Love Crystal - Episode 15

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( the beginning of the end) 

the conference was pretty stressful for me, i seriously prayed for it to come to an end and Desmond , to make it worse , never stopped staring at me but one funny thing was that he never called . truthfully, i really appreciated it.
        Finally, it was the final day and finally, i will be going back home to my bed. i was dead stunned when i heard the coordinator say 

" with clapping ovation, please welcome one of the biggest guest for today, Dr Gabriel Hugine"

At first, i didn't believe my ears till i saw him walk up to the podium . honestly, he look more handsome than the previous time i saw him. Everyone clapped so i had to. we both saw each other but he smiled and turned hid gaze.
i didn't pay attention to a single thing he said< though i was listening to him all the while.

       immediately the conference ended, i ran out straight to my car. i was about getting in when i heard my name.

" Gift!!" 

someone just addressed me by my first name, i had to turn.

" Oh my goodness!!! you again?" 

"of course honey, it's me. just the handsome me."Desmond replied smiling .

" you are just so full of yourself Mr Manyika" exasperated i said.

"yea, that's very true  but i'm tired of it and that's why i want to be full of you"

as much as irritating as it sounds, i laughed.

' finally you laughed" he said

" if you don't mind, I'll be going now and forever from this place, so bye bye...." i said with a smirk on my face.

" yea, i know and that's why you will be having dinner with me this evening " 
immediately, the smile on my face faded .

"you must seriously be out of your mind" i retorted.

"yea honey, i'm seriously out of my mind

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. you've driven me insane." he had this impish smile on his face.

" you know what? please stay away from me, i'm begging you and as for the dinner ...."

" hello Queenie" i was interrupted by a familiar voice .

" oh my G!! i'm in for a big one" i whispered before turning to face him.

"hi Mr Hugine." i replied with a fake smile.

" have you got time? perhaps we could talk or have dinner later." he requested.

no... no.. Desmond won't leave me alone except i accept to go out with Gabi but then i can't use Gabi to escape Desmond . i know how stupid i always act in front of gabi .

" Queen..." i heard gabi's voice.. I've obviously been silent.

"oh no, you see, the thing is; i and my boyfriend were planning on going out this evening . i'm very sorry."

His face was expressionless so i couldn't tell what he was thinking. 

"um... alright then, maybe, at home." he said.

oh my God, why is he being persistent ...i thought to myself.

"i don't know if I'll really have time but if i do then, why not.." 
i faked a smile trying to hide my anxiety , then i turned to Desmond who's been silently staring all the while.

" um.... honey, so it's later in the evening right?"

"yea baby, of course. I'll pick you up by 6pm." he replied smiling

i was really happy played along but then, I'll get to see the devil again. 

"alright then, bye."

Desmond pecked me on the cheek and gracefully hugged me without my permission but what can i do? i entered into my car and bid gabi goodbye and i drove off.


i was really happy to see her. i thought maybe we could have a chat but she just turned me down. lol... boyfriend?? i know Queen very well but she doesn't know how much i know her. 
i knew that was just an escape route to avoid me. she's gonna run for a very long time cause i'm not giving up yet! lolz.... boyfriend.. it's just so funny.


i really wanted to sleep this evening but what can i do. I've invited the rats into my house and i know it won't let me rest. 5:45pm, my phone rang, it was an unknown number. i picked up


"yes baby.. just called to tell you that i'm on my way. hope you are ready?"
hearing the voice, i didn't need any demon to tell me it's the devil. 

" speaking of the devil, do you know you are such a joy killer?"

" don't worry, i plan on making you happy. so get dressed okay?' 
i could imagine the smirk on his face.. gosh...

" speaking of coming, do you even know where i stay?"

"lets see about that" he replied and ended the call.

this guy is really got some guts!! i shouted and went to get dressed. i clad myself in a fitted purple colour gown, a black shoe and purse to match, applied a little makeup. 
exactly 06:05pm , i was already on his car. that annoying smile never left his face.

Read " Errors In Our Destiny " by the same author ( Queen Allie )

. i ignored all his chats but he never gave up. he's quite a talker. he parked the car in front of a big restaurant .

" yes! honey we are here." he said.

i stepped down not waiting for him to come open the door for me.

"hey that's not lady like you know?" he said with a frown.

"and i don't care" i replied,.

" Alright, lets go in" he took my hand. I've never seen such a guy like him before.

we were seated in the restaurant .

"please place an order honey.." he handed me the menu

" can you quit the honey stuff, i really don't buy it" i blurted.

