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My family serves a miracle working God, which is why we arrived at church somewhere in the middle of Second Reading, believe me it could have been worse, we could have shown up  during offertory, or during communion sef.

Thank God, I spotted Dara immediately; she was seated outside the church where all the young people loved sitting, because it gave us the room to gist, take selfies or doze off without getting caught by our parents or the overzealous church warders. I signaled Dozie and Ezinne and we hurried over to the seats she had kept for us beside her, while my wonderful parents directed my aunts and grandma into the church, where they would be unable to watch us, thanks to the walls.

Such amazing parents!

“Are they the Arsenal?” she asked, watching them enter the church . I noticed that aunty Kainene eyed us before she went out of sight.

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. Clearly she was still angry about this morning’s drama and it made me happier.

“Yes o, they look very formidable ba?” I asked and she giggled.

“See ehn, no matter how annoying they are, they would turn heads with their fashion sense o, since they are new faces and people here just love to stare and talk”, she said, still chuckling.

I had to agree with her on that one, they were wearing an outfit sewed with different materials but technically the same style – an off-shoulder, floor length dress that ended in a fishtail design, and all of them tied black geles. Grandma’s dress was sewed with a white lace material; aunty Somebi’s dress was sewed with a black material with white flowery trimmings and aunty Kainene’s dress was sewn with a burgundy lace material, and all that time spent doing makeup was not in vain, apparently they had learnt very well.

“I bet you that my aunts will know more than half of the CWO and CCM women and my grandma will know the socialites in this church

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. Don’t worry, just watch how well they would blend in and become the queen bees by the end of the day”, I whispered back and she giggled.

“So how has life been with the new residents?” she asked.

Ezinne, Dozie and I hissed in response.

“Ah! That bad?” she asked, clearly surprised.

“Much worse, this morning, aunty Kainene woke us up like the witch that she is”, Dozie began and went on to narrate how aunty Kainene started our morning on a terrible note.

“Okay hold up, who is who. I can point out who the grandma is but not the aunts”, she said, while trying to keep her laughter at a low volume.

Ezinne quickly gave her a description of my aunts based on their outfits and Dara’s eyes widened in surprise.

“Ahan na, that woman in the burgundy dress ke, she does not look like she is capable of such o, she even has resting bitch face, women with that kind of face don’t do such”, she said with a giggle.

“Ehen, you have not met all the women of the world yet na”, Dozie said and she nodded with a smile.

“What I sha cannot forget is what Dozie told her when he got out of his room, there is no way she would ever forget that. Every time she hears your name, you would become Dozie, the rude boy”, Ezinne said and we giggled.

“What did he do?” Dara asked. And in turn, while keeping our voices as low as possible, we managed to update her on the stunts each of my siblings pulled. Ezinne even mentioned Dubem screaming and crying and how my father told her off; by the end of this she was speechless and totally amused.

“You guys are not serious at all o”, she said with a giggle.

“Shush, you are in the Lord’s house!”Someone behind us said in a harsh whisper, we turned in shock to find one of those wonderfully overzealous church wardens seated behind us. We recognized him because we were always getting into trouble for making noise.

“Good morning Sir”, we muttered that as we stood up for the Gospel Reading.

He stayed behind us until it was time for Offertory which means that we were not speaking except it was related to the mass. My mind was however not here, I could not help but think about my engagement, how I would go back to school and last but not the last, how I would go about my Final Year Project which I had barely started.

We trooped out for the offertory and walked back, by now the church warden had left to attend to other matters involving a bunch of young people at the other end taking selfies.

Thank God!

“Dara, we need a new plan. With the way this marriage is important to my grandma, I don’t think even Afam can end it; it would take something more, something like a miracle”, I whispered to my friend.

“Something like a pregnancy or someone’s death ba?” she whispered back with a grin.

“Don’t be crazy joor, this is serious”, I couldn’t help but smile though.

“I know and I am serious. If someone dies now ehn, her mind would be off this matter or if it happens that someone gets pregnant for Afam”, she said still smirking.

“Girl, I doubt the possibility of either of those happening”, I said with a grin.

However for the rest of mass all I could think of was what if she was right.

What if a birth or a death was all I needed to be free right now?

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