Love Crystal - Episode 14

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Love that binds

The weather on this particular day is very cold. I would have really loved to remain in bed but I'm not the lazy type. I got prepared for work and off I went. 

Everything seems pretty normal.

" Good morning ma'am " Bethy greeted 

" Morning Bethy. A cup of coffee please" I went into my office. 

Minutes later, she came into my office with the coffee I requested for . She dropped the coffee on my desk. I was expecting her to leave but she was just standing in front of me like a robot and whenever she does that, I know something is definitely up. 

I raise my head and dropped my pen, " Very well, tell me,  what's up? " I asked. 

" there's a conference meeting at Abuja tomorrow, where the company will present it's proposal for approval of our new branch opening. " she paused. 

" And... How's that a problem ? " I was a puzzled. 

" Um...  You've been appointed by the management as the company's representative and you will be presenting the proposal. Not just that, you have to convince them too" 

Totally shocked and angry I exclaimed " what!!" I stood up from my sit. 

" Calm down ma'am. I know it's such a short notice but I believe we can do it

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. If we put in the whole of today into it and besides, the proposal is ready. You just have to go through and maybe, a little touch" 
she tried convincing me but I don't seem to buy what she's saying. 

" I want to see the managing director. How can they do this? ". 
I was headed for the door but Bethy held my hand. I turned and gave her is devilish look but she didn't let go. 

" And since when did you have the right to touch me? It seems you are forgetting your place, you work for me and you take orders from me. Now let go off me or you will live to regret it Bethy. " 
she was still persistent and I was beginning to loose my patience. She slowly let me go and then I advanced towards the door but her voice stopped me. 

" Mr Frank, Mrs Olivia, Mrs Mia, Ms Alexandra, Mr Kelvin and many more. Of all why you ma'am. Have you thought of that? I knew you won't find the news pleasant but please ma'am, I won't advise you to confront the management. You've been really good to me. You are the smartest I know. I think this is trust in disguise and not an insult. "

Looking back at her innocent face, my anger died down. Her words really got to me. I slowly turned and went straight to my seat and sat down. 

" I worked on the presentation all through the night and this is what I came up with, to ease your stress. " she dropped the files she was holding on my desk while I silently stared. 

" I have already booked your flight for tomorrow which will be leaving at 07.00 hours. It's a three days conference and I won't be going with you cause I thought it right to stay back and manage things over here. "

Honestly, she amazed me. Her level of arrangements and maturity in handling things really baffled me. I had to see reasons with her, quit the anger and get on with work. 

She was still standing in front of me, expecting a reply. 

" OK Bethy " that was all I could say. 

" Alright ma'am . I'll be outside if you need anything or help. " I nodded and she headed out. 

The day was pretty busy for me. I went through everything Bethy did and yes, she did a wonderful job. We worked on it together and I could say, I'm ready but still got my doubts though. 

" nice work ma'am. I believe you are fully prepared. " she said .

" I guess so too" I replied. 

She smiled " go and make us proud ma'am and yes, you are leaving in the next one hour. " 

Immediately, I raised my head, a little confused. " Why? This is just 3pm. " 

" You are gonna have a long day tomorrow and as it is, you've over stressed yourself already. It's only normal that you rest. About the time, the director approved of you leaving early. " 
She's right, so I nodded and smiled in response. 

       Very early the next day, I was already at the airport. 1 hour 30 minutes later, I landed at Abuja. I went to my hotel room, dropped my stuffs and off to the conference I went. 
Just a few minutes before the conference started, Bethy called. 

" Hello ma'am. How was your flight? "

" It was okay and how are you holding up over there? "

" Fine ma'am. "

" Alright then, the conference is starting. "

" Okay ma'am. Please be calm ma'am. You are better than everyone else. " 

I laughed. " You should know by now that I don't subscribe to flatteries. Anyways, bye " I ended the call. 

            The conference kicked off immediately. I was called up as the 4th speaker. I carried my files and laptop and went up to the podium. 
For thirty seconds, everyone stared at me and I said nothing. It isn't stage fright but I was trying to master the crowd in front of me. 
Finally, I spoke up. Though I wasn't very sure if what I was saying was pretty convincing cause I had less time to prepare but I sounded very confident. 
When I finished, everyone was already on his/her feet. I didn't know how I performed the magic but I did. 
I smiled broadly, stepped down and went to my seat while the coordinator took over. 

" That's was an amazing one from Ms Williams. At first, I thought you weren't going to say anything." I smiled .

     After what seemed like ages, the conference finally came to an end. I was walking down to my car when Williams called. 

" Hi Liams "

" Prettiest, how are you? "

" I'm very much okay but tired. "

" lol...  It's normal, just try to rest. Anyway, how was the conference? "

" it was cool, my dear. "

Just then, it registered in my head that my purse ain't with me. I've left it in the conference hall. 

" oh!  Screw me. " I lamented 

" what's up? " Liams asked. 

" I left my purse inside, let me get it. We'll talk later. Bye"

" Alright then, later. "

The line went dead and I rushed inside. 

When I got inside, my purse was still where I left it but there's this guy sitting there. I went straight to get my purse and then he said. 

" I knew you'd come back for it. "

I turned to see his face. Heavens!! The guy is a god. Handsome beyond description. Immediately, I stared off, picked my purse and headed out. 

" Hey! Don't be like that, seriously it doesn't suit your look and besides, I watched over your purse. " he added. 

I faked a smile, " Thanks for watching over my purse Mr. "

" Mr Desmond and don't fake the smile, the original looks better. "

"Thank you" I said and walked away but unfortunately for me, he followed me. 

" And you are Ms Gift Williams. " he said. 

" Ms Williams to you. " I replied increasing my pace. 

" At least, hear me out. There's no need acting rude. "

Those words got to me. I stopped and turned to face him. 

" Alright, tell me, what do you want? " 

He smiled. 

" I'm Desmond Manyika. I just want us to be friends at least for now and um...  From the look of things, you don't have any ring on, so I don't think I'm offending anyone. "

I got really mad hearing those words from him but on a second thought, there's no need getting mad. 

" Alright. We are friends and if that's all, please excuse me. "

" no that's not all, your digits if u don't mind though I won't let you rest if you don't give it to me. "

I couldn't believe my ears..

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. From his attitude, he seems the persistent type and the last thing I need is stress. "

" Alright, let me have your phone. " he smiled and shook his head. 

" nope, let me have yours. I wouldn't want today's date as your digit. "

" You've really got some guts. "

" yea honey... Now this is it. "

He collected my phone from me, dialled his number and his phone rang. 

" yea that's it! " he said and handed my phone to me. I just watched him silent, I guess cause I'm stressed out already. 
Next thing, he took a shot of me. 

" thanks dearie" he said while I turned, entered my car and zoomed off , leaving him there smiling like a fool. 

Who is this guy?  Desmond Manyika. He's really something else. I wondered.


Who is this guy? What do think of him? 

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  • Abigail Amande picture
    Abigail Amande
    That Desmond should not come and add more trouble o...
  • Olaleye Adedamola picture
    Olaleye Adedamola
    More interested, what will she do now 3 different man on her neck though Gabi is her fiance before incident happen. Anyway let wait see. Next episode
  • carmen picture
    Am telling u Abigail, wen dis Williams of a guy is already pissing me off..... Nice work Queen
  • Prince Andy picture
    Prince Andy
    Another guy again?
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