Mmesoma's Dilemma - Episode 17

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Mass went by really fast but I did not notice, I did not even receive Holy Communion because I had somehow spent my time daydreaming. Of course, my siblings and Dara, who had started paying attention at some point, went and immediately the announcements began, Dara attacked me with her questions and outrageous theories.

“Meso, I know this matter has you all bothered but I have some ideas that might help”, she began in a whisper. Though I wondered why she was whispering, the MC’s microphone assisted voice, combined with gisting youths and crying children around us literally made it impossible for any other person to hear her . My siblings were on their phones already.

“See ehn, I am so sure that if we dig into his past, there would be something deliciously scandalous enough for us to get him to agree to call off the wedding”, she said, a mischievous grin on her face.

“Ah! Dara that is called blackmail”, I pointed out.

“Ehen, see you o, is as if marriage is sweeting your body, aunty, you better wake up and think fast o. Anyhow sha, I am only doing my duty as a best friend but you can be rest assured that if you do not do it, I will”, she said stubbornly and I sighed.

From experience, I knew she was not joking, she would actually go all CSI on the poor boy and she would know all his dirty laundry would be in her palm and if he messed up, then Lagos will hear it, Dara could be ruthless in her own scary way sha.

“See ehn, I think that is a little too much o”, I said and looked up when I heard them call a family up for thanksgiving.

“Babe, your crush’s family is going for thanksgiving o”, I said.

“Chai, that is nice o, but he is not around, the mumu just has to be in Abuja, imagine how weird it would look if I go for their family thanksgiving”, she grumbled and frowned.

I fought the urge to giggle, she has had a crush on this cute malo boy called Jamal for as long as I can remember and despite all her sass and attitude she had never gotten around to letting him know, she literally becomes a mute around him. It is such an adorable something.

“Why don’t you still go na, at least your future in-laws will see you”, I suggested.

She grinned and shook her head.

“Nah, there are more important things at hand, my best friend has a marriage crises, the Danjuma’s do thanksgiving almost every month, I will go for another one and that time Jamal would be around”, she  said confidently and I could not suppress my grin.

“Well, that attempt to distract me did not work, now what was I saying

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. I am so sure that there is a girl out there who must have had a baby for him but she cannot speak up because she is afraid of your family, imagine how happy she would be if she knew that she had your support”, she said.

This girl haff craze finish sha.

“Dara, are you sure you are okay? What do you think that my support will do for the girl? That is even if such a girl exists. See ehn, grandma is the one with all the clout here, I have thought about this and decided that the only way this your plan will work is if the girl’s parents have mad power and prestige, remember than my grandma is seen as a freaing goddess in social circles, a vast majority of rich people cannot face her o”, I reminded her.

“Meso, I understand. The problem now is even seeing if we would find a girl that is in such a fix, like how would we even get such information sef?” she asked.

“Shuo, you are asking me? Was that not what I asked you before? Plus, how is that the problem, I think the problem is that even when we find such a girl, she would be from a pretty regular family and then all our work would be in vain”, I said but Dara had made up her mind and she was not listening to me again.

“Believe me ehn, the girl wont be from a regualrt family o, from what I have heard about him, he balls with girls on the same level with him, like they usually have a frigging net worth, these girls are society queens, they have rich and influential parents, they are beautiful and they have mad influence themselves, so don’t worry”, she said confidently.

“Girl, have you been researching on him?” I just had to ask..

“Erm, yes na, for God’s sake, you come and tell me that you are engaged to this dude, the best I could do was see what kind of guy he was na, stop looking so shocked o jare”, she said but I could not stop looking shocked.

“Stand up for final blessings”, she whispered to me and I obliged.

My best friend had officially lost her mind but it was always her craziness that got us out of any mess we managed to get ourselves into since we were kids. I looked at her as she bowed her head in prayer and decided that just maybe, one more time; o could trust her with something this big.

“So, how do we get such vital information regarding Afam’s dirty business?” I asked her when the mass had officially ended and people were going home.

“Well, there is a young man called Tobenna, I hear that he still likes you and he is Afam’s younger brother”, she said with a smirk.

Of course, I should have expected that.

. .

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