Mmesoma's Dilemma - Episode 21

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“So he got Cyprian Duru’s daughter pregnant and he just wants to run off and marry someone else?” Dara asked, clearly in shock.

“The guy get liver sha, he is not even afraid that her brothers will mess him up or that her father can destroy his family. He is just made up his mind and wants to marry someone else”, Dozie said grinning, clearly amazed by Afam’s actions.

“There are different valid reasons for his action you know”, Yomi said and we looked at him expectantly.

“Sorry but what can validate this, he left his the girl who is pregnant with his child to marry my sister who hates him, if the reason you are providing is not that he is suffering from madness or chronic stupidity then I don’t think the reason is valid enough”, Ezinne said and we all chuckled.

Only Ezinne could make us laugh in such a sad and weird situation.

“Ezinne, calm down, these reason are very valid you know . The first one is that several people don’t know she really exists and believe me, but if he says he is dating Nnenna Duru, it would look like he is just trying to avoid the marriage and that would affect him negatively, way more than it is affecting you. So, he is most likely hoping you would end this engagement yourself which would save him a lot of drama and which means he can carry his own life in peace.

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. Lastly and most importantly, he has absolutely no idea that the girl is pregnant for him”, he explained.

“So, if he does not know she is pregnant for him and I am guessing a lot of people don’t know either, how do you now know about it?”Ezinne asked again.

The girl was asking all the right questions, I thank God she is not as mute as the rest of us.

“I know because someone close to them told me. My informant or you can call her my client, wanted me to make really good use of the information to solve erm, a particular problem of hers”, he explained, faltering slightly as if looking for the right words. 4 of us looked at each other and then at him, his embarrassment was funny.

“So, your informant wanted you to use this little tidbit of drama to solve a problem of hers”, Dara repeated and he nodded, while grinning.

“Okay, I really just have more questions o. Firstly, how would you use this information to solve any problem? What kind of problem does your client expect you to solve? How is she close to Afam and Nnnenna? In face who is she? Speak up na”, Ezinne’s impatience was beginning to frustrate me.

“Ezinne, he cannot speak up if you don’t stop asking questions, keep quiet and listen, interrogating him will honestly not get anything done”, I scolded her and she frowned looking away.

“See, apart from my ability to get information, I also know how to use the information to get certain things done for people who are willing to pay the right amount”, he explained with a sigh.

“What exactly are you trying to tell us?” I asked, hoping that I was only over imagining his words.

“I think he is trying to say he uses the information he has to get things done for certain people”, Dozie said slowly, as if he was just processing the words that were coming out of his own mouth.

“Jesus! Ah! Where you commissioned to kill us? Is that how we would have died if not for Lanre?” Dara had found her voice and it was a miracle she was not yelling already.

Good to know I am not the only one thinking this.

“What?! Just shut up! I am not an assassin, what I do is blackmail people; she wanted me to use it against Afam and Nnenna. Teach them to never double-cross her or hurt her feelings. She said they must suffer as much as she did. I think she found the about the pregnancy by chance because I was supposed to send them subtle messages only them would get”, he explained and we heaved a collective sigh of relief.

Today was not the day we died, thank God!

While the rest of us were thanking God he was not an assassin, Ezinne was busy connecting dots, surprisingly she had not even ordered anything.

“Wait first o, so an unknown girl comes to you to use Nnenna’s pregnancy against Afam and Nnenna and I am guessing that right now he is still unaware of the pregnancy because she did not tell him she was pregnant and Nnenna does not know another party is privy to her pregnancy. Wow, this is beginning to sound like a Telenovela, I just how they double crossed her and more importantly who is she?” she asked and we all looked from her to him.

Good question boo.

“Well, you would all know her soon. She and Afam have been in a solid relationship for many years now and she really expected to become his wife, I know that she did a lot of dumb things to keep him. Well fast forward to the last 2 years and he falls in love with Nnenna, then to make things worse, this year his mother has informed everyone that Mmesoma Eze is his fiancée”, he explained and we all groaned, Mrs. Chibueze and her loud mouth.

“Well, if you want to use the pregnancy as leverage, you will face Irene Rotimi-James because except she dies she won’t let Nnenna marry Afam”, he said and we knew he was not joking.

Kill me then.

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