Mmesoma's Dilemma - Episode 19

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“Dara, what are you talking about? Did you go and hire a Private Detective?” Ezinne asked.
Good to know I am not the only one worried about Dara’s actions.
“See ehn, I know what you guys are thinking and I swear I am not crazy, this guy is not a private detective sha. He is one of the best sources for gist, he knows everyone’s gist, in fact I am sure that he already knows of your engagement drama sef, he is that good!” she explained.
“Basically a male Linda Ikeji without the blog”, Dozie said, raising a brow and folding his arms.
We all eyed her skeptically, Dara had a large number of friends, her bubbly personality, her job as a designer who managed to sew things just about everybody else liked and being Lanre Shittu’s only baby sister were enough to get her all the popularity . My own worry was not that this major gist knower was a guy, but the fact that he might be a terrible person to bring my siblings around. So I pulled her aside.
“This friend, is he one-kind?” I asked her in a whisper.
“Meso, calm down, he doesn’t do drugs or get drunk, at least not in public, he doesn’t even have weapons on him. His own is just to be getting people’s gist and occasionally breaking hearts

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. I met him through Lanre. Plus we are meeting at Domino’s sef, it is safe”, she said with a smile understanding my worry.
We walked back to them and they looked at us expectantly.
“We are going with Dara to meet this mystery guy at Dominos”, I explained and Ezinne grinned.
“Pizza”, she whispered, looking crazy and excited.

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. She loved pizza as if it was her life source.
“Yeah, we would be getting ice cream too and I heard that there might be free WiFi sef”, I added and Dozie was sold to the idea of meeting this Dara’s friend. The way he loved free WiFi was honestly funny and confusing.
“So where is the Domino’s?” I asked as we exited the church premises through the gate that was far from wherever our parents would see us.
“In the next estate, he lives there and it is close to church just in case we have to hurry back”, she said, I knew she had planned this well. We began to walk to the estate’s main entrance since shuttles were nowhere to be found and Dara did not want to wait for one.
“This person better have mad information o, if not you will just pay me with food and new clothes for making me trek”, Ezinne said and we all laughed.
“Don’t worry joor I am so sure he does”, Dara insisted.
Her confidence in this guy though.
“See shuttle o, if you people will not enter, I will”, Dozie said and flagged down the small bus which only had 2 available seats. I ended up lapping Ezinne, who is not as light as she looks while Dara lapped Dozie because she says he is still a small boy and cannot carry her. The ride was pretty quiet until a passenger gave the conductor ₦500 for a ₦50 ride and wahala started.
Oga conductor said he did not have ₦50 so he would give the woman only ₦400 and she wanted to know whether someone from his village is making him unfortunate. It was really funny and I wanted to see whether the conductor would beat her as he kept threatening that he would or if she would beat him because she said she beats scrawny foolish agberos like him every day. But no o, a good Nigerian just had to intervene, the man paid her fare and told the conductor to give the woman back her money, he even apologized to both the conductor and the woman sef.
As if we sent him work.
We reached the estate gate and paid the conductor ₦100 because we did not want to experiment whether or not he could beat us. We boarded another bus, which thankfully had 4 empty seats to the next estate.
“Dara, what is his name? I just realized we are going to meet this guy and we don’t know his name”, Ezinne said and we all looked at Dara expectantly.
“Chill na, person no fit surprise una again?” she asked with a smirk.
“Aunty Daramola, if you are carrying us to for sacrifice just know that we serve a working God o and it will not work”, Dozie whispered, though all 4 of us heard him and we laughed.
“Foolish boy”, Dara said as she laughed.
We reached the estate soon enough, alighted from the bus and walked to the Domino’s which was basically the first building in the estate. As far as I am concerned the owners just want people to be spending their money anyhow. When you will just be buying pizza when you are going out and when you are coming in, how won’t you money finish?
We went in and followed Dara who went directly to a corner table at, a man was already seated there, and he did not seem like the gossiping type to me o. instead he reminded me of the guys who ran in Afam and Lanre’s circles, the Alpha male kinda guys.
I looked at Dara but she was smiling at him, I hope this girl was not about to make a mistake.
“Hey Yomi, these are the ones who need Afam’s gist”, she introduced as we all sat down.
“Well, Dara tells me you need something on Afam Chibueze that can end your engagement, well, get ready, the information I have would raise hell”, he said with a smirk.
Okay, this would be amazing.

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