MY CAMPUS LIFE - Episode 36

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"You moron!"Derek thundered hard as he threw a punch on Jackson's face making him stagger backwards.

"What the hell"Jax gaped as he nursed his aching cheek.

"You broke our brotherhood's pact Jax.How could you!I trusted you so much.How could you do this to me"he snared raging towards him again as the rest of the mobsters held him back.

"Calm down man.Calm down!"Shem,one of the mobsters spoke up.

"What's the matter with you?What got you into doing that?"

"What's the matter,huh?What's the matter,you say?You're really such a good actor"he chuckled releasing himself from their grip.

"You thought I wouldn't find out?You went back on your promise Jackson.You did and now the Parkers are gone all because of you.Oh,how could you"he continued panting heavily as sweat drenched his polo.

"They were totally innocent and you knew it.They were never part of our plan but you chose to take them all out.Why?Why Jackson?What did they ever do to you?"

"Well,don't blame me.It was all the boss' idea so there was nothing I could do to stop it"he said scoffingly.

"The boss?And who the hell is he?I demand to see him right now"he bellowed harder clenching his teeth tight.

"Haha!I heard some rantings going on in here.I wonder who that could be"a man in a red hat with a lighted cigarette popping out from the side of his mouth walked in from the other side of the room.

",if it isn't the almighty Matthews.Wow!Now,isn't this such a fantastic surprise?"he chuckled throwing a nasty grin at him.

"Who are you and how the hell do you know my name?"

"Is this some sort of joke Jax?"he asked rolling his eyeballs at Jackson in an irritating manner.

"Oh,easy boy.Easy!Whoo!Can't imagine the look on Tricia's face when she gets to know that her fancy lover is actually the brain behind her very own parents death.Hahaha!"he chuckled sinisterly as he trailed smoke out of his mouth with the air stenching badly with it.


"Ah-ah-ah!You know you can't touch me otherwise I'll have my guys blow out your brain with these bullets they have corked up in their guns but you know,you wouldn't be of any use to me if you're dead.So humph,I'd let that naive attitude of yours roll by"

"What do you want?"

"Tchk...tchk...tchk!You've really got some nerves,you know?Well,I see your friend hasn't told you,huh?Guess you two really do have a lot to talk about"he laughed throwing a glance at Jackson.

"I'm James Holton by the way but the name Skidyz will do.It's much preferable"he smirked letting his hands out for a handshake as Derek turned it down.

"James?As in Tricia's James?"he asked as he looked on bewildered more.

"F*ck!How did I not see that?"he muttered with disbelief as he stared at the grinning fella.

"Man listen to me...I..."

"Oh,I'm so going to rip your throat out,you punk.How could you!"he barked raging towards Jax as he got a hold of his collars.

"Oh,how tribal!"he chuckled as he watched them with enthusiasm.

"D....C'mon man!It was never my intention.We've been bros right from kindergarten and that pact we made was never meant to be broken but I had to do it man otherwise it'll get even worse.Jeez!How many times do I have to tell you that I'd never hurt you or anyone at all"

"Oh,yeah?You know what,I'm so done with you and whatever stupid plans you have in stall.I'm so done Jackson"he said angrily making to walk out as the men corked their guns,raising them at him.

"What's this?"

"Oh,that?It means you're one of us now Derek.So you can't leave.Why unless,you wanna die a much painful death and I know you wouldn't want that,would you?"he grinned taking out another cigarette from his breast pocket.

"Oh,I'll rather have my eyes stuck with pins than to work side by side with you dude.So do count me out of your stupid games cause there's no way I'm dancing to your tunes and you won't force me either cause I'll never be like you"he bellowed loud raising his brows at him.

"Hehe!Now that's what kids of these days don't get.You've already stooped so low and do you know what that means?You're so like me now and even worse but like you said,I'll never force you to stay but know this,that Mac-Kenny you loathe and despise so much will always be one step ahead of you in everything.Have that in mind Matthews"

"What do you mean by that?"he asked perturbed as his heart raced faster.