"well, you don't buy it but i sell it" he smiled.

i didn't know what else to say so i just remained quiet.

" I've been thinking of moving down to Lagos." he started a conversation but i didn't say anything.

he continued "i was brushing away the thought but now, more than ever, i want to move down to Lagos."

"why?" i asked

"you! you honey."  i laughed though i wasn't finding it funny.

" my mom used to tell me that true lovers fight at first before coming together and their bond is always strong." he added and immediately, i stopped laughing.

" and what's the meaning of that? don't tell me you think i will love you." 

"no.. you won't love. you already love." he said and started laughing and i joined him. 

" you know, i used to think you are stupid but you are actually insane." i blurted

"yea you caused it" the way he talks plainly really baffles me.

i was about talking but his phone rang and he looked at me.

"why are you looking at me? is it your girlfriend? go on pick it up" i said.

"you look cute when you are jealous" he said and picked the call.

" hello, who is this?" he answered.

from my guess, it's a strange number.

" Jessica?!!!" he exclaimed with this surprise look on his face.

"but this is a Nigeria number?" he asked the caller.

"you can't be serious" this time he started smiling .

'i was kinda on a date with my girlfriend we'll come pick you up now"

i didn't know how to react, hearing him call me his girlfriend on phone and to someone i don't know.

"i'm on my way." he said and dropped the call.

"what was the meaning of that? if you think i'm going anywhere with you, then you must be seriously out of your mind." i blurted .

"firstly, it's my sister who have been out of the country for the past 5years now. she just called to tell me that she's at the airport and yes! you are certainly going with me to the airport."

i just stared at him not knowing what else to say to him

"we are on a date right? so let's go." he added and dragged me along.

   thirty minutes later, we were at the airport. he couldn't see her so he called.

"hello sis, where are you?" 

"right behind you bro" a female voice said from behind.

the both of them locked each other in a tight embrace.

"you've grown so big bro" she said when they finally broke the hug.

"i just can't believe you are back to Nigeria" he said

"and who do we have here?" she asked, referring to me.

" oh sis, meet the girlfriend i told you about and girlfriend meet my sis" he introduced .

"please don't mind my brother, he's such a joker. anyway, i'm Jessica Manyika and you?" Jessica said.

"Queen Gift Williams" i stretched out my hand for a handshake but surprisingly, she hugged me.

" take care of my brother" she whispered into my ears. 

" can we go now" Desmond asked..

we left the airport and we were headed to where i don't know, maybe his house. truthfully, i really hated the idea but for his sis, i kept quiet.


Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Lol.. Tell me, what are you thinking? 

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  • Abigail Amande picture
    Abigail Amande
    Am not thinking anything o.... Desmond, you better find your way out o...
  • Medina Lawal picture
    Medina Lawal
    Jessica Dr Williams finance that suppose to be dead 5years ago, i think
  • Olaleye Adedamola picture
    Olaleye Adedamola
    Jessica don't dies what happen how come this story is start confuse now. Anyway good job. Next episode
  • Opeoluwa picture
    Dr Williams Jessica is alive
  • Mercy Ekemonye picture
    Mercy Ekemonye
    Wow Jessica is not dead? OK oo let's see how Dr Williams will react to this
  • Benedicta Osei Arhin picture
    Benedicta Osei Arhin
    wow! the dead has come back to life oohh, nice write up, kudos dear
  • Sussnarlison Mat picture
    Sussnarlison Mat
    Eiiiiiish Jessica thought she died. Please next episode
  • Ekine Prudence picture
    Ekine Prudence
    Hmmmm, that name Jessica is suspicious
  • Melanin Sister picture
    Melanin Sister
    I think I like Desmond sha, he's a free spirit. Jessica and Will should reunite. Gabi should move on, I think?
  • Melanin Sister picture
    Melanin Sister
    I think I like Desmond sha, he's a free spirit. Jessica and Will should reunite. Gabi should move on, I think?
  • Opeoluwa picture
    @melanin gabi can't move on like that,if queen get her memory back will she not want to go back to him
  • Ayomide Huntress picture
    Ayomide Huntress
    That Desmond surname sounded familiar so I was thinking of going back to check b4 I saw Jessica
  • Gregory Onome picture
    Gregory Onome
    Jessica manyika,doc Williams fiancee,what is happening?
  • Prince Andy picture
    Prince Andy
    Jessica again? Hnmmmm... I can smell a twist already
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