MY CAMPUS LIFE - Episode 8

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"Ugh!Another year at Campbell"I grumbled inside.

"Why do I have such mixed emotions?"I came mumbling again.

"Yo Der!You feel anything?"I asked in my usual slangy way as I sat in front of the car finishing off the apple I had in my hand.Our apple orchids were really tasty.We've got them all over.Now where were we?Oh yeah!Look down.

"No?"a young lad,yay high with brown fussy hair said out from behind.

"Who am I kidding?The guy won't be of any help to me.He's a one-worded shy ass.I'm not even sure he's ever talked for long"

"Nevermind!You done now?We haven't much time left,you know?"I said getting out of the car.

"Yeah!I'm done now ma'am"

"Goody"I said rubbing my hands excitedly.

"Where should I take this too madam?"

"Derek I told you not to call me that.I'm only eighteen,you know?"I said taking my bag from him.


"Yeah,it's fine.Come on now and oh,don't roll that.I don't want it all dirty before we get inside"I said moving towards my lodge with Derek following mind.

"Sure!"he said still not smiling.

By the way guys,Derek's the new driver dad got me.He's the slum kid dad found some months ago wandering out on the streets,begging for alms and eating off whatever thing he could salvage here and there.So my dad,being the kind philanthropist one he,took him in and now,I guess I'm stuck with him too.I can't believe mum even approved of him.I bet he isn't half my age at all.

"Do you ever smile?"I asked raising my brows up at him as we stopped halfway.

"The guy's too serious for my liking.He's well built and all and pretty good looking too but I doubt he's ever worn a smile on before.Scoffs!

"Sorry madam I..."

"Yes yes!Just tag along and don't strut"I said walking majestically in front of him.


"Trish....Trish wait up!"

"Oh,that backstabbing imbecile!"I mumbled to myself.

He never returned my calls all summer not even the millions of mails I left for him,so I wonder what the hell he's doing here?"

"Tricia!"he said calling the third time

"Ma'am,who's that behind us?I think he knows you"

"Oh,well,he's no one to be concerned about.So come on now"

"B-Baby please!Just hear me out"he said making his way towards me.

"Don't!Don't you dare touch me you backstabbing wimpy fool"I said angrily taking his hands off me roughly.

"No Trish,you don't understand"

"What's there not to understand?You never cared to say hello or even at least check up on me.What do you take me for,huh?I bet you were so busy with those useless bitches of yours and you have the guts to show up in front of me.God!You're so disgusting"I said spitting on him with hurt gathering up inside of me.

"No,it's not like that baby.Trust me.I've been sick this whole time.Believe me!"he said coming closer.

"I don't know what to believe anymore.You know what,just stop.I'm done listening to your dimwit excuses"I said loosening from his hold.

"C'mon Derek!Let's go!"

"Derek?Who the heck is he?"

"Oh,honey,I didn't tell you,did I?"I grinned mischievously knowing that was going to make him jealous.

"Derek's my official thriller boo boo bear"I grinned clasping Derek's arms more tighter so it would seem rather convincing.

"Oh,don't look at me.This Derek of a guy is damn cute but that doesn't mean I'm falling for him already.Wink!Serves James right anyway.He's such a pest.Good riddance!"

"Your boyfriend?You must be joking"

"No I'm not.Isn't it that right baby?"I said signalling to Derek so he'll act along.

"You got that right baby"he smirked annoying him more.

"So if you know what's good for you dude,you'll have to stay off our path or else you won't like what I'll do to you"he threatened viciously with his eyeballs curved out wide.

"Wow!I've never seen him with such look.How chivalrous!"

"Oh,stay out of this you.This is not your fight"

"Just quit it you two.Everyone's looking at us"I yelled getting in between them.

"I can't believe you chose this haggard wretched guy over me.Haha!I guess you're so fucking cheap like they say"he chuckled harder hurting me more.

"Whoo!"the crowd echoed as thet got a closer view.

"Well,this is getting way awkward than I thought"I said rolling my eyes around.

