Love Crystal - Episode 10

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Sorry I haven't been able to post for a very long time now. I lost my phone and almost half of everything I wrote so I had to start again. But not to worry cause Love Crystal is back and I'll make up for the lost time..


(Love That binds) 

I felt the coldness of a wet towel on my forehead. I sat up,  trying to remember what had happened . It was all like a dream to me me. I looked around my sitting room like a total stranger. Then, I saw Williams coming from my kitchen with a cup in his hand. 

' hey!  You're up. Take this ' he handed the cup over to me.

' how are you feeling? ' he asked 

' what happened  to me? ' 

' you don't remember? ' I nodded positive. He stared at me with so much concern, I couldn't help but feel a little awkward. 

' um...  You know the perfect evening stuff. Right? ' he chuckled. 

I can say he's just one who's not always serious and I'm buying it somehow. I nodded gesturing him to continue. 

' you came out looking so elegant, I complemented your looks and next thing, you seem to be deep in thought. Stressing your brain, thinking I guess

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. I asked you to stop but you screamed and boom! Unconscious '

' oh! My goodness ' Everything flashed back to me
' what says the time? '

' um...  10pm ' he replied 

' heavens! I'm so sorry Williams '

He only smiles and patted my shoulder 

' it's nothing, just try not to stress yourself anymore. You suffered a serious brain damage, so please, try as much as possible to forget what's gone and forge ahead. Okay? '

' my doctor, I hear. Anyways I'm starving '

' yea but it's late and we can't go out now '

' yea! How about I get something from the kitchen and we eat here. '

' if that's okay by you, then why not. '

        Few minutes later, we were already eating 
' you are such a good cook ' he said

' thanks Doc ' I smiled, though a little flattered.. 

I know talking while eating is bad but it's just impossible to remain silent when Williams is around. 

' Queen, my mom would like to see you. What do you think? ' he asked

I must admit, I was drawn by the question. He's this straight forward type that doesn't twist questions. I don't know if I like it but then, it spares me the stress of thinking out of curiosity. 

' really? I never knew she knows me' 

' then I must say I am a talkative cause she knows a lot about you. '

' lol... Seriously?  I asked in a jocular tone and he nodded.

' Alright then, I'll try create time to see her, considering the fact that I'll be resuming office on Monday. '

' but I've told you to rest and not stress yourself. Haven't I? As your doctor, you must learn to listen to me ' he said

I couldn't help but laugh 

' hey!  What's funny? ' he asked 

' you sound just like my mom, treating me like a baby '

' Exactly, that's what you are. Only babies don't take instructions '

'oh stop it. I'm not and besides, I'm tired of sitting at home. Like seriously, it's more stressful sitting  and doing nothing '. 

He raised his hand up, giving up on the argument. We chatted for a little while after eating before he left. It's really fun having someone around and Williams is a very nice person to be with. I retired to bed, the next day is Sunday and mom will cut off my head if I miss church . 

       I was really scared when she screamed. I knew exactly what was happening to her but what can I do? Series of questions crossed my mind, like, what if her memory returns today? What will be my fate? Is this a sign? What will I do?  

But I had to keep calm. Luckily, she woke up with with nothing and I'm absolutely sure this is fate trying to wipe away my doubts and urging me to go for her. 

Everything about her feels so right. No woman has had this effect on me for a very long time now. I won't be mistaken to say tonight is one of the happiest night of my life. I couldn't stop myself from smiling. Being with her was all, time meant nothing. I got home pretty late but I'm not bothered at all. 

' Williams ' mom called. the lights were turned on. Just like the old days. 

