Love ~ Hate Relationship - Episode 9

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I take a swipe again at the cat and Alicia giggles, I watch her roll around on the hay knowing she finds me and the cat hilarious.

Well, that makes one of us, the vermin called boo thinks am some sort of threat to his mistress, he's constantly trying to keep me away from Alicia.

I take another swipe again and the cat hisses, Alicia falls into a fit of giggles.

"Big man, that's so funny" She says laughing and I grin, I lift my head to where Sybil is reading a book by the couch my back is rested on, I poke her leg.

"You are being awfully serious" I say and she pouts, leaning down her head to kiss me when Alicia looks away.

"I'm trying to concentrate over here, Father wants me to finish memorizing all this before he returns from his shooting In the evening.

I look at the title of the book.

'A guide to learning thr species of birds in the world'

"That sounds boring, aren't you supposed to be on vacation?"I ask, all my attention on her.

"My job to being the heir of the family never ends, even on vacation "She says and I get that she hates what she's doing, then why is she? 

"Can't you just decide what you want to do? Do you have to do what they ask of you? "

She looks at me weird after that question and I get that she's never thought of it. 

"Tell me, of you weren't an heiress, what would you have loved to do?" I ask. 

"Well.. I've never really dreamt about anything else apart from.

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. Well..." 

"Close your eyes, what would you love to be?" I say and her eyes falls close.

"An actress" She whisper and I grin. 

"Good girl, go on, tell me" I say and she tilts her head, dreaming. 

"I would love to work in musicals, Broadway shows, I love singing and acting" She says and excited note in her voice. 

"Why don't you do that then? Tell your parents you don't want to be a cooperate heir, dream and do what you want" I say and she opens her eyes with a small frown. 

"It's not that easy Stellan, they won't support me, they will be disappointed" She says. 

"You will be more disappointed if you waste your life doing what you don't like" I say and she looks into my eyes. 

"Let's do this, you tell your parents you want to be an actress and I tell them that we are in a relationship" 

"What?" She whispers 

"Darling, I wanna be with you forever, let's do it together okay?" 

"No, you can't do that, promise me that you won't, please promise me" 

She says in a panicked voice. 


"Stellan please" 

"Why? Don't you want us to be together?" I ask, leaning back away from her face, she pulls me closer by my collar, her face imploring. 

"I want us to be together Stellan, I really do but you don't know my family, they will never accept you" she says and I frown


"Please Stellan, promise me" She says and I see that this means alot to her. 

"I promise, If you promise to tell your dad about your plans on Christmas eve" I say and she nods with no hesitation, it makes me think how bad would it have been if I had told her father we were together seeing as she agreed so readily. 

I lean up and kiss her head. 

"I love you baby" I whisper but she doesn't reply and not once did I think anything about it. 


Pleasure suffuses my body and I buck up as my eyes comes open. 

I was supposed to be sleeping, and she's supposed to be too. 

"What are you doing?" I whisper, seeing that she's never come into my room before. 

But she's in here right now she's doing things to me with her hands and mouth. 

"What does it look like? I was bored and couldn't sleep" She replies. 

"Sybil...." I begin but end on a hiss when her hands grab me. 

"Baby you shouldn't start anything you can't finish" I say with a whisper. 

She grins at me from her place on the bed, 

"Who says I can't finish it?" She says before bending her head and giving me pleasure. 


In the early hours of the morning when the sun isn't yet in the sky I hold her close as I tell her my dreams of being a lawyer. 

"That's good Barbarian boy" She says and I kiss her head. 

"Will you marry me when we are older?" I ask and she lifts her head up to look at me. 

"Are you proposing?" She asks and I nod. 

"Then yes, I will marry you" She says and I kiss her shoulder. 

I ask her after a while. 

"What do you want for Christmas baby?" 

"Christmas is still a week away Stellan" She says and I nod. 

"I know this, but I want to get you something special" I say. 

"I want you to be safe baby, just safe for me, that's the greatest gift I would ever want" She says and this is the most emotional I've ever heard her be. 

"That's a gift for me, I mean for you" I say. 

She looks into my eyes for a while before concluding. 

"Why don't you surprise me then?" she says and I nod. 

"Fair enough" 

"But promise me you will be safe baby, please?" She says. 

I look into her eyes and see panic. 

"What is it?" I ask.

"Nothing, you are just very important to me" She says and I grin. 

"I promise to be safe princess" I say and she nods, before cuddling into me and we go back to talking about our future together. 

. .

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