Love ~ Hate Relationship - Episode 11

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"We should go" Carter says for the fifth time in an hour and I don't bother answering him, I think he doesn't bother asking again because he knows what my answer will be.

It's the same answer I've given him for two days now.

I glance again at the house, I stopped thinking I had the wrong address about a day ago when I saw the car drive into the mansion.

Now, it's to wait.

Wait because I have to see her, I can't go on without knowing she's not okay, memories plague my mind of how limp she looked as she got into the car.

Is she okay?

It's been four days and two of those I've spent staking outside her house.

Her father had passed once in his car and even then he didn't bother stopping to tell me how she is.

I remember all that he said the day before they left the farm but I will not believe, I refuse to believe that Sybil will ever think like that.

She loves me, its obvious she does, I know what I feel and I see it reciprocated in her life eyes.

"Dude, your mum must be so worried, you left town without telling her and you've not gotten in contact with her,let's go back" He says and guilt picks my heart.

I know mum must be worried.

But I have to see Sybil first.

My body tenses when a car drives towards the gate, I know it Eli's.

I stand in front of the gate, if he's going to pass he's going to have to go through me.

The car comes to a stop and the back door opens, Eli steps out, Caro too.

"You are still here?"He asks.

" I'm not leaving till I know how Sybil is.... Sir"i say in the last minute.

"You must be foolish boy, to have come such long distance to get your heart broken, my daughter is fine, she was sick of a simple fever your backwards town gave her, now she's back to her element, you must get lost and go back to were you belong" He says and I feel Carter come to stand behind me.

"I refuse to leave until I see Sybil with my own eyes" I say.

Caro makes a noise of distress and I secretly apologise for causing her such distress.

"My daughter will not see you, and I hope you are gone before she returns from the hospital tonight" He says.

I frown.

Sybil was not inside the house?

She was in the hospital?

What simple fever required someone to stay in the hospital for four days?

"I will not leave without seeing her." I say

"Let's just leave Stellan" Carter says, his voice quiet.

"You should listen to your friend boy, I promise to make life hard for you if you do not leave my house in an hour" He says and I shake my head adamantly.

"I will not leave"

"Please Stellan, don't make things any harder, just go" Caro says and this time I do not bother replying.

I stare at Eli and he nods before entering his car, I step out of the way as he rides by and I see Alicia looking out of the window, her face mashed to it, looking afraid.

I throw her a wink and her face cracks a little in a small smile.



The rain stops and I glance at the sky, wondering how much it's going to take to make the sun start shining.

"How long are we going to stand here?" Carter asks.

"For as long as it takes" I say, he sighs.

"Can we at least go get something to eat? I'm not sure you've eaten for five days now" He says.

"I can't" I say, and really, I can't when I'm not sure Sybil is eating.

What if I step away and she passes? How do I....

My head comes up when a car revs and I see its Eli's accompanied by another.

Eli's car comes to a stop, and he looks at me, throwing a little smirk.

My eyes go to the car behind him and my body tenses when I see Sybil looking at me through the window.

She looks fine.

My body rests in relief.

I walk to the car.

"Are you alright?" I ask, looking over her face.

"What are you doing here?" She asks and I frown.

"I came for you..

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. You weren't looking good and I wanted to know if you were..."

"I'm fine, you can get lost" She says.


"Just go Stellan, I don't even know why you are here, I'm okay, vacation is over, you can go" She says.

"I don't understand what you are saying Sybil"

"Oh, really? Are you that simple? Well, I know you were simple but I thought you understood simple English at least, I'm fine, I want you gone from my father's house" She say and every word hits me like a ton of bricks.

"Why? Why are you saying these things?"

"I don't understand, was there ever a time I said I believed otherwise?"

"You said you loved me"

"No, I never said anything of the sort, if I recall you did all the professing" She says, airily and my brain refuses to compute the words she saying.

"Did you really believe that  I  would like you? Oh gosh Stellan, you are so below me in everything, I only wanted to see how entertained I would be by messing with the help" I take a wounded step back.

"Shut your mouth you fucking bitch, let's go man" Carter says and this time I don't hold back, I let him pull me away but before I leave I turn finally to ask.

"Did.. Did. You ever love me?" I ask.

Her eyes warms in amusement.

"No" She says simply and I nod, my head feeling light.

The windshield of the car comes up and it drives away.

I stand there as the sky pours its anger at me and it almost felt like I could feel my heart breaking. 



So I got to my destination safe yesterday, thank you all for the wishes. 

Sorry the update is coming late.

Thank you for reading, leave comments 

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  • Abena Asima picture
    Abena Asima
    This is painful I don't want to be in his shoes
  • Amma picture
    I'm sure Sybil was forced by her dad to say those bitter words..
  • Emash picture
    Wetin concern me! Na read I dey, we wee get to d borom of D's.
  • Oke Olabisi picture
    Oke Olabisi
    thank God for safe journey bebe,what a pity i know she was force to and now stellan will hate her
  • Pamela cube picture
    Pamela cube
    Eli somehow threatened her......that cocky brick!
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