Love ~ Hate Relationship - Episode 13

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"I'm telling you this is a bad idea" Carter groans into my ear.

"I know"

"Get in your car, go back and call her agency, tell them you can't fit her in your busy schedule" Carter says and I get the feeling he's distracted.

I hear the hum of a vacuum before a door closes. 

"I can't, my company's reputation is on the line" He pauses before griping down the line.

"You just came up with that excuse didn't you?" He asks.

"Yeah" I say. Looking around the airplane ramp,  removing the cigar from my lips and blowing the smoke.

"Are you smoking again?"


"I can smell the smoke from here" He says and I blow another smoke, smirking. 

"Stellan, this is worst idea you have ever come up with, you don't need anything to do with this girl, go home, she was a b*tch nine years ago, she will be a b*tch again today." 

"I never said she won't be a b*tch, you don't have to worry about anything, I'm going to take this, she approached my company, I can't let her go, that's uh..." 

"You are just coming up with excuses Stellan, what do you think will change? She will see that you are now f*cking rich and immediately like you or something?" 

"That's not the reason I'm doing this" I begin. 

"Then why?" 

"Can we not talk about this?" 

"You telling me to mind my business?" He asks. 

"F*ck no" 

"Then we are talking about this" He says and I sigh, Carter can be a fucking housewife when he wants to. 

"Fine, I just..she's in danger and I have the ability to help, I figured why not?" I say. 

"That's more than she did for you" He grumbles . I stay silent. 

"Just be careful, don't get your heart involved, do your job and get out" He says. 

"I will" 

"How long is this shit parade going to take anyway?" He asks. 

"Two weeks, a month tops" I say. 

"There's shit written all over this idea of yours, nasty shit, tell me again why you can't allow Tee take care of this?" 

"Because he's got his hands full that's why" 

"Just be careful" He reiterates. 

"You too" I say. 

"What do you mean by me too?" 

"What? You think tee didn't tell me that your new housekeeper was the one stalking you? Why didn't you tell me you had changed your housekeeper? I would have vetted her." I say. 

"What? She was pretty young and close to my age, she seemed to have a pretty decent head on her shoulders, how would I have known she was a fan?"  he says and I nod, he's just too full of sh*t, he was probably too lazy to pick up the phone to tell me he had hired someone else. 


" Are you going to fire her? "I ask. 

" Why would I? "

" Uh, for one she was taking secret photos of you "I say, I thought that would be obvious. 

" She doesn't know that I know, I'm just going to see how this goes, it's been so long since I was this entertained "He says and it's a given that Carter's probably very crazy. 

"The woman follows you with her car "I say. 

"The woman might probably have a crush on me, she does her job so dang well, I don't want to loose the prospect of eating good meals just because I got pissy over a few teeny tiny photos" he says. 

"You like this girl don't you?"I ask. 

"We might have shared a few heated looks but there is nothing there" He says. 

"Yes, I believe you, just as I believe pigs fly in broad day light" I say, my eyes flicking to the convertible driving into the airstrip. 

My body locks.

"Seems the princess is here, gotta go" I say before disconnecting. 

I watch the lithe body step out of the car opened by a driver before taking a long pull of my cigar and then throwing it on the ground. 

She's  different now, very different, her red hair is straight and her cheek bones are higher. 

She walks the same like she always did, with her head high and her eyes straight. 

Her eyes are still cold though, even though she went on to act in musicals and plays and became the nation's sweetheart, she still looks cold and beautiful. 

The b*tch. 

I don't move a step, just lean away from the car and watch her strut towards me, my Ray bans still on. 

I follow every step she takes to me behind the glasses, thanking God that they don't betray any single emotion. 

"Is there a reason we are meeting at an airstrip Gray?" Her voice asks coldly when she stops in front of  me. 

"It's Mr Gray" I say, commando mode acrivated. 

"Very well, Mr

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. Gray, is there a reason there a plane behind you and I was told to pack a bag? I have no plans of leaving this state nor this country" She says. 

"I've been charged with taking care of you in every way I see fit, I take orders from your father and manager, not you, you would make my job easier by grabbing your bag and packing your ass into that plane" I say and her eyes flashes at my use of a curse word. 

It's all I do not to smirk, seems the princess Is still very much a snob. 

"Well, my job is not to make your job easier, I'm sorry but I'm actually not sorry to tell you that I'm not leaving this state" She says. 

"You are being stalked Miss knight, You were almost kidnapped" I say. 

"I'm aware of all these things Mr. Gray, they happened to me and just like I told my father and manager I believe this is all an elaborate prank by someone" She says and I don't hold back. 

"Until you are kidnapped with someone who has a shrine dedicated to you and you are being r*ped to within an inch of your life" She gasps. 

"I would slap you for being so crude" She says, gasping some more. 

"I would like to see you try princess" The endearment comes out of nowhere and she gives no reaction that she's heard it, she just talks over me. 

"Even still Mr. Gray, I'm not leaving this state, you can guard me from here, after all isn't that your job?" She's says job with so much disdain I feel her disgust crawling over my body. 

I take off my ray bans and not even a flash recognition sparks in her eyes. 

I'm suddenly very angry. 

I knew it was true that she hadn't really liked me but at least she should recognise me. 

"Mr Gray, I know you've seen reason, it's a good thing, I'm gone, we will discuss something out" She turns, dismissing me. 

She doesn't take a step before she's over my shoulder. 

She shrieks, hitting my back. 

I hit her ass and she gasps. 

"You either shut up or I will make you" I say and she gives another shriek. 



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  • Benedicta Osei Arhin picture
    Benedicta Osei Arhin
    Is she pretending or she really doesn't recognize him? Huh?
  • Emash picture
    This heiress has really been trained well to mask emotions. So she didn't recognize him, either by voice or look. Ok na.
  • Oke Olabisi picture
    Oke Olabisi
    may be she pretending but i still sense that stellan still has feelings for her
  • Pamela cube picture
    Pamela cube
    She's an actress indeed,she's so good at hiding her emotions
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