"Awe,daddy doesn't know?Ha!Are you guys listening?"he said as the whole room got filled with laughter to his irritation.

"That's right Derek.Trish is pregnant and she's all loaded up with that guy's kid while you're stuck here being nothing but a bloated fool..Heh!I gotta say,they really do make a fine couple though.You should see them"he said mockingly as the room got filled with laughter again.

"You're lying.Trish is not that kind of person and I can verge for her on that.So don't you dare speak ill of my wife in such lowly manner"

"Oh,really?Humph!Well,take a look lover boy"he smiled taking out his phone from his pants as he played a video of Phil and Trish at the medical centre as Derek watched with disbelief.

"What?It can't be.It certainly can't..."

"Oh,but it is.You do believe me now I see and I know now you've seen for yourself,you wouldn't want to walk out that door without doing anything.Well,why of course,you want to be seen as nothing but a petty loser in the eyes of that slimy bones"

"Oh,how could she"he said as tears dropped from his eyes"

"Awe!Does it hurt that much?Oh,I wouldn't know but what I do know is that,it's high time you made your choice.You're with us or you're against us?"

"You know I'd do more than anything to get back at that Mac-Kenny for everything he's ever done.I'm so gonna make him pay for everything.Everything I say!"he grunted,tightening his fist really hard with his teeth clenching on each other like some rambling chains.

"Oh,how I love the sound of that!"



"When are we leaving Phil?"I asked rubbing my hands on my belly as I landed on the sofa with my Betty crocker in my hands.

"Anytime soon.Depending on when you wanna leave"he smiled taking my hands in his.

"Uhm,well,this Saturday sounds pretty okay to me.Though I'm really going to miss Hennsen and of course my bestie"I said wearing a sad look on.

"Oh,don't be like that.It's for your safety,you know?Most especially now things are..."

"Starting to take a drift turn.Oh,it's quite awful.Mum didn't have to die.Even dad too,even though he did some really horrible things while he was still alive but he still didn't deserve any of it.They didn't even get a chance to see Stacie and Stephanie.God!It hurts when I remember they're no more"

"Yeah,I know.It's being two weeks now so you really can't get over it that fast"

"Yeah,really"I said coughing as I quickly took up the mineral water that laid on the side stool.

"Ohh!"I muttered with relief as I began talking again.

"You okay now?"

"Mmm-hmm!I guess my spit went the wrong way"I laughed brushing my hair aside.

"So Phil,tell me.How did you get to become like this?Sorry I'm asking a lot though.I'm just,you know,a little curious about how"

"Heh!It's cool"he smiled taking the bottle from me as he made me relax on his legs.

"You know,when mum found me,I told you how she treated my wounds and took me with her after I got well along with grams and the kids.So over there at Switzerland,I took over the family's business cause she took me as her son since she didn't have any"

"Wow!She's really one nice woman"I chipped in urging him to go on.

"Mmm-hmm!And I'm one lucky man"

"Ha!You can say that again.But hang on,she bears the name Anderson now.Did she...."

"Of course she did.But it was quite tragic Mr Anderson passed away even before we had began living with them and because he left a whole lot of fortune behind,mum decided to entrust some in my care since she couldn't handle it all and also cause she trusted me so much.She even got to send me to school at that time and that's how I got into business school and became really successful.All thanks to her"

"Oh,that's really sweet"

"Uh-huh!Just like you puffy"he teased pinching my nose like he used to at that time.

"Oh,Phil"I laughed slapping his hands away playfully.

"Ha-ha!Uhm,you hungry?I can ask grams to make you some key lime pie"he smiled getting up.

"Ooo,I love those.And oh,can you also bring me some tater tots too...please"I smirked as the door bell rang.

