Love ~ Hate Relationship - Episode 14

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I didn't think it out.

I didn't think that mode of operation out and having her body against mine wasn't the best way to avoid her.

I discreetly adjust my trousers as I deposit her in a seat on the jet.

I try to think of Carter as a kid to get the raging hard on I have to go away.

It seems to work until I see her looking like she could breath fire at me, her perfect hair mussed.

Bed hair.



"What do you think you are doing Mr Gray? How is this different from kidnapping?" She shrieks, her hard persona slipping.

"I've been paid to keep you safe by all means, you bet your ass kidnapping is on the table" I say, moving through the space to tell my boy he can start the little jet

I would have flown the thing myself if I wasn't sure she would try to jump out of it.

I walk back to the chair to see her on her feet, probably trying to search for a way out

Case in point. 

"Get me a phone, I need to call your boss and tell him you are man handling me!" 

"You are talking to him" I say and that gives her pause. 

"Well, I need you to get me off this f*cking thing!" She screams and I smirk. 

Ha, seems she curses after all. 

"I'd advise you make yourself comfortable princess, it's going to be a long ride" I say. 

"What?! Are you even listening to me?" 

"No" I say simply before taking a seat, grabbing a sport magazine. 

The plane purrs and seatbelt automatically comes around us. 

She looks around, finally noticing she has no option. 

"But... But.

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. My clothes! I don't even have my cell phone" She says. 

I nod at the seat beside her where are purse is sitting. 

"My company is nothing if not efficient, we were able to get your purse, I'm sure you will think of something concerning the clothes" 

She gapes at the purse and then at me as the plane lifts into the sky. 

"Enjoy, princess" I say, closing my eyes. 

I don't sleep though, I just listen to her grumble and curse and for a spoilt heiress she sounds like a sailor. 

Didn't think she had it in her

My mind goes back to the fact that she doesn't recognize me, i sigh. 

Those three months were a joke. 

The noise of a cart wheeling makes me tense. 

"Good day ma'am, my name is Marie and I would be your hostess for this flight, please let me know at anything if you need anything" Marie says and I tense further. 

Marie is a bodyguard /Hostess when we need her to be. 

She tries to be nice but everybody knows she has a loose screw in her head. 

"Well, I would like to ascertain the current whereabouts of this plane and where it is the fuck it is going" She says and I open a eye to see Marie give her an all teeth smile. 

"I'm not at liberty to tell you that ma'am"

"Then aren't you just fucking useless?" Princess growls at her and I see Marie's body tense. 

Oh shit.

"Could you please repeat that fuckery again?" Marie says quietly and Sybil's eyes flashes. 

There's nothing worse than two blood thirstytwomen fighting in front of you 

"Thank you Marie, I will take it from here" I say quietly and she nods, her eyes flicking at Sybil again.

"Yes boss" She says before moving away. 

"My staffs don't answer to you, they are not at liberty to answer any of your questions, you have questions you bring them to me, you understand?" 

"You can go f*ck yourself" She says and I hide a smile, well someone is very angry. 

"Mind the way you talk to Marie, she's not someone to be f*cked with" I say. 

She leans up from her seat to flick her hair behind her shoulder. 

"Tell her to bring it on" She says and I have to clench my fist in order to stop myself from pulling her to me. 

Good thing she's been such a b*tch. 

Depends on how you look at it, really. 

"You will see a lot of her around, so try to act civilized princess" I say. 

"Don't call me that" she says, resting back against the seat but I'm not fooled by her now calm and cool persona, I'm sure she's plotting ways out of this plane soon. 

"Why? Does it bother you?" I ask, no idea why I'm baiting her. 

"No, it sounds crass coming out of your mind, I prefer men who call me princess to be of class, and preferably when they make me or*asm" She says and my body locks. 


Was that supposed to put me off? Or*asm? Really? 

"We don't call it or*asm in this century grandma, we call it cum, I'm sure you can say one bad word" I say, flashing an all teeth smile. 

Her startled eyes flies to mine and I smile, I'm sure she wasn't expecting me to grab the bait 

Well, sorry princess. 

She humphs ... I mean who does that?... 

.. Before turning in her seat and closing her eyes. 

She wants to ignore me? 

That's fine. 

After all I still got her ass into this jet. 

I watch her profile as she drifts off and I wonder if I'm mad to be this attracted to her. 



The jet comes to a stop and I gently unbuckle her sleeping form, pulling her into my arms. 

Her hand goes around my neck and she fits herself into my body. 

I carry her out of the jet and to the waiting SUV marie is holding open. 

I buckle her gently into the back seat before turning to Marie. 

"You are driving" I say, preparing to slide in with her. 

"She's the one isn't she?" Marie asks. 


"The one who stole your heart and gave you those constant dark circles, the one who won't make you look twice at me" She says and I turn fully to her. 

"Things wouldn't have worked between us Mar" I say. 

"We had a good thing going on, we slept together" She says. 

"And it was just that" I say, knowing it's harsh but I know I have to be honest. 


"This is not the place to talk about this" I say before turning to enter the car. 

I glance at Sybil to see her sleeping, I look away but I would have sworn her hands were clenching her dress. 



Thank you for reading, sorry about the mix up yesterday, I was watching SpongeBob while updating. 

I'm sure fellow SpongeBob fanatics will understand. 

Have a good week ahead. 

. .

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