MY CAMPUS LIFE - Episode 35

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"Ooh!Mommy's starting to shake"I heard tiny whispers come from beside me as I giggled silently pretending to be still fast asleep.

"Shh sister!You're gonna..."

"Kids!"Janine's voice bellowed from the door as she stood akimbo staring at the threesome.

"What in bikini bottom are you three doing over there?"

"Aunt Janine!"they all exclaimed rushing towards her happily as they took their turns hugging her delightedly.

"Hola sis!Surprise surprise!"she smiled ecstatically catwalking towards me with her 100 thousand dollars boots smacking against the flowery tiled floor.

"Janine!Mmm"I got up hugging her with full delight as I complimented her outfit like some pretty teenage girl.

"Oh My!That's a smashing top you got on.It really looks gorge on you"I said warmly ushering her beside me.

"Aww,thanks B.I see the kids are disturbing again"she said with a smirk as the twins threw a catchy grin at her.

"Haha!Very funny aunt J"Stacie,the older one chipped in hopping on beside her.

"Mum,did you sleep well?And good gracious aunt,what got you out of bed so early?"

"Oh,don't be all fussy now.Came to check up on my pretty little darlings and of course my baby bun who's cooking up in there"she laughed motioning to my tum as she rubbed her hands on it.

"He likes you?"I smiled to her as I felt the baby kick slightly.

"He?You've gone for an ultra scan already?"

"Mmm-hmm!Phil and I did some days ago before he left for Chic"

"Ooooh sweetchous"she smiled rubbing her palms as Stephanie made to sit on her laps.

"Aunt J,why did dad leave for Chicago without informing us?One minute he was here and the other,he totally wasn't.God!I'm so furious"she said angrily folding her arms up.

"Oh sweetheart,don't be like that.Besides,he's coming back any day now,am I right?"

"He is?See,that's exactly what I'm talking about.Stacie I bet you knew about this cause your dad's favorite sugar plum"she laughed pulling her hair down as Stacie followed,pulling at hers too.

"Hey!Watch it douchy!"

"Stop it you two.Gosh!You two shouldn't be fighting always.You're both the same,you know?"I spoke up getting my hands between them.

"Well,she started it"Stacie blurted out throwing an angry glare at her..

"Even so baby.Fighting is a really bad thing to do and whoever indulges in it,will surely go to hell"I said trying to frighten her.

"And I bet you don't wanna go to hell,do you?Like,who wants to?And you Stephanie,you should never pick up on your sister.She's older than you,you know?"

"Ha mum!Just with two minutes...Two minutes!"she smirked as I frowned at her.

"Oh!Heh..Sorry.Shouldn't have said that"she apologized.

"Yeah!You really shouldn't have.Now c'mon,say sorry to your sister"I beckoned to her.

"Ugh!Why me?"she gaped squeezing her face more.


"Ohh....alright!"she muttered reluctantly moving closer.

"Sorry Stace.I was only kidding"

"Now that's more like it"

"Wow!You really did get them into saying sorry to each other.They've never really done that before"she stared with amazement.

"Really?They're always like this?"

"Totally"she said squinting as the light rays came upon her almond eyes.

"And their always at each other's throat too,you know?"she sighed as the two hissed at her.

"Haha!Very funny"Stephanie cut in pretending to laugh.

"Are you really going to keep flaunting us aunt J?Or we're just gonna talk about daddy and why he isn't home yet"Stephanie chipped in cupping her face.

"Gosh!It's being two days now.When will he be coming back?"she scoffed getting up from the bed as she paced around the room without ease.

"Oh,now-now dear.Don't be all worried now.He'll be coming back today"

"Really mommy?Uncle Phillip's coming back today?"Ryn cut in happily.

"Yes baby.He is and also grandma too.She's coming to see us"I smiled rubbing her cheek.

"Yeee!Granny is!"she yelled with delight.

"What about pop pop?Is he coming with her?"

"Mmm-hmm!He's also coming with her"I nodded faking a smile.

"Whee!Will they be coming back with their airplane this time cause I sure can't wait to get on it"she said childishly as the room got filled with laughter.

"Oh,baby!No.They'll be coming back with their car.Besides,it isn't that far off"

"Uhm mum,we're a bit lost here.Who is she talking about?"the twins cut in feeling flustered a little bit.

"Oh..Right!She's talking about your grandma Rayna and of course your grandpa Silas..Oh!"I breathed throwing a glance at Janine who was also watching keenly.

