Mmesoma's Dilemma - Episode 14

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Aunty Somebi is the biggest gossip I know, if she knows your secret then everyone knows it too, starting with my grandmother.

So I was sure that if she had heard what I told Ezinne, then my grandma would hear soon and only God knows what happens next. Maybe say that I stop associating with Dara since she was his sister, or worse warn him to stay away from me, although I know how that will go, his own stubbornness is more than mine.

This is just too bad o.

My vibrating phone made me pause my thinking, it was a Whatsapp message from my sister.

Ezinne: Obim, if you are still worried about Lanre, then stop! She cannot touch him, he is abroad na. Plus I doubt she even thinks something can happen between you guys now, shebi she only talked about your childhood crush on him.

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. Why you come dey take panadol for headache wey never start?

I rolled my eyes at her message. Just wait till I give you the update, sisi.

Me: Well, I think aunty Somebi heard everything I was telling you, I saw her hurrying away when I left your room.

She did not respond immediately and Whatsapp showed she was typing, then suddenly she was not typing, and after almost 5 minutes of no response, just when I was about to head to her room, she responded.

Ezinne: Aunty Amebo strikes again. The foolish woman does not know that eavesdropping and gossiping will only land her in more trouble, she will not go and stay with her husband, it is to be listening to other people’s gist.

Me: Abeg, we have already established that she is foolish, what aew we going to do if she tells Grandma?

Ezinne: Simple, you lie

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. Kukuma deny everything. Babe, you would say he is only a family friend. Is that one hard?

Ah! My sister, the evil child!

Me: Ah! Did you think of that just now?

Ezinne: Yep, and get ready to make it a convincing lie too, I would back you up if necessary.

Me: Thanks baby, you are the realest G. Now, on to other matters, we need new plans o, the ones we made before might not work since I doubt she would let Afam break off the engagement like that.

Ezinne: That is true o, but I think these plans would be better made with Dara who I believe is asleep right now like the rest of the world who plans on going to church tomorrow.

Me: is this a subtle way of telling me to go to bed?

Ezinne: Before nko, the sleep that is doing me ehn, if I don’t sleep well this night I would definitely sleep at mass tomorrow and I don’t want to sleep in church.

Me: Okay, okay, I have heard, goodnight boo.

Ezinne: Night hun.

I yawned as I dropped my phone. For someone who had slept at some point today, I was sleepy again and Ezinne was right anyway, plans would be best made with Dara and of course, I could always deny Lanre if need be, I know for sure that he would understand.

I don’t know when I slept off but I very well knew when I woke up and it was at 5a.m because someone – whom I do not wish to curse because today is a day set aside by the Lord for us to worship him – banged on my door and began to scream “Wake up o, any woman worth her salt ought to be awake at this time!”

And no one needed to tell me that it was aunty Kainene, only her managed to pull off such abnormal waking techniques, she was the reason my parents had begun to allow us lock our rooms from inside. When we were much younger, she would wake us up by either pouring cold water on us or making noise with a small bugle she carried about, of course, this always ensured that we were awake super early, but it also ensured that we hated her very much.

As I managed to drag myself up, anger filling my heart, my phone rang.

What is the meaning of this nonsense?!

I was about to curse whosoever was calling but it was only my sister.

“Is she mad?” she asked the second I picked.

“You are asking me? She was sent from hell to make our lives a living hell. Her daughters are trying, no wonder Naomi ran away from the house that year”, I grumbled in response.

“Come out so we can begin the day with the lord o! Even the women are not awake, such rubbish!” she added.

In response to that, Dubem began to cry-yell, which is a terrible combination of crying and yelling, it is very loud and very frustrating. He was still sleeping in my parent’s room and if my aunt had not woken them up before then they were definitely awake now.

“And now the baby is wide awake, this is going to be one hell of a Sunday morning for us”, I groan.

“Can you please shut up? It is too early for this kind of rubbish”, someone screamed.

“Ezinne, is it my ear or did Dozie just tell aunty Kainene to shut up?” I asked, hoping it was my ear that was deceiving me.

“Please let us be going for morning devotion before he does more damage and we all enter trouble”, she said and hung up.

I said a quick morning prayer, picked up my scarf and bible and headed for the family room, where I found aunty Kainene telling aunty Somebi how Dozie had disrespected her and how we had not come out of our rooms early.

I greeted them and sat down to wait for others, this would indeed be one-hell of a Sunday morning.

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