"Look,Derek,don't listen to him okay?Come with me"I said dragging Derek who was already fuming.

"It's all my fault.I really should have listened to mum and dad.I'm such a mess"

"Oh,don't walk out on me little girl.You've always known it,so don't act all dumb"

"I...SAID...STOP!!!!"I yelled furiously slapping him really hard on the face not minding if we were being watched.

"At least I got to feel that.Aarrgh!I hate him"

"Oh,you didn't"

"Yes I did.Come on Derek.Let's leave this crazy animal all to himself"

"This isn't over.You're mine and you'll always be Tricia Parker"he spat chuckling like the devil himself.


"Who was that guy?"he asked with concern as we walked upstairs.

"Seriously,I get to pretend with this guy for just one second and here he is trying to act all sweet.Oh Gosh!Where's Phil when I need him?"

"Like I said,no one!"I shot back shutting him up.

"Hmm,alright.Do you need anythingelse Trish?"

"No!That'll be all Derek.You may go now"I said trying to shut the door.


"What's it now?"

"Trish"he said softly taking my hands.

"Great!Now we're holding hands!I wonder what's next"

"I know you may not like me that much cause I seem mean but deep inside,I know there's a part of me that cares about you and I don't know why.Just know that if you ever need someone to talk to,you can count on me,okay?"

"Yeah!Thanks"I uttered with ignorance.

Bye now"

"Bye"I said closing the door behind as I slumped on my bed.


"Oh,hi honey"Kare called out.

"Great!I'd almost forgotten she lived here.How awful"

"Yeah?"I said not taking my head off my pillow.I felt really sore inside.I just wanted to cry all day"

"Oooo...don't you look cheery"she chuckled maniacally wiggling that crabby waist of hers.

"Ohh,please don't start"

"Calm down fussy.C'mon,what's with the tearful face?"she said sitting right next to me.One thing you should know about Kara,she's nice but she doesn't show it cause she feels people are going to use that for their own selfish reasons and she's not that wrong...I think?Hmm,well it's not something I should get flattered about"

"No answer?Humph!I guess I should get going then"she said getting up.

"No wait!"I said holding her back.

"Actually,there is something"

"Hmm!I guess I wasn't wrong afterall"she chuckled.

"What is it?Boy problem?"

"Hmm,what do you know about boys?"

"Ha!Trust me honey.I do know a whole lot about them"

"There's this guy.Actually,they're two but I love one more and the other,I'm not so sure who he is to me but I do know we've gone pretty far and I don't know if there's ever a turn around for me.What do you think?"I asked looking all sober.

"As in you guys had..."

"Yes!"I cut in hurriedly knowing what she was about to say. I don't want to hear that s-word ever again.It's starting to make me s-sick.Yuk!I really feel like puking.

"Awww!Welcome aboard love"she said to my amazement.


"Yes!C'mon,you shouldn't beat yourself up because of that.Everyone's been there,you know?"she said pulling me in her arms

"You think?"

"Why,of course darling.I'll never decieve you.Is this first guy rich?"

"Well,not really but I still don't care if he is"

"Babe,forget that shit joor.Shine your eyes.Na campus you dey"

"You can speak Nigeria?"I said amazed.

"Ha!Don't be so shocked"

"Hmm,well,actually that's not the whole story.The second one did something.Something really bad"

"And you're crying because of that?C'mon!The Trish I know is way better than this"she said pulling me up.

"I swear Kara,you're heart must be really made of pure arsenic.I can't believe she's taking delight in my plight.What a geek!"

"Just dry those tears all right?I don't want to see it anymore"she said comfortingly.

"Mmm,well sure"I sniffed.

"You know what?"


"How about we go rock Millen's house tonight?I bet you love parties,don't you Trish?"

"A party?B-but we just got back"I said surprised.

"Isn't it too early for that?"

"C'mon love,it won't kill if you get some hippies off that waist of yours.It's just for one night"she said giving me her usual puppy face.

