MY CAMPUS LIFE - Episode 2

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N-Power 2020 Registration (Batch C) - How you can apply

"Campbell university!Ain't it adorable?"I smiled to myself getting out of the car.


"Dad,do you think the girls over here will be better than ours at Hennsen?"I asked eagerly closing the car door in.


"I don't know baby.Just try and fit in okay?I know you'll make us proud"he said kissing me on my forehead.

"Uh,what about these stuffs you packed in here honey?Do you need help moving them?They seem pretty heavy to me"he called out taking my bags out of the trunk.


Seriously!!!Why can't he stop worrying about me?I'm almost 18.

"No thanks!I'm cool!"


"You sure about that?"he asked concerned.


"Yes dad!Trust me!"


"Aww...Come here you.Gosh!I'm starting to miss my baby already"he teased pulling me into his arms.


Errgh!My dad can be really embarassing sometimes.I bet everyone saw that.

Uhh,quit it dad.I'm not a kid anymore,you know that?


"Shh!Just keep quiet will ya?Now,be a good girl for daddy and don't you go around moving with those silly wacked-ass boys that are up to no good.You never can tell what they've got in mind...You hear me?"


"Heh!Sure dad!"I said faking a smile.

"Hah!So ironical!You can't expect someone to live on campus and not look at any guy....It's so not done anywhere.It's not like I'm actually gonna look at one.I bet they aren't as sweet as mine"I smiled inside of me.


"Now go daddy.Before I change my mind and make you stay"




"No buts daddy.I can take care of myself,trust me"


"Haha!Trust you baby"


"Now go!I bet mum's wondering what's keeping you"


"Haha!Not so fast swifty.You're so cheery about this.Is there a boy behind it?"he asked jokingly rubbing his arms on me"


"Hah!Seriously dad!"


"Just kidding"he chuckled getting into his car.

"Bye baby!I'll call you when I get home okay?"


Hhh,dads...Am I right?

"Byeeeeee"I yelled happily rolling my box behind.

Whoo!Some peace and quiet.

No body guards,no Josie(I'm gonna miss that puffy brat though..Heh) and oof,dad and mum ain't here too.My!Could dis day get any better?

"I'm finally alone"I yelled out falling right onto the spring bed that stood at the corner.

Mmm!I wonder what my roomies look like.Hope they ain't b*tchy though"I smiled getting out my mp3 player and my phone.

"Oh No!James.I'd better call him"

"Hey munchkin!Guess what!


"Oooo you know I don't do that babe"he chuckled from the other line.


"Hhhh,you're so annoying"I muttered enthusiastly making him laugh so hard.


"Wait a minute!Where are you?"


"I won't tell you.That'll be cheating"I giggled softly.


"Hang on!Are you on campus now?"



"Ooh-la-la!My baby's now one of us.I'm going to text you my address right away.You'll come see me tomorrow right?


"Uh-uh!Anything for you hanny"I laughed seductively.


"Uh,who are you?a feminine voice asked from behind.


"Hey,gotta go.I'll call you later okay?Bye bye!I said hurriedly hanging up.


"Why that little skunk!Who the hell is she anyway....Hh,calm down Trish"I held my breath.

"Hi.I'm sorry,who are you?"


"I'm Joan.But you can call me Jo.You must be the new girl Chris talked about"she said letting out her hands.


"Chris?Who's Chris?"


"Pfft!Not like I care though but I sure hope he's hot"I muttered inside biting my lips.

"Ah,Trish,don't be such a weasel.You've got James remember?"Miss goody angel yanked inside snapping me right out of my thoughts" 


"Oh...well,no one to worry about"she smiled to me.


"I'm a final year student though.What about you dear?"


Mmm,she seems nice!But yuk,she so reeked of sweat.I wonder if she's had her bathe in weeks.


"I'm Trish.Trish Parks"I said with an accent.

"A first year scholar.Law to be precise...Leader of the cheer leader's team back at Hennsen and a straight A's star pupil.You can hook it right up if you're doubting honey"I grinned with pride crossing my legs like a demon spawn.


"Hennsen?Not bad!"she shrugged her shoulders moving towards her bed.


"Not bad?Ohhh...She didn't just utter that in my face!How dare she!"I scoffed glaring at her.

"Ever heard of Hennsen?"I chipped in trying to tag along.


"Nope!I can't say I've been there but I do hope you enjoy your stay over here Trish.I've got class now.I'll see you when I get back"she said taking out her red ripped off bag from the drawer as she made for the door 


"Humph!I guess she isn't as classy as I thought. 

"Sure!Bye roomie"I waved acting all nice.

"God!I can't believe I'll be spending the rest of my year with this frog eyes girl.I mean look at her,her style is so last season.Even her dress looks awful.And grrr,she's too hairy for my liking...With those scary eyeballs of hers that are way too big for those Harry Potter glasses.Hah!Anyway,it's only for a year and it's bye bye Miss Froggy eyes" 

"So what's next?"I said putting my hands akimbo asI focused my eyes on my bag.

"Oh..Yeah!!I need to unpack these.Whoa,mum did pack a whole lot in here...Good old mum!

Can't believe I'm saying this out loud but I sure miss her already...Haha!What?I didn't say my heart was entirely made of arsenic,did I?



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N-Power 2020 Registration (Batch C) - How you can apply

N-Power 2020 Registration (Batch C) - How you can apply

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