"But you can just call them grams and gramps.I bet it shouldn't be that mouthful for you two"

"Hmm!Not bad.So we have three grandmas then"Stephanie chipped in funnily.

"Heh!That's right sweedy"I said as Janine and I burst out with laughter.

"Oh dear!You two are just so funny"

"Ha!Yeah-eh!"they both laughed giving each other a high five.

"Children...Oooh...children!"Mrs Hennia's voice echoed from the stairs as she walked right in.

"Oh,sweet child!You're here"she smiled rolling her eyes at Janine.

"Of course grandma.I wanted to come greet you but nanny Sus said you were still fast asleep,so I didn't go bothering any further"she said embracing her as the kids ran towards her.

"Oh grandma,we weren't disturbing mother now"

"I didn't say you were Stacie baby.I was only checking up on you guys cause I thought I heard noises coming from here"

"I guess Stephanie's croaky voice was really loud this time"she chuckled making to hide behind her.

"Me?Oh...I'll get you"she muttered throwing her fist in the air.

"Oh dear!You two have started again"

"Oh granny,don't mind her.She's always silly all the time.Are you sure she's really one of us?"Stephanie said teasingly as they both made funny faces at each other.

"Haha!You two are really something..Well,come on now.Let's leave the adults to their sweetly chit chats"she chuckled tugging at their arms.

"Oh,thanks mama Henn...You're really a life saver"Janine chuckled getting up.

"Well,you three better hurry now.I bet no one's gonna get those surprise packages open till you do"

"Oh!I love surprises"Ryn yelled joyfully staring at her.

"I bet you do darling.Go on now"she smiled leading them to the door as the threesome bid us goodbye alongside grandma Hennia.

"Ooo...Slam!"she giggled as she made towards me again.

"I'm really glad you're here Janine"I said with enthusiasm lying back down as she made to adjust the pillow for me.

"Oh,thanks"I smiled letting my head get comfy on the silky texture.

"You're welcome.Need anything?"she asked concernedly.

"Not really.I just don't feel too good today"I muttered feeling weak.

"Well,wh-what's wrong?Do you need an extra blanket?"

"Not really.I know,feel really weird inside"I flinched a little as I felt cold chills move up my spine. 

"Do you feel that?"I panicked clasping the sheets as I felt goosebumps flush all over me.

"Feel what?What's wrong Trish?You're starting to freak me out here"she panicked alongside as she got in bed with me clasping my hands.

"Something's coming Janine.I...I can feel it"I shivered frighteningly as a beeping sound came across the room jolting us.

"Oh,it's just your phone Trish"she heaved a sigh getting up to take it off the shelf.

"It's a private number.Should I answer it?"she whispered lowly feeling a little jumpy.

"Yes please"I beckoned to her.

"Um,hello?"she muttered shakily rolling her eyes at me.

"Hello!Is this the Parker's residence?"the caller spoke from the other line as I could hear the man clearly since the phone was on loud speaker.


"Trish I think this is for you?"she whispered covering the phone's front with her palms as I urged her to continue.

"Who is this please?And is there a problem?"she continued nervously as I watched her shoot her eyebrows up.

"Oh,I'm sorry.I just saw this name pop on the screen so I decided to call.The owner of this phone was involved in a ghastly motor accident few minutes ago and they've been rushed to Hilston's hospital right away"the voice came from the other line as my mouth dropped open with no sound coming out from it.

"Tr..Trish!"Janine shook as I watched the phone fall off her hand getting it all smashed up badly.

"Trish..."she said making towards me as tears dropped from her eyes.

"No!!!"I screamed abruptly getting up from where I sat listening.

"N-No!It can't be....It can't be!"I wailed staggering backwards as I slumped down immediately.

"Trish..Trish wake up..Wake up...Wake up"I heard Janine's voice echo rapidly as it moved farther away from the dark rocky path I saw myself in.It seemed it was never going to end as I watched everything slowly disappear with me in it.And that's all I could tell as everything got all blank trapping me alongside...


"Think she'll be able to take it?"

"I don't know Janine.I don't know..She doesn't deserve any of this...She doesn't!"

"I know...God!Look Phil,I think her hand's moving a little"

"C'mon Trish...C'mon!You can do it.I know you can"I heard Phil's voice echo from the outside world as my eyes slid open partly with everything seeming dim.

"You're gonna be okay Trish...You're going to be"he said softly as my eyes got fully open with them capturing four peering tensely eyeballs that seemed they were going to make holes on every part of my body.

