Love ~ Hate Relationship - Episode 10

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I know what I have to do.

It's so plain.

I find myself at her door on Christmas eve morning and she opens it for me, looking sick.

"Hey" I say softly. "Are you okay?" I ask.

"I feel nauseous, it must be something I had for dinner last night, I was fine before then" She says stepping away from the door.

I enter the room quietly, no need to alert her parents of my presence.

"I'm sorry about that" I say following her to the bed as she lies down.

"Merry Christmas honey" I say, kissing her head and she smiles.

"Christmas is tomorrow, mister romantic" I laugh at that before producing the present I have for her

"I couldn't wait to give it to you tomorrow" I say and her eyes goes from the box and then to me.

"Stellan, you didn't have to" She says softly.

"I wanted to" I say and she seats up, taking the little box from me

She opens it and there's a necklace inside.

"Oh Stell, it's lovely" She says and I watch her eyes full with tears.

It's just a plain gold necklace worth all the money I've been saving with a customized pendant that says S&S.

"It's the best gift I've ever received" She says and I get a kiss on the cheek.

"I'm sorry I didn't get you anything" She says and I shake my head.

"You are more than enough baby" I say and she gives a laughing sob.

"Merry Christmas Stell" She says and I love the way she says my name

I kiss her shoulder and her head.

She rests her head against my chest before heaving a sigh.

"You should sleep babe" I say, she must be very tired.

"I'm fine, I'm just wondering who I saved in my former life to deserve you" She says and I feel those words in my heart.

Even though she hasn't said the words, I feel these ones she's giving in my heart. 

I kiss her this time before asking her to rest and before I exit the room. 

I have to get ready. 

I bound down the stairs and I almost bump into Mrs Knight. 

"My God Stellan, stop running down the stairs" She says and I grin at her. 

She shakes her head before continuing up the stairs. 

I accost mother in the kitchen and she's getting the Christmas meals ready. 

"Mummmmmmm" I say kissing her cheek. 

 "Well, you look absolutely thrilled, what's the occasion?" She asks. 

"Oh, it's nothing, I'm just going to make a very big decision today, wish me luck" I say. 

"What decision? Whether to eat chicken for dinner or turkey?" 

She asks with a little laugh. 

"Very funny mother, just wish me luck, that's all I ask" I say and she nods. 

"Good luck son" She says and I kiss her cheek again. 

Now, for the finalization of my plan. 

I take a deep breath before going upstairs to the study. 

I knock. 

"Come in" Eli Knight's booming voice says and I do, immediately. 

This man makes me feel inadequate in a way and I have no idea why. 

Maybe it's because of the condescending look he always gives, right now I can't be scared. 

"I've come to speak to you sir" I say and one of his brow lifts before he gestures at a chair. 

I watch him expectantly and he lifts his other brow.. 

"You came to speak to me boy, not gawk, well, get on with it then" He says and I wipe a hand down the front of my trousers. 

"I've come to ask your permission to court Sybil" I say evenly and he gives me nothing, no sign at all that he's heard me. 

"Sir?..." I ask. 

"Let me ask you a question Stellan" He says not waiting for a reply he launches in. 

"What do you think you have that you can offer my daughter?" He asks.

"I.... I love her sir" I say. 

"Love? Is that all you have to offer? A promise of love? Let me tell you something young man, Sybil grew up having the best, the best of everything, schools, clothes, vacations, houses, do you think your love is enough to give her all of these things?" He asks and my stomach tightens. 


" Stellan, You were nothing but a vacation fling for my daughter and for the life of me I don't see anything she sees in you, Sybil will never settle for second best, you are not first Stellan, you aren't second either , you are at the bottom of the pool" He says and I shake my head to relieve the sudden pressure there. 

He's wrong, Sybil will never think these things. 

I open my mouth to tell him this but he beats me to it. 

"You think I'm wrong? You think she loves you no matter what? Why don't you ask her? Ask her and see what she says, I will be clear to you boy, the answers might not be favourable to you" He says. 

Before I can process the crushing pain I'm feeling the door bursts open. 

"Eli! Eli! Something's wrong with Sybil, she's passed out" Caro knight says in a panic and I get up. 

"What's wrong with Sybil? What's..." Caro talks over me. 

"We have to take her back to the city, what if she's contacted something? What If..."She breaks down.

"Calm yourself woman" Eli says before turning to me. 

"You will stay away from her, do you hear me?" He says but I'm not listening, I'm out the door and running upstairs towards Sybil. 

I hard body pulls me into a room and it's my father. 

"Let me go!" I scream. 

"Calm down Stellan" He says,holding me back, I can hear the sound of rushing feet. 

"Leave my f*cking way!" I say. 

"Mr Knight has asked that you don't leave this room" He says and I look at him in disbelief. 

"Mr knight? Mr knight? If you know you want to stand a chance of being my father for another day you will leave my way" I say, my voice pleading this time but he doesn't budge. 

He continues standing there and I throw myself at him. 

He doesn't budge, I freeze when I hear the rev of a car. 

I race to the window to see Sybil being packed into the car. 

"No..." I whisper, she's so limp, why is she limp? 

"Sybil!" I scream, banging on the window. 

"Sybil!!" I scream again, I turn to my father, using all of the frustration in me to push him out of my way. 

I'm out the door the moment he moves and I'm running down the stairs past my scared looking mother and to the front yard but before I get there the car is already on the move. 


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. Sybil.. Sybil!" I race after the car but it keeps eluding me. 

I fall to the ground, the gravel peeling my skin. 




So, I've decided to do alternations, one day for LHR and Another for S-AAM. 

I hope you understand that it's a bit stressful to work on both at once. 

I hope you enjoyed this chapter. 

Please leave comments. 

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  • Ajoke Oluwakemi picture
    Ajoke Oluwakemi
    No prob we are with u....but i hope Sybil is not pregnant sha o...stellan go see gobe o
  • Angela David picture
    Angela David
    I guess she is pregnant
  • Abena Asima picture
    Abena Asima
    Trouble in paradise
  • Mavis Siaw picture
    Mavis Siaw
    Dis can't be bele oooo else Stellan hmmmm
  • Benedicta Osei Arhin picture
    Benedicta Osei Arhin
    If she gets belle, let's see what Mr Knight will do. We shouldn't look down on people just because we find ourselves at the top. Thumbs up girlfriend
  • Oke Olabisi picture
    Oke Olabisi
    No problem girl well done,what is Wrong with Sybil dad i wonder how he will.react if his daughter got pregant
  • Amma picture
    God please let it be malaria ok...lolx
  • Emash picture
    I don't think it's pregnancy, like she has a condition already. Who knows? Sickle cell anaemia, one of all this conditions people have to live with.
  • Queen Hope Idenyi picture
    Queen Hope Idenyi
    So painful...thumbs up dear
  • Debby Treasure picture
    Debby Treasure
    It better not be pregnancy o
  • fatma picture
    It rather be pregnancy than disease
  • Josephine Wanzila picture
    Josephine Wanzila
    The alternations are perfect! It's about time trouble stirs.
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