"Well,I guess a little fun won't hurt.Aarrgh!I really need to get this wacky feelings off me"I mumbled with anxiety.

"Oh,all rright but that's for you to quit doing that.It's so tempting"I said teasing her.


"My!I still can't believe Kare and I are actually getting along for the first time.It's a holiday miracle.


"Who's ready to rock this house tonight?" the DJ screamed with enthusiasm making the whole house vibrate.

"Woo-hooo!Bring it on"the crowd echoed as the atmosphere got so intense.I couldn't even feel my hands as the club was greatly packed up with so many hot looking girls and boys dressed in half-nasty outfits with hot stench of smokes oozing off from their cigarettes as they had the girls rock their lives out.How alluring!

"Whoo!Now there's something I haven't seen"I said to Kara.

"You like?"

"Mhm-hm! Nice party but I still don't know why you made me wear this.I look almost like a whore"I said adjusting the skimpy lap crossed mini skirt Kare had me take out from her closet.I could feel the hot air blowing accross my lower shade now.

"Of course,mum and dad wouldn't have me wearing such in public.They detest it"

"Chilax Love!This is a party and not some woochy ass boring church"

"Jeez!Did she just say that?"I gasped inside collating what she had just said.

What have I gotten myself into?Lord let today go by fast.I can't stand this!"I prayed silently not minding the hot paparazzis I was surrounded by.

"Uh,Kare,can I go use the bathroom?"

"Hmm,but we just got here"

"I know but..."

"Oh,don't be such a bore"she said giving me a naughty grin.

"Want some?"she continued handing out a bottle of scotch to me.

"No thanks!"

"C'mon babe,just for this night.You don't wanna disgrace me"

"Oh,all right"I said reluctantly shrugging my shoulders.

"Just this one!"

"Care to dance baby?"an average guy,well,not so tall but okay and errr,kinda hot too with a wacky accent called out to me wrapping his arms around me like he actually knew me before.

"Uh,who are you and what do you think you're doing?"I asked fuming hard inside.

"I really wish I could punch that rat face of his.How delusional!"

"Lucas!My,isn't this such a surprise"she said hugging him not minding if those halfly visible boobs of hers were rubbing against his bare chest.

"I bet that must have made the poor guy topple over.Ha!"

"You know this guy?"I asked anxiously lowering the drink I had in my hand.

"Yeah baby!He used to be my high school sweetheart back in the days before fate brought us here again"

"Uh-huh!You still remember?"

"Why not?You rocked my live out,you know?"

"And...The weird gets even weirder"I mumbled sipping my drink gently.

"That's right bebe!I see you still have that bitchy attitude on ya"he grinned widely releasing the molecules of alcohol that I guess were struggling to be let free,

"My God!Will this ever end?"

"You know it!"she chuckled.

"Lucas meet Trish.Trish,Lucas"

"It's really an honour meeting you Enchantee?"

"Jeez!Did this guy just hear himself?He can't even speak French fluently.Ha!What a bloke!"I laughed within me

"Yeah!"I uttered lackadiasically finishing off the last of my drink.

"I was starting to feel a little dizzy.Whoa!"

"I'm a final year student.Sociology actually.What about you gorgeous?"

"This guy talks too much.I can't even hear a thing"

"Not interested!"

"Like seriously,isn't he seeing the end light?"

"Ha-hoho!There there Trish!Luke's only a friend"

"Like I actually care"I said rudely placing my glass at the counter.

"It's nothing Kare.I can handle her"

"Whatever!!!Like seriously,who does this guy think he is?"

"Uh,Trish,why don't you wait here.I'll be back shortly"she said taking her phone from her bag as she scurried off quickly.

"Hmm,I guess the call was pretty urgent.Not my biz anyway.I just want to leave this stupid place and take this nonsense clothes off.I wish I could call Phil to come pick me up but his line's not reachable.Oh God!"I muttered with frustration.

"I just hope Kare hurries up.Its getting late.Good thing we brought a car along.If she isn't driving,then I won't mind driving.At least,it won't hurt getting a scratch or two on Chris' car.I'm so done with this guy and I was starting to feel really dizzy.