"Ph-Phil....Janine!"I muttered slowly rolling my wearied eyes at them.

"Phil..Wh-what am I..."

"Oh,Trish.Don't talk.You'll be okay..You'll be okay,all right?"he said coming closer.

"Okay?Wa-was I sick before?And gosh,my kids!Where are they?I bet they've been alone since morn"I panicked making to get up.

"Morn?Trish you've been out for three days now"

"Ou-out?"I said shakily as I stared at them with confusion.

"Yes...You don't remember,do you?"

"N-no?D-did something happen?Are the kids okay?"

"Yes.They are sister"

"She doesn't remember anything Phil.It's just like what the doctor said"

"I'm sorry,I don't remember what exactly?And why are you two whispering to each other?Did something happen?"I asked feeling frightened more as I made to get out of bed which so reeked of disinfectant that was starting to irritate my skin.

"Take it easy Trish.You're still not strong"

"Take it easy?Well,I can't do that"I shouted angrily.

"What the hell happened?You guys are really acting strange...Hang on for a sec,what about my baby...Is-is he...Is he okay Phil?"

"Yes...He is Trish.He's perfectly okay"

"Oh.Thank God but what about mum and dad?Why are they not here yet?I know they should have been here to see me.Where are they?"

"She really doesn't remember"Janine uttered from behind as she made to sit beside me.

"What happened Janine?I know you wouldn't lie to me?What...."I stopped remembering what happened when their weird phone call came in.

"No...Mom!Oh no!Where's my mother Phil?Where is she?I really need to see her"I cried trying to stand up as they both pinned me down again.

"Let me go.I want to see my mother and father again..Where are they?A-are they okay Phil?"I asked as no answer came inducing more terror in me.

"Phil...Phil!Wh-what happened?"I stammered leaning closer.

"Why are you two not saying anything?Are..are they not okay?They should be right cause I...I heard my mom's voice.I heard her clearly...She was trying to reach me b-but...Oh Phil!Please tell me she's okay.Please tell me she is"I yelled as he pulled me into his arms clutching his arms tighter around me.

"I'm sorry Trish"he said slowly as I felt his body get sweaty.

"Sorry?Why are you saying that?Is my mum de-no it can't be right..No!It can't be"I screamed to the hearing of everyone as I felt my world crumble instantly.It felt like things were starting to take the wrong turn than I really expected.I never knew this day would come so soon.At least not like this.It was one tragic day for all and I do wished to wake right up from it.If that'll ever happen.

"I didn't get to say goodbye.I never got to Phil...I never got to"I cried in anguish as tears flowed endlessly and I bet if they were countable,it would fill a whole tons of gallons and gazillions of tanks.

"O'death why?Why have you come to steal away my happiness at this very point....Why?!!"I moaned inside as my heart felt heavier than it ever had.

"I'm really sorry sister.I'm really sorry..You shouldn't be going through any of these.You shouldn't in anyway"she cried wrapping her arms around me as tears flowed out freely from every corners of our eyes.It was one tragic moment for everyone and I knew from that day,that things were never going to be the same ever again.

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    Lo is
  • Dolapo Oloyede picture
    Dolapo Oloyede
    So sad, well done Clara
  • Ciara Jessy picture
    Ciara Jessy
    @Lo is Awe...I know
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    Ciara Jessy
    @Dolapo Oloyede Thank you dearest
  • Ciara Jessy picture
    Ciara Jessy
    It really is a sad tale... #BROKEN The poem for this novel is out on E. Y'all check it out now. Love ya.
  • Ciara Jessy picture
    Ciara Jessy
    It really is a sad tale... #BROKEN The poem for this novel is out on E. Y'all check it out now. Love ya.
  • Ciara Jessy picture
    Ciara Jessy
    It really is a sad tale... #BROKEN The poem for this novel is out on E. Y'all check it out now. Love ya.
  • Ciara Jessy picture
    Ciara Jessy
    It really is a sad tale... #BROKEN The poem for this novel is out on E. Y'all check it out now. Love ya.
  • Ciara Jessy picture
    Ciara Jessy
    It really is a sad tale... #BROKEN The poem for this novel is out on E. Y'all check it out now. Love ya.
  • Ciara Jessy picture
    Ciara Jessy
    It really is a sad tale... #BROKEN The poem for this novel is out on E. Y'all check it out now. Love ya.
  • Ciara Jessy picture
    Ciara Jessy
    It really is a sad tale... #BROKEN The poem for this novel is out on E. Y'all check it out now. Love ya.
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