' oh mommy dearest ' I turned 

' I wanted to ask why you stayed out late but with the smile on your face, I want to know what happened? ' 
She had this mischievous smile on her face  

' Queen!  Mom '

' I thought  as much. When am I meeting this Queen Elizabeth? '

' soon mom. Soon  ' I replied and headed upstairs  

' just like that?  Soon? '

' good night mom. '


I woke up pretty late, said no prayers, had a quick bath and dressed up for church and yes! Mom has already started calling. I rushed out and off I zoomed off to church. When the service ended, I was about rushing out to avoid mom's questions but unfortunately, she caught me 

' Queen ' she called and I slowly turned 

' yes mom '

' will you follow us home or you will come later? '

' um...  I would really love to but I have things to do at home cause I'll be resuming office tomorrow ' 

She hesitated for a while before speaking up 

' we are having a family dinner by next week Friday and no excuse of yours will be accepted as to why you wouldn't make it '

' but mom....' I tried protesting but she cut me off before I even started 

' no excuse and no buts young lady ' she concluded and headed outside. 
       Finally, it's Monday, standing in front of my mirror, I admired myself, feeling satisfied with my looks. I cladded myself in a lemon colour pencil skirt and a half cut ash colour top, properly tucked. Light make up and a silver colour shoe and purse to match. Returning back to work really made me happy.

' good morning ma'am ' the security guard greeted 

' good morning '  I replied 

I felt so proud of myself as the workers fed their eyes with my looks and complemented. "thanks" I always said with a broad smile on my face. 

' oh my God. The goddess is back ' Bethy my secretary said the moment she saw me.

' hey!  Bethy, please don't start this morning. It's too early ' I replied 

' good morning ma'am. You are really looking good. '

' thanks Bethy. Please, get me a cup of coffee, my meeting schedule for today and of course, files updates I need to go through '

' Alright ma'am. I'm on it '

I walked into my office feeling whole again. Few minutes later, Bethy came in

' ma'am,  this is your coffee '

' thanks '

' these are the files you need to go through ' she dropped it on my desk. 

' and my meeting schedule? ' I asked

' yes ma'am, I never forgot that. You have only one meeting today and it's by 12pm at Queens restaurant. '

' how possible ' I asked,  a little flabbergasted. 

' yes ma'am. Remember the request we sent to Dr Hugine? '

' remind me, I don't seem to remember ' I replied 

' the renowned writer and a biochemist. '

' go on ' I said

' he's finally approved our request and he has granted us an audience. But he specifically request that you alone conduct the interview. It's such a big opportunity so the management had to postpone the meeting till you are back in office. ' 

' let me see his research file ' 

' That's it ma'am. The blue on your desk ' she pointed 

' where is his photo? ' i asked after going  through the first page 

' you said you didn't need one ' she replied 

' alright, thank you. You can go.

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. '

' OK ma'am '

   Why did I say I don't need his photo? Why did he specifically request for me?  I pondered as I went through every single details on his file. 
 He seems to be a very high profiled individual . After going  through his details for some time, I can say, I'm really ready to face him .

Some minutes to twelve, I was already in front of the restaurant he picked. I checked my mirror to see if I'm still looking okay and yes I still am. I stepped down from my car and went straight inside. A waiter walked up to me

' Ms Williams. Right?' 

' yea '

' alright. This way ' he led the way and I followed behind 

Surprisingly,  he was already there. His head bent, pretty busy with his phone. Though I could not see his face but from his back view, he looks really handsome. I walked up to him 

' good day sir ' I greeted

' good day ' he responded and raised up his head. 

' you!! ' I was so shocked. I stood still, looking at the person I called a reckless driver and treated like nothing. 

' have you lost your manners Ms Williams? ' he asked

I had to comport myself cause this is a very big deal for my company and no mistakes will be forgiven .

' I'm so sorry sir ' I stammered 

' can we start now?  I don't really have time to waste ' he said

' yes Sir ' I replied

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    Olaleye Adedamola
    Allie longtime you delay d story too much I have started forget it. Pls try help us to upload more episode. More grease to ur elbow. Next episode
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    I 4got abt dis story and I loved it so much... Old try 2 update
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    Wow! Its really getting more interesting.Keep it up
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    Wao! This is becoming more interesting
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    Nice piece......kip it goin Queen
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    I loved this story so much. Used Gracious Grace's account then, now it's Gracious. Ahnahn, izz long o. I just saw this today and I had to read former episodes. Sorry for the phone and files, I can really relate. Now, lemme continue the story. Welcome, Queen
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