"Ha!As you wish my lady.My,I wonder who that could be"he said curving his lips as he made towards the door turning the door knob as a furious Derek rage inside giving him a clout on his nose to our surprise.

"Derek?Derek stop!"I shouted on top of my voice as I watched with terror.

"You deliberately did it.How could you.She was never yours but you fought to have her with you and all you could do was get her pregnant?God!You're so shameless"he spat making to throw another punch at him as I got in the middle.

"Derek please.B-baby please listen to me.It was never his fault.It was all mine.Just please stop and go home.P-please"I pleaded placing my hands on his face as he grew softer.

"There's no home without you Tricia.You destroyed that home when you went around sleeping with this worthless being and I hate the fact that you did.You hurt me real bad and you don't even regret it.Why Trish?Why...."

"Stop it Derek!Just stop!"I cut in glaring at him.

"I never slept with anyone and you know it.Phil and I never did anything  and...."

"And what?And what Tricia?If what you say is really true,then who is responsible for the child you're carrying?Who the heck is?"he winced holding my arms firmly.

"N-no one Derek"I swallowed hard turning my face away.

"No one?Ha!Then it's true.You and Phil have been going about deceiving me and you guys thought I was never going to find out?You know what,you're coming with me"he said pulling me with him.

"Derek let go!Let go of me...Humph!"I yelled angrily pushing him off roughly.

"You really do have some nerves barging into my home Derek.Look at you,you can't even treat your wife well not to talk about your own daughter.You're really such an insane man"

"Phil that's enough.Please!"

"Derek leave.Please just go.It's okay.I promise to explain everything..."

"You've got nothing to say to him Trish cause he's got no right over you or even your baby.Yes!You have no right Derek cause that child was conceived out of your brutal and selfish nature and because of you,Tricia's in this mess.Argh!You should thank your lucky charms that I didn't make sure you ended up spending the rest of your life rotting in that hell hole along with Jackson and the rest of the five that tried to kill me"

"Baby is this really true?We're having another baby?"he said happily reaching for me as Phil pushed him back.

"Hey!Hold it"

"Hang on Phil,what did you just say?"

"My love,don't listen to him.He's nothing but a liar"

"Or you're the one lying here.Why don't you tell your wife the whole truth?Why don't you tell her that you're the one that actually tried to kill me many years ago?"

"What?!"I gasped under my breath.

"Wh-what did you say?"

"Baby he's lying.You know I'll never do such a thing.You know me.Believe me baby,I'm definitely not that kind of person He's only trying to turn you against me and that's why he's making all these up..Please baby..."

"Get your hands off me.So you're the reason why Phil and I ended up parting ways?And all these time you didn't even bother saying a word about it.God!I hate you Derek.I hate you so much"I said angrily shoving him off as tears dropped from my eyes.

"Baby I can explain"

"Don't touch her.You deserve no mercy Derek Matthew"

"You animal"he snared pouncing on Phil as the two began throwing punches at each other wildly.

"Derek please..Derek...Please stop!Stop it"I cried bitterly as I ran off to call Mrs Hennia who was up in her room with her radio tuned to the highest volume.

"No wonder she hasn't heard anything so far.


"Oh,goodness child!What's wrong?"she asked scarily as she got up immediately.

"Grandma you have to hurry.Come with me"I said as we rushed downstairs together.

"My grandson...My grandson!Oh stop.You two stop it.Please!Phil...."

"Ha!You're so lucky that wretched mum of yours came to save your ass.I would have dismantled that doggie face of yours"

"Hey...Hey!Watch your tongue,you scumbag"

"Phil please..."Mrs Hennia yelled stopping halfway as Derek's bare chest flashed before her eyes since half of his buttons were already ripped off.She slowly went towards him and with her right hand placed on his chest,parted the clothing sideways so we could see everything clearly as she moved her hands on the huge circular mark that was embedded over there.Derek's always had that mark with him ever since he was born.Once when I asked him,he said it was a really significant birthmark passed down to him by his original parents or so he thought since his late foster parents,the Matthews didn't have one like that.

