Mmesoma's Dilemma - Episode 20

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“Please be serious”, Ezinne said, she clearly she did not believe him.

“See, hell is already in our house in the form of our grandma who wants this marriage to happen and our annoying aunts and they can make anything we bring forward look stupid. See ehn, even if we say he has 10 children already, she would say that the kids are all illegitimate. We need something that can shut her up and give us some leverage . You get?” Dozie asked.

Yomi smiled and nodded.

“I get, I have heard about your grandma, I hear she is the brain behind this union and her word is yes-and-amen, believe me this would shut her up”, he insisted.

“Then let’s hear it”, I said, already getting excited.

“Wait first, in the movies people always pay for stuff like this, either we now owe you a favour or we pay in cash. So, what is your price?” Ezinne asked.

Smart girl, only she would think to that side.

“Don’t worry, this is a favour I owe Lanre, you can say I am repaying my debts, he asked me to help you with any information I could dig up, I had been expecting Dara’s call”, he explained.

“Good, now that we have cleared that up, what is this information that can raise hell?” she asked, her excitement mirroring mine.

“Firstly, do you know the Duru’s? Cyprian & Sopuru Duru?” he asked.

This question is funny sha because everyone knew the Duru’s, they were the King and Queen of the socialite circle and I am not just talking about Nigeria, they were everywhere and were involved in everything, from Politics to Foreign Exchange to the Fashion World. Plus, everyone just loved them and what was not to love? They were really good looking people who were wealthy and used the money and influence for good

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. Plus their children were just stunning.

“Yes. What about them?” I responded.

“That means you know of their 7 children ba? Particularly their daughter, because she is very important in this matter” he asked, grinning as if he did not just ask us a weird question.

“Mr. Yomi, everyone knows they have 6 children, who by the way are all boys, they do not have a daughter”, Ezinne sounded irritated.

I need to teach her how to be calm even when she is angry o.

“Ezinne calm down.

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. Yomi, see, all these questions are getting annoying, what exactly do you have for us?” Dara asked.

“You guys though, okay at least order na, aren’t you hungry?” he said with a slight laugh.

This guy simply enjoys being annoying.

“We aren’t hungry, just tell us how the Duru’s are involved in this matter”, Dozie responded.

Yomi did not say anything; he looked at each of us and grinned mischievously.

“The Duru’s have a daughter, her name is Nnenna, she is even in the country at the moment, she is as beautiful as they she is, she is very intelligent too, you guys have to just believe this”, he said.

We looked at each other. We did not know what to believe or think, the Duru’s were family friends of mine, I knew all their children, we always got invited for their annual Christmas parties, I grew up surrounded by the Duru’s and I had never seen a daughter. There was never one in the family pictures; she did not appear at any of the family events either. The

“See Yomi, no take us catch cruise, we grew up around the Duru’s and there was never a daughter. They says that it is just a rumour that people never got tired of spreading because that is the only remotely bad thing they had to say about them”, Dozie ecplained and I nodded.

Of course, it was only the older people who swore on heaven and earth that she existed, they made her sound so perfect, they would even call any beautiful and intelligent girl an ‘Nnenna Duru’ but for us the younger generation, she was a mirage, a figment of our parents imagination. She did not have any social media pages, no one knew the schools she had attended, how she looked, we were not even sure she even had friends. So, yeah, the girl does not exist for us

The boys however, my-oh-my, they were responsible for a number of broken hearts all over the world, they were just fine anyhow, they were intelligent, charismatic and could speak several languages. Do you know how sexy Italian or Spanish sounds on an incredible hot guy?

“Well, they do have a daughter and this is her picture”, he said and handed us his phone where there was the picture of a beautiful girl. She had dark eyes and beautiful tan skin; she had this smirk that made you want to ask her what she was thinking and and dark hair which was braided in an all-back style.

But what struck me most was that I had seen this picture before, last Christmas when I had wandered into Mrs. Duru’s room, which we were banned from entering, to avoid one of her son’s. It was on a table and surrounded by fresh flowers, cards and other pictures, just like a small shrine for her.

“This is real”, I said to my friends.

“Well, she is pregnant for Afam and if that does raise hell, I really don’t know what will”, he said leaning into his chair, looking calm like he had not just dropped a bomb on us.

He is very right; the drama is apparently just starting.

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