Mmesoma's Dilemma - Episode 13

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Dinner did not end well. Grandma kicked me out her room once she realized I was not going to change my mind. And I was so glad to be out of there.

I took the plates with me and dropped them in the sink. I needed to talk to Ezinne about something urgently; maybe if I waited a little longer she would come here to wash plates.

“How was dinner?” a voice asked, startling me. It was my mum and she was walking into the kitchen with a plates.

“Hey mummy, the food was amazing but was not . I still did not agree with her and she refuses to listen to me. We are just really stubborn people and this back and forth banter will just go on forever at this rate”, I said with a slight smile and my mother chuckled, I was glad I could make her laugh.

We leaned against the kitchen counter and were quiet for a few seconds.

“Hmmm, this is getting really one-kind and I don’t want to be involved in this drama, but I need to ask, when do you want to start school shopping?” she asked, looking at her recently manicured nails which were painted nude.

I found it annoying that we were whispering in our house because of grandma and my aunts.

This one that she is mentioning school shopping; has she already forgotten grandma’s threat?

“Mummy, can’t you remember what she said? No school until I agree, which I do not think would happen”, I reminded her calmly.

“I remember, but as your mother, there are certain things I just do no matter what happens and one is to always plan your school shopping with Dara and her mom. So, on the resumption matter, you want to be in school slightly later than the new students but definitely earlier than the old students ba?” she asked and I nodded.

What is happening here? Wasn’t my mother supposed to be threatening to kill me and let me resume late if I did not agree? But, here she was acting as if none of it was her business.

“Okay then, it would be sometime during the week, your siblings would take care of the house and your father would take care of himself, your grandma and aunts would figure themselves out

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. Your own is to prepare your list and get ready to move when I say so”, she calmly said with a smile. She was about to turn away when I held unto her and asked her a question that was bothering me.

“Are you and daddy going to let Grandma cut me off from the family?”

“Don’t worry yourself about that.

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. Go and sleep, we are going for second mass tomorrow and it has been a day, get your rest so you would wake up early and get ready early tomorrow”, she said and gave me a light forehead kiss which warmed my heart.

Okay, what does this answer mean? Does she have my back? I do not know, but I know she has a plan and I really want to know what that was, but that is for later sha.

I went to Ezinne’s room next.

“It is me, open up”, I said and she did so. Her wet hair told me she had just left the shower.

“You are the best sister ever”, I said with a sudden hug which lasted some seconds.

“This display of love is awkward, so what’s up?” she asked as stepping back, looking at me cautiously.

“Ahan. I cannot hug you again ni? Plus I came to see what you did with the room again”, I said and looked around the room, admiring how colorful she had made it.

“Babe, you try for this room o, come and redecorate my own na, I will pay you in the future”, I said, looking at her to see her reaction, she was laughing at my suggestion.

“Biko, we both know you will never pay me. Now why are you here?” she asked. She is way smarter than I give her credit for.

“Grandma remembers Lanre; she said I was always following him around when we were kids. Apparently Afam did not do much do win my heart, well, the wahala is that she remembers Lanre”, I ranted in a whisper.

She gave me a weird look for some seconds then she asked.

“How is that a problem?”

Really, I take back my comment on her being so smart.

“Can’t you see? What if she figures that I don’t want to marry Afam because I think that I actually have feelings for Lanre?” I whispered.

She widened her eyes at me.

“What?! Is that your reason for all these stunts?” she asked.

“Not really, I am not ready for that level of commitment plus I do not like Afam”, I said. She kept looking at me and smirking.

“Meso, he is like the king of Yoruba demons, remember all those many girls? Are you okay? I thought he was just your ‘closest male friend’?” she asked with a smirk as she wore her hairnet.

“He is, I am not saying I want to marry him, I just don’t want her to give him any wahala, because he is super important to me”, I said defensively.

“Calm down, you are being worried for no reason; she cannot touch him, just worry about yourself. He is a big boy and will be fine”, she said, patting my back, looking very amused.

“Secret o”, I said. She giggled and nodded.

“Yes, it is our secret that you are in love with Lanre Shittu”, she responded with a chuckle.

Not funny!

As I left her room, I saw aunty Somebi hurry down the corridor.

Blood of Jesus! Had she heard everything I said?

Calm down Meso, you are being unnecessarily paranoid.

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