"That mark?"Mrs Hennia said rolling her eyes at it as she stood shaking with fear.

"My God!It can't be"

"I-I've always had it.Well,it's nothing"he scoffed pulling away from her

"I'd best be on my way now"

"No!Don't go.That's a really significant birthmark and it runs only in the family....Look!"she said pushing the neckline of her dress down a little as she showed him hers to everyone's utter amazement.

"I don't believe this"she gaped as she trailed her eyes to his with her hands cupping his cheeks perfectly.

"It can't be!"she said again.

"What can't be grandma?You're scaring us"Phil cut in as we stared with confusion.

"Leonard?"she called softly as Derek watched feeling more flustered.

"Leo what?I'm sorry but my name's Derek.Phillip wh-what the hell are you and your mum planning?"

"First,she's my grandmother and you should show her some respect and secondly,she and I never planned anything so you better..."

"Son please..Oh,no-no-noThis can't be real"she said as tears dropped from her eyes.

"Hang on grandma,did you just say Leonard?As in Leo?M-my brother?"he stammered as his eyes grew wider.

"Your what?"I cut in drawing closer.

"Yes son.I think Derek's Leo Phil"she said happily hugging him as I began feeling dizzy at that moment.

"Grandma Hennia this certainly isn't him.This is my husband...Derek.The one I've been telling you about and besides he never grew up anywhere near here.I'm sorry but you've definitely got the wrong person"

"I know but this birthmark proves it all.Phil look at him.He looks just like your mother.He has her eyes and everything and your father's caliber too.Derek is really your brother Phillip"

"No it can't be.You all are lying.You all are"

"No Derek.I'm not lying.My grandson...You really are my grandson.I can feel it"she said sentimentally making towards him again.

"Don't touch me"he feigned with anger.

"You really are brainy Mac-Kenny.You think your wonky pranks will work on me?Well,you're wrong cause I'll always be one step ahead of you no matter what.I'm out!"he chuckled insanely slamming the door in our face.

"Okay!What just happened???"

. .

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  • Dolapo Oloyede picture
    Dolapo Oloyede
    Derek no get brain sha
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    Ciara Jessy
    Lolzzzzz....It did reaped what he sowed in the end...The nxt episode will soon be uploaded okay?
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    Ciara Jessy
    He sorry...Not it. The next episodes will soon be out..I've already submitted them.
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    Ciara Jessy
    @Lo is Swears, babe. The truth is just unfolding.
  • Ciara Jessy picture
    Ciara Jessy
    @Lo is Swears, babe. The truth is just unfolding.
  • Ciara Jessy picture
    Ciara Jessy
    @Lo is Swears, babe. The truth is just unfolding.
  • Ciara Jessy picture
    Ciara Jessy
    @Lo is Swears, babe. The truth is just unfolding.
  • Ciara Jessy picture
    Ciara Jessy
    @Lo is Swears, babe. The truth is just unfolding.
  • Ciara Jessy picture
    Ciara Jessy
    @Lo is Swears, babe. The truth is just unfolding.
  • Ciara Jessy picture
    Ciara Jessy
    @Dolapo Oloyede He did reap what he sowed, dear. The finale is out now. You guys should check it out. I'm sorry it got delayed coming here.
  • Ciara Jessy picture
    Ciara Jessy
    @Dolapo Oloyede He did reap what he sowed, dear. The finale is out now. You guys should check it out. I'm sorry it got delayed coming here.
  • Ciara Jessy picture
    Ciara Jessy
    @Dolapo Oloyede He did reap what he sowed, dear. The finale is out now. You guys should check it out. I'm sorry it got delayed coming here.
  • Ciara Jessy picture
    Ciara Jessy
    @Dolapo Oloyede He did reap what he sowed, dear. The finale is out now. You guys should check it out. I'm sorry it got delayed coming here.
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