Love Crystal - Episode 11

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 love that binds   

You know what they always say?  Sometimes, life can surprise you. 

' thank you for giving us this opportunity sir. It's a privilege ' 
I tried as much as I could to comport myself but somehow, it was still visible. 

' let's get on with it already ' he said a little less concerned. 

I've never seen such look on his face before. The way he talk seemed as if he had issues with me . I asked so many questions which he never failed to give appropriate answers to. Then, to the last question which he's never given an answer in any interview, I wanted to take a chance. Perhaps, he might give an answer. 

' um... Sir, I'd like to know about your relationship status. I know it sounds intrusive, which you can ignore if you wish but everyone seems very interested and some coming to conclusion that perhaps, you might be gay. Sir, what do you have to say. ' 
For some minutes, he was totally silent with his face bent but my hope was still so high , expecting him to say something. When he raised up his head, his face had already turned pale. 

' it's normal for people to insinuate and conclude matters. But then, the fact is not always the truth

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. ' 
He paused,  with his gaze fixed on me, he continued. 
' I'd like the world out there to know that I'm no gay. I have a fiancee. I was supposed to introduce her to the world today but something happened, she had a terrible accident and she no longer remembers me'

Deep down, I could see how much he was fighting his emotions. Somehow, I felt this strong urge to hug him, to comfort him, to assure him that everything will be fine but what can I do. It's against our professional ethics. I kept looking at him,  not knowing what to say. I won't be wrong to say I felt his pain and at that point, I wished I never brought up that question. 
   I couldn't hold back myself anymore, I reached out for his hand. The moment I did, he raised up his head but he didn't resist, he just stared at me 

' It will all be fine. Trust me, it will all turn out well for you ' I said

' I hope so, I really want to believe your words '
We stared at each other for some time before I came back to my senses and realized I was still holding his hand. Immediately, I leg go

' I'm sorry Mr Hugine. I'm so sorry '

' it's alright. I really appreciate '

'I think that will be all for now . I hope you will consider giving us a chance again ' he smiled 

' As long as it's you Ms Williams ' I smiled back

' thank you very much sir. I'll take my leave now. '

           I went into my car, for some minutes I tried to flash back on everything that just happened. For some unknown reasons, I didn't  feel any sense of guilt  but then,  I wondered why? Perhaps, I'm lucky. 
I got back to the office and submitted my report, it was the best ever . 
            All through the week was really stressful, trying to catch up on things I've missed and Bethy  was really of great help to me. She's very simple, obedient, talkative (sometimes), very attentive, smart and beautiful both at heart and physical appearance. Sometimes I wish Lincoln will marry her.  You can't blame me,  everyone wants someone good in their family. 
          Mom never ceased to call and remind me everyday about dinner on Friday. Williams also, has been a source of support. He always calls and encourage me, he never fails to ask about my health. Indeed he is a friend. I thought about the dinner and any possible excuse to escape but Dad is certainly going to be around so I guess I have to attend. 
            Exactly 5pm, I was through with work. I signed out and off to mom's place. I was amazed to see the full house. 

' Big Sisi ' Lucious said the moment he saw me 

' oh!  My baby is here ' mom echoed from the kitchen 

' kiddo, what's up? You've grown so tall in weeks ' I hugged him

' hey bro! ' I hailed coln who was stepping down the stairs  

' Sisi cutie ' 

' mama like no other  ' I said to my mom

' this is the joy of being a mother, having everyone around ' mom said

' Queen ' mom called

' yea MA '

' this is Mrs Helen. She visited you at the hospital, don't know if you still remember her. '

' yes I do mom . Good evening  MA ' 

' evening my child ' she responded 

' they are very close family friends ' mom added 
A girl came out from the kitchen 
' mom I'm through ' she said, referring to my mom. 

'oh my dear. Please come '  
She walked up to us, smiling at me. 

' Queen, this is Cynthia. Mrs Helen's daughter and her son will soon be here.  He's just tied up at work. ' 

' hey Cynthy ' I greeted

' hi big sister. I hope you don't mind me calling you that? '

' of course not. Hope you also don't mind me calling you  Cynthy? '

' no SIS '

' alright then '

' and I'm been left out ' Dad echoed, he just arrived 

' daddy!!!! ' we all shouted in unison and ran down to him like kids

' I'm really happy seeing all of you.  I can't help but wish for the old day when you were all kids. ' he said
He hugged Mrs Helen before mom and we all ( girls)  continued with kitchen chores while the guys talked about football. 
       The table was already set and Mrs Helen's son was nowhere to be seen, it was already and about to rain. I was already getting exasperated cause Dad insisted that we must wait for him. Few minutes past 8, we heard his car horn outside. 

' finally the king is here ' I mumbled 

' he's here ' mom said 

' sorry everyone, I was stuck in traffic ' he said the moment he opened the door

' guess who we have here ' mom said

' good evening  mom, mom, Dad ' he greeted and hugged Lucious and coln 

I couldn't believe my eyes. He turned to me
' we meet again journalist ' he said

' good evening Mr Hugine. Nice to see you again '  I responded 

' met somewhere?  ' Cynthy asked 

' yea, the biggest article I wrote so far on celebrities was due to his help.  '

' wow!! ' Lucious  said 

' the food is getting cold ' dad said and we all headed to the dinning room.
     We ate, trust me, it was not fun, trying to avoid his eyes, mom saying things and referring to both of us at the same time. After eating, we cleared up the dishes while the boys went to the sitting room. Soon enough, we joined them and chatted at length. 
'I think it's time to go ' Mrs Helen announced 

' but you can't cause it's still raining and besides, the weather is not looking good at all.  I can't let you drive home this late ' mom countered 

' that's true. And besides, we are one family. Who said you can't sleep over ' dad supported 

' bro, tomorrow is Saturday ' Cynthy said to Gabi 

' and so....?  ' he asked

' that's enough reason to stay back ' 

' alright ' 

' So it's settled.

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. You are all staying over. Wao! It's gonna be a long night ' Lucious said 

I was quiet all the while and indeed, it was a long night. Everyone retired to their rooms late. 
The house was now quiet and Cynthy was fast asleep on my bed. I decided to go downstairs to get milk and besides, I'm not used to sharing my room.
 I was going to the kitchen but I noticed the lights were on. I guess that's mom. When I entered the kitchen, it wasn't mom but Mr Hugine. 

' hey ' he said

' hi '

' couldn't sleep? '

' yea!  Kinda '

' OK '

' and you ' 

' um...  I want to get water. You? '

' milk, I needed milk. ' 

' alright '

We went silent for a while not knowing what else to say.

' I'm sorry for last time, bringing up such a sensitive issue ' I finally broke the silence 

'it's no problem at all '

' Dr Hugine, if you don't mind me asking, have you tried talking to her?  '

' Gabriel ' he replied 

' excuse  me? '

' Gabriel, or just call me Gabi '

'um...  Alright Gabi ' I said

' sounds refreshing ' he teased

' hey! So.....? '

' I have but she keeps pushing me away '

' but you still love her right? '

' yea,  more than ever '
I felt this pain in my heart hearing him say he loves her but why do I feel this way?  I didn't notice my face had turned pale and I've been staring at him.  I don't know exactly what happened but then again, I noticed my eyes on his cheek, staring deep into his eyes.....


What do you think?  

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