"Where are you from honey?

"Las Vegas...Mmm?

"North Carolina?"

"Or perhaps,Terrence?!Cause I can bet a million dollars you're not from here.You definitely don't look like our girls over here"

"Oh please don't talk"I said weakly.

"Now if you'll excuse me,I'll like to use the bathroom.I'm a bit out of mood for chit-chats now"I said getting up from the seat.

I really felt like puking now.What's happening to me?"

"Whoa!Easy there"he said getting hold of me as I sunk into his arms and I guess that's the last thing I recall that night.


"Mmmm!My head hurts"I said tiredly getting up from where I laid.

"Why,it's about time darling.How'd you feel?"a masculine voice said out sharperly from the corner of the room scaring the crap out of me.

"How do I feel?How do I feel?!"I repeated twice feeling my head.

"I feel like someone who's being shot with several arrows.Hang on,who the hell are you?"I asked fearfully blinking my eyes repeatedly.

"Oh,you don't remember?"he grinned.

"Oh No!What have I done?I couldn't recall anything from last night.How did I end up here in the first place?"I thought with fright touching my head slightly as it ached so much.

"What did you do to me,you monster?Where the hell is Kara and God,why do I have my naked body wrapped up in this disgusting sheet?"I yelled with rage trying to stand but I couldn't.I was so weak.

"Oh,I'm a monster now?!Serves you right bitch!Now get up before I strangle you with my bare hands"he said sinisterly like a demon spawn.

"You bastard!Get your hands off me now!How dare you"I cried out slapping him.

"I'm so going to deal with that bitch they call Kara.How dare she do this to me!"I cried bitterly realizing what had just happened.

"You!You're so going to get this"he said with fierce looking eyes slapping me back much harder and I guess that got out the fury in me as I kicked him strongly in between his legs as I watched him stumble over.

"This was my chance!"I said with delight as I made my way towards the door catching glimpse of my clothes.I quickly got hold of whatever pieces that were left and put it on as fast as I could before Lucas could get up from where he was groaning with pains.

I guess that was his weak peak.I didn't care about that.I ran as fast as my legs could carry me flagging down the first taxi that drove past me.I got in not looking back as I ordered it to zoom off.I bet the driver must have gotten damn scared too seeing me like this.I could barely recognise my own self.Oh,how shattering!

. .

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  • Dolapo Oloyede picture
    Dolapo Oloyede
    Trish, that's campus life for you
  • Ciara Jessy picture
  • Ciara Jessy picture
    Ciara Jessy
    Awwww.Campus life is really...Well,fun most times.
  • Lo is picture
    Lo is
    She got herself raped...I'm so dissapionted
  • Ciara Jessy picture
    Ciara Jessy
    @Lo is.It wasn't entire her fault though.She was drunk remember?
  • Ciara Jessy picture
    Ciara Jessy
    @Lo is It was entirely her fault...Well, I'll blame her for not thinking twice before giving in to the seductive mistress herself
  • Ciara Jessy picture
    Ciara Jessy
    @Lo is It was entirely her fault...Well, I'll blame her for not thinking twice before giving in to the seductive mistress herself
  • Ciara Jessy picture
    Ciara Jessy
    @Lo is It was entirely her fault...Well, I'll blame her for not thinking twice before giving in to the seductive mistress herself
  • Ciara Jessy picture
    Ciara Jessy
    @Lo is It was entirely her fault...Well, I'll blame her for not thinking twice before giving in to the seductive mistress herself
  • Ciara Jessy picture
    Ciara Jessy
    @Lo is It was entirely her fault...Well, I'll blame her for not thinking twice before giving in to the seductive mistress herself
  • Ciara Jessy picture
    Ciara Jessy
    @Lo is It was entirely her fault...Well, I'll blame her for not thinking twice before giving in to the seductive mistress herself
  • max Melvin picture
    max Melvin
    shit got real vry quick
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