Mmesoma's Dilemma - Episode 18

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“Our parents are calling us, I think they sat together during mass”, Ezinne informed Dara and I and we noticed that Dozie, who was playing with Dubem, was already with our parents. When we got to them, my mom was introducing the Arsenal to Dara’s parents, although of course she used their real names and made it seem that we wanted them to visit, though I could tell that Mrs. Shittu was not buying the act and she would definitely get the full gist later.

“I need to head off for women’s meeting and your father has a Harvest Committee meeting, I am taking Dubem, grandma and your aunts with me, so how do you four want to spend your time?”, my mother asked.

“We will chill, just call us when you are ready”, Dozie said.

“Or we would come home ourselves, you all can go home without us, we just might visit some friends too and we might take time”, Dara said immediately.

I tried hard not to give her a funny look . Whatever her plan for today was, we were now a part of it and we could not ask any questions because the parents were still here. This was not the first time she would be dragging us all into one of her plans. One time after church she wanted to hang with one fine boy and she told our parents that we would find our way home.

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. God punished us sha because the rain that fell ehn, there were no vehicles and we ended up trekking home, I wore heels that day and till date I like to know what’s up before going off with her.

“Okay then, take”, my mom said and handed me some money. I counted 5000 naira and smiled.

Mummy though, does she think we were going on a tour round the city? Sha, what is my own, there was at least some good in Dara’s stunt this time – we got money.

“Sha come home early o”, Dara’s mom said and they began to go where their meetings would be holding.

We went in the opposite direction and ensured they could not hear us before we began to attack her with our questions.

“We were not supposed to leave after or before them but at the same time with them, why did you tell them that we would go home ourselves?” Ezinne asked.

“I am sha not going to the market with you this time o, last time, I thought my feet would stop functioning and my nose does not like the smell of those clothes”, Dozie said, with such emphasis I burst into laughter as I remembered when she had dragged us after church to Lagos market because she wanted to buy some Bend Down Select clothes and restyle them. Yes, our Dara Shittu is a fashion designer and wonderful seamstress and she is always buying BDS clothes and restyling them and believe me, she makes them look so good, people really patronize her. I am her model, just in case you were wondering what my own talent is.

“You are sha dramatic o, you are making it sound like after I redesign and laundry the clothes you won’t still wear them”, she said as she eyed him.

“Ehen na that is after, everyone likes the end product, no one just wants to be part of the process”, he grumbled in response. She hissed and began to speak but we were interrupted by a squeaky high-pitched voice.

“Hey guys, what’s up? It has been forever! See, I was thinking we could hang out together while we wait for our parents and catch up. Dara how is your brother? Meso, I heard you and your boyfriend, Tobe are no longer an item, you guys were so cute you know and is it true that you guys had such a nasty breakup?”

Blood of Jesus! Well, world people, I present to you Mandy, one of those people you just want to beat up in the first 3 minutes of listening to her talk because she has such an annoying squeaky voice, an unnecessarily sunny smile, an amebo nature, believes everyone absolutely loves her, talks really fast all the time and switches from topic to topic at such a ridiculous pace that you just have no choice but to get angry.

I have heard of people telling her just what she wanted to hear because she simply talked till she drove them crazy. Yes, she is that bad.

And you want to know what makes her worse?

She has always had a huge crush on Lanre and has always wanted to steal my best friend from me, the audacity and the foolishness. So, yes, I really dislike (because hate is such a strong word) Mandy.

“Awwwn, sorry, we would have really loved to chill and play catch up with you but we are about to go somewhere else and we don’t want any extra company”, I said before anyone else would speak. She stared at me, her smile disappearing for like 3 heartbeats.

“Okay, I would have really loved to chill with you guys, but I guess there is always next time, Dara you still have my number, yeah?”

Dara nodded.

“Okay, we would talk later”, she said and hurried off to frustrate someone else.

“Meso, that was bitchy sha but it worked. Well, there is one person who can help us find out stuff about Afam that we can use to end this engagement”, she said in a whisper.

“Oh, okay. But who, he is a private person you know”, I said and the others nodded.

“Sweetie, it is the 21st century, nothing is private anymore”, she replied with a knowing smirk.

Holy hell

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