Love Crystal - Episode 9

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Sorry I wasn't able to post on time... there's no light around here.. @ Gracious Grace, this episode is specially for you.. @ belladiva54gmailcom, you are noticed. Please take this one o @olaleye adedamola, take th is one hold body.. I didn't mention you doesn't mean I don't notice you. You all keep me going...

The telephone rang interrupting Mrs Williams who was going to a patient's case file."yes...." she answered. "Ma'am, Mrs Hugine is here to see you" her Secretary said from the other side of the line . "Oh! Really? Please send her in" the line went dead and the door creaked open while Mrs Williams stood up to welcome Mrs Hugine. "Helen!" Mrs Williams called out with a broad smile on her face. "Hey! Doris" Mrs Hugine answered as they both hugged each other. "Please take a seat Helen and what can I get for you?" "Um.... coffee will do" "alright then" she replied and placed a call to her Secretary who brought in two cups of coffee "thanks Linda" Doris said.. "It's really been a while, how's Gabi been holding up" "my dear, it wasn't easy at first o.. but I thank God everything is now getting better" Helen replied. "I look forward to the day we will all wake up from this dream"

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. "Doris, I actually came because of our children and their future. I really don't know what we are going to do but I was hoping you'd have an idea". "My dear, I also don't know what to say about this tight corner we all find ourselves. She's gone back to been the Gift she used to be before she met Gabi. She rarely comes to the house, seldom associates and locks people out a lot" Doris concluded with a sad look "seriously?" Helen asked. Doris nodded not knowing what else to say. "The last time I had a talk with him, he said she pushes him away a lot. No matter how much he tries and the worse is that, she doesn't even know his name" "exactly Helen, that's it. I think we should start with a proper introduction between the two. Perhaps, by next week Friday, we can all have a family dinner together or... What do you think? From the look on Helen's face, she seems to agree with Doris "indeed you are smart Doris. It's okay by me. I'll inform the kids" " you have started with this your code of flattery again" both women laughed and chatted for a while before Helen left...

Queenie's POV

I went to the hospital for check up, I mean kekris health Care. You might be wondering why I didn't go to my mom's hospital, I didn't because she will bug my life out and somehow treat me like I have cancer... I'm just not a good fan of special treatments and so... yeah!. After the check up, I decided to check on Doctor Williams. I knocked lightly on the door and that masculine voice answered "yes.. come on in" I walked in, more like tiptoeing . He was still focused on the file on his desk. "Am I interrupting?" I asked while he immediately stood up on hearing my voice.. "um... I actually came for check up and I decided to say 'hello' but.. seems you are busy. I'll be going now" I added a little confused and uncomfortable why he stood up and kept staring like that. "Oh no beautiful.. don't go. Please sit" he seemed nervous or maybe I'm just imagining things... I sat down and we silently stared at each, I must confess, it really made me feel awkward.. "hey! How's work been?" I broke the silence " and you get so beautiful by the day" he replied ."excuse me? I asked more confused "quite excused dear. LoL... that was just a compliment".. he laughed easing my stress.. "I thought as much cause you have been acting weird" .. we both chatted for a while before I told him I was gonna take my leave. "Queen" he called "yes".. I answered.. "could you please not turn me down this once?" I looked at him, trying to figure what he was talking about "please don't say no this once" "alright I won't. What's up?" I exhaled.. "can we have dinner together? Anytime you want" I smiled.. "alright, just tell me when" his face beamed with joy. "Tonight.. will it be okay by you?" He said a little unsure if I'd agree. "Pick me up by 7pm" I said heading for the door.


I was really stunned seeing her. The way she makes me feel, I've never felt before. Being around her really makes me happy. I'm beginning to think Nessa wasn't wrong after all and I'm not going to mess this opportunity up. I know how uptight she can be but I wanted to give it a shot and she accepted to have dinner with me. I'm really looking forward to it.... Exactly 7pm, my door bell rang.

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. I didn't need a pastor to tell me that it's Williams. I stepped out, wearing a midnight blue sequined dress that clung to my body. I must confess, Williams really killed it with that cute look of his. "Oh my! Forgive me but you look absolutely tempting" he pecked me on the cheek and took my hand, leading me to his car. I felt a little strange like such an incident had happened before. I tried remembering, my brain started spinning, searching. I felt this severe headache immediately, not been cautious of my actual reality anymore. My view turned blur, I could hear Williams voice from afar asking me to stop it. I couldn't take it anymore, it felt like my brain was trying to download a million things at a time and then, everywhere suddenly went dark... (The beginning of the end) ******************************************************** What do you think is happening? ? Has Williams succeeded in helping queen get back her memory in his quest to find love? Would queen be able to handle the two men?... let me know what you think....? Your opinions does matter a lot....

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