The Homecoming

Juliet was sixteen when her parents flew her to the States to hide a very big secret, seven years later she came back to seek justice against the people who hurt her and she will do anything to protect the evidence of her secret and the man she loves the most.

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    • The Homecoming - Episode 1

    •    I step out of the car and take a good look around, everything looks the same, the house, the drive way, the trees, even the sky looked the same, i don't know what ...
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    • The Homecoming - Episode 2

    •       To say I was beyond shocked by justice's behavior would be an understatement, after his grand speech he strode out of the room as if it was another day in ...
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    • The Homecoming - Episode 3

    •         If there is one thing I love doing, it's making lists. Lists. The beauty of them, keeping my life so organised and well, just be...
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    • The Homecoming - Episode 4

    • I drive into the compound as if Cerberus was after me but guessing from the tears streaming from my eyes they might as well have captured me. I get down from the car and ...
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    • The Homecoming - Episode 5

    • Justice. When I was a child, my mom told me a secret, she said to me, "Justice boy for you to be happy you have to make your siblings happy too, they are t...
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    • The Homecoming - Episode 6

    • Sage Watching her act all shocked was so comical I could laugh, she quickly backs away and I hide my smile. "Am so sorry sir, your sister....." ...
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    • The Homecoming - Episode 7

    • I was burning, no, I was dying,a sweet death,I slowly open my eyes to see sage straddling me, he smiles and I melt all over again, he goes to kiss me and...... "Momm...
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    • The Homecoming - Episode 8

    • Hmm, so warm, I snuggle deeper into my bed, hmm, my bed has never felt so warm, hmm. My bed moves, WTH? My eyes pop open and I look up to see Sage smirking at m...
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