Mmesoma's Dilemma - Episode 12

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My phone was ringing again; I wanted to just slap somebody.

What does a girl have to do to get some sleep these days?

I looked at the caller ID and frowned. Why in God’s name would my sister be calling me when we were in the same house? What happened to texting?

“Babe”, I said as soon as I picked.

“See, network is not letting me text, but get ready for dinner, grandma will pick you up in about 20 minutes. The worst part is that you have dinner with her in her room; she said she wants to bond with her beloved granddaughter . Girl, be good o, don’t let her rope you into any dumb arguments, she is older, smarter and definitely more experiences than you. Later”, she said and hung up before I could respond.

I sat there in shock staring at the wall but not seeing anything. I was even ready to skip dinner just so I would not have to see my grandma but she just has to come up with these weird ideas. Hopefully I would not choke on my food and die.

I stood up and got ready to have my bath. I needed to feel fresh if I was going to be having dinner with her.

I had my bath while I listened to Aurora’s Home which played from my phone through my mini speakers. Soon I was drying my body with a towel and getting dressed

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. I put on a simple maxi gown, though we were eating indoors, I did not want to appear before her in one of my night wears. I packed my hair in bun and listened to music with my earphones while I waited for her to come for me. Half way into a Banky W’s Jaiye Orimi, someone knocked.

“Mmesoma, it is your grandma, open up”, she said.

Feeling cleaner and several times confident I opened the door. She was standing there wearing another boubou gown made with Ankara, it was yellow and had black flowers patterned into it.

“You are having dinner with me, let us go to my room”, she said leading the way.

I went back to hide my phone and lock my door properly. Abeg, I am not taking any chances since my aunts are around.

By the time I got to her room she was seated there, her reading glasses perched on her nose, a book in her palms. Dinner was already laid out.

“Good evening grandma”, I said as I sat down.

The tension was thick, considering I had told her straight up that I did not want to marry Afam and considering her threats, it would only be wise if I acted with sense now.

I would not speak except spoken to and even then I would speak with sense.

“Lead us in the grace before meal dear”, she said.

“Bless us o Lord and these gifts which we are about to receive through Christ our Lord, Amen”, I said.

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. We made the sign of the cross and began easting.

For the first 5 minutes, at least I think it was that long, no one spoke and the silence was only broken by the sound of cutlery and the evening breeze entering the room.

“So, why don’t you want to marry Afam?” her question was sudden, I had been enjoying the relative peace and quiet.

I did not answer at first, but persistence is one of her many strengths.

“I really want to know. What is wrong with him? He is handsome, rich, a perfect gentleman, dresses well, runs in the best circles, kind, patient…”

I interrupted her before I could stop myself.

“Simply put, he is God’s gift to women and Mmesoma Agu is the lucky girl”, I said as I ate a piece of yam, making sure not to look at her.

“This is serious, stop goofing around. This marriage is important to our families. And if you are thinking of such mundane things like love and attraction, then don’t worry, you can always get those from the marriage. Haven’t you seen him, he is the epitome of perfection”, her voice was high-pitched; as if she could not believe that she was still trying to convince me.

I looked up to find her looking at me as if a screw was loose in my brain. Sigh, maybe she was right. Maybe something was wrong with me after all, but I could not bring myself to agree with this.

“Grandma, I see everything you are saying, but he is just not for me. Marriage is not something I can wiggle out of when I want to, it is a commitment I am honestly not ready for. I want to love and be very attracted to who I marry before I marry them, not after”, I explained.

She stared at me in silence for some minutes and then threw her napkin on the table as she stood up and began pacing. I sighed and looked out of the window which we were seated beside.

“You are being so stubborn you know. I really want you both to get married.

“Wait o, you like him ba? Why don’t you marry him na, what is all this? Why so much fuss over me marrying him? if I don’t marry him, will anyone die? Yesterday was the first time I was setting my eyes on him…” I retorted.

“Oh shut up! You literally grew up together, but how would you remember him, when it is that Lanre boy you were following everywhere”, she said to me through gritted teeth.

“Afam was not even being serious enough in winning your heart, I knew this would happen”, she muttered, clearly irritated.

I rolled my eyes and continued eating, if she wants to have high BP, what is my own?

Tonight I eat and rest, tomorrow I resume my plans.

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