I'm sorry,I've got no idea what you're talking about"


"You know exactly what I'm trying to say Tricia.Why are you making this so hard?You know,we can't be like this.. "


"So hard?God!You're really one annoying dude"I scoffed,making to leave as he clasped my hands so tight."Derek..."


"Please my love,you have to come back.I miss you.You and our daughter.You have no idea how living without you both these past few months have been for me"he said soberly,placing his hands on my face.


"This is my home now Derek.Just please go home.I don't want any trouble"




"I swear to God,if you come any closer,I'm gonna have to call the cops"I said,glaring at him with disdain.


"Babe please.I'm really sorry for every pains I caused you in the past.Just please come back to me.I miss you so much.More than you even know"


"Oh,in the past?Well,thank goodness you said so yourself.You're my past now Derek and I can't go back to a garbage dump like you.You're...You're....Argh!"I groaned,squeezing my hair with my bare hands."You know what,screw this.We're way over"I said angrily,facing the opposite direction."And please take this with you"I shot back,throwing the flowers at him as he stared with mouth agape."I don't want it.In fact,I don't want to have anything to do with you"I said with pains as tears dropped unendingly."I loved you.I loved you Derek...With my whole heart.I was ready to be with you,I was ready to tolerate everything you ever did to me even though they were quite awful and humanly.I wanted to,so our little girl won't get caught up in everything but still,you didn't care...I...I was ready to give you everything you ever wanted.My body,my soul..Everything Derek!I gave everything to you but you threw 'em all away.Everything we ever shared.God!I wish I never met you.Grrrr!"I groaned as I felt my heart get heavier like it had tons of invisible loads placed on it.




"Don't!Don't even dare.Just get out!"




"I said get out.I never want to see you.Not even around my daughter..."


"You mean our daughter!Our daughter Tricia!"he bellowed loud,glaring at me with fury.


"She's not your daughter Derek and she never has been!"


"Oh,Heh!This is about Phillip,isn't it?"he laughed hard,rolling his eyes at me as if he wanted to make some really huge-sized hole on every part of my body."Look at you!Look at you Tricia!Aren't you ashamed of yourself?Aren't you ashamed choosing him over the one you call your husband.Heh!I really thought you were one smart girl but I thought wrong.You're nothing but a stupid...."


"How..Dare...You!"I growled,slapping him really hard.


"Trish.Goodness child"I heard grandma Hennia say as she approached us.


"Leave me grandma.I've heard enough.You!How dare you barge into my home and utter such words in my face?Just who do you think you are?"


"Haha!Your home?Your home you say?Haha!I don't think I heard you quite well.Repeatez please"he spoke vaguely,chuckling like an idiotic maniac I knew him as.


"Oh,you heard me right.It's my home Derek.My home!If you've forgotten,I'm part of the family and not just that,I'm also a Mac-Kenny.So,I've got every right to call it mine.So get out.Get out,you moron?!!"


"Haha!I see.Now,you're kicking me out?In case you don't know Trish,this house is as well as mine now cause it belongs to no other person but Phillip.And guess what,Phillip is my brother.My own blood.So if you're smart,you won't..."


"Son,son.Please.Just let her be for now...Please!"Grandma Hennia cut in,making towards him.


"But grandma..."


"Please son,let it go.Just go home.Go home,all right?"


"Ugh!Fine but you're so gonna regret this.I promise you!"


"Oh,do your worse dude!I ain't afraid of you"


"Ha!Let's see who gets the crown then"he chuckled menacingly as he stepped out,slamming the door loudly as the whole place echoed.

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  • Lo is picture
    Lo is
    This is bad...Now wat is d Maniac going to do ............ Pls save Trish...but she actually lied saying she loved him with her everything....She always had feelings for ..Phillip and true love never dies
  • Ciara Jessy picture
    Ciara Jessy
    No dear.She really loved him.She loved them both so dear but she had to choose between them...
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