Love ~ Hate Relationship - Episode 12

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I get home and as soon as I step into the kitchen I turn away to throw up into the sink.

My mother appears, her eyes taking me in and her face falls.

She pats my back and brushes my hair out of my face as I throw up every thing that is in my stomach.

I feel Carter enter the house.

"What happened"

"That bitch happened" He says and my mum face falls.

"Oh son, I'm so sorry" She says and I know she's guessed correctly.

"I'm fine" I say, my voice only cracking a little and even that I will chock up to the fact that I caught a cold, I will not be heart broken, I will not..

I am Stellan Gray and I am strong.



"Speak" I bark into the phone, looking over the files on my table.

"It's 2015 dude, we say hello these days" Carter says and I look at the contact display before putting the phone back in my ear.

"You changed your number" I say.

"Well, hello to you too Stellan Gray, its been a month since we last spoke, how are you?" Carter asks sarcastically and I grimace.

"Stop nagging and tell me why you called, I was in the middle of something" I say

"Ohh, was it something fun?" He asks.

I flip the page of the file.

"Well, I guess" He sighs.

"Working on weekends is not fun" He says, guessing correctly.

"I'm ending the call if you've got nothing to say" I say.

"OK, wait wait, I need your help" He says

"The last time you asked for my help I was almost arrested so think again" 

"It's different this time" He says and even though I know I will regret it I say. 

"Let's hear it" I say. 

"I think I'm being followed" He says. 

"You are a celebrity, you are always followed" I say, and yes, he's always is. 

"I know right? Being a rock god is kind of hard" He says.

I roll my eyes. 

"You sing rock music, you do not qualify as a god, now, do you want to tell me what makes you think you are being followed or are you just going to brag about how successful you are? " I ask. 

"I'm too a god, my fans even call me Carter the god" He says like a two year old. 

"Carter...." I begin. 

"Okay, okay, there's this red car always on my tail and recently photos of me in my home is appearing on the internet" He says. 

"Okay, I will get on it" I say. 

"I can't afford you man, ask one of your boys to do it" He says, totally full of shit. 

"I'm not asking a dime from you and stop playing the pity card, you can afford me ten times over and what? I only ask for ten thousand dollars an hour." I say, grinning into the phone. 

"You've become proud in your old age man" He says. 

 "I'm only one week older than you, you should let me leave that down" I say. 

"Yes, until the moment when we have to take the last cookie in your mum's cookie jar and you pull the seniority thing over me." He says and I laugh into the phone. 

 "When's your tour ending?" I ask. 

"Next week, missing me already?"

"You wish fucker" I say and he barks a laugh. 

"Well, I have to go now old man, let's talk later" He says and the phone disconnects. 

I glance at the pile of files with names of people who need my services and I groan, massaging my neck. 

I pick up the phone and the person on the other ends picks after the first ring.

"Yo" Tee says into the phone. 

Tee is the second in command in my company. 

We met in the army and when I got out to start a security company he came with me. 

"I need you to check out Carter's house, he thinks he's been followed" I say. 

"Why not? He's too good looking for his own good" I chuckle. 

"I would have done this by myself but I need to go through this pile of clients on my table, and I don't think any of the other boys can do it" I say. 

"It's okay boss, I will do it and also, I already went through the client list, vetted them and made sure they knew how things will go, all you have to do is assign the boys" He says. 

"Man, you are too good to me" I say, the pressure on my neck reliving somewhat. 

"You pay me well man, least I can do, just go on a vacation or something, you work too much" He says and I laugh. 

"Maybe I will" I say, its February which is fine by me to have a vacation, it's not as If I had any during this past holiday. 

"Good, send me Carter's details and I will look into it" He says before ringing off. 

I sigh, looking at the schedule for people who will be coming into the office and who needs assigning. 

I freeze as a name catches my eye. 

Sybil Knight. 

There aren't many people who bear that name and there aren't many people who can afford my services. 

It has to be her. 

I grab the file, my body tensing when I see the details and the pictures. 

She's been stalked and she needs protection. 

She was almost kidnapped a week ago and her house was broken into.

I rub my chin as I look at the file again. 

It's been nine years, nine bad years. 

I know I should throw her file into the bin, after all that happened.

But I find myself picking up my phone and making the call. 

Nobody gets Sybil Knight except me. 



Have a good night! 

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