Love Crystal - Episode 12

Love That Binds 

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Everything that just happened minutes ago kept playing and replaying in my head. The thought of Lucious taunting me for the rest of my life life was just so exasperating. It was really embarrassing for him to see me in such a position, what example am I laying for him. 

' Oh!  God please help me. ' I muttered 

I stayed in the bathroom for some time but I couldn't get my mind off it . Thinking he almost kissed me or I was just imagining things. Why do I act so stupid whenever I'm around him?  Is there something I'm missing here?  
I really need someone to talk to but then, it's already late. I picked up my phone, thought of calling Williams; I was contemplating whether or not to press the Dial button and finally, I did. He picked up after the third ring. 

' Hello '

' Williams, I'm really sorry I woke you up '

' what's up with you, you sound tensed '

' it's nothing, I couldn't sleep; I needed someone to talk to and the only person I could think of, is you '.

' what are you thinking about?  I can feel it, your heart is racing '

' um....... ' I thought whether or not to tell him

' what's up? Come on, speak up

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. I've got the whole night to listen '

' it's simple, I did something I'm not supposed to do and my bro knows about it. I'm being a bad example to them '

' Oh calm down princess. Mistakes are inevitable. No one can escape it. You can call him later and talk to him. Make him understand and besides, things are not always as they seem to be. You can't be a bad example, you are the best person I know. Okay? '

' thanks Williams.  I knew calling you was the best thing to do '

' Anytime dear. I'll always be here for you.  Now lie down and catch some sleep, you might be having a big day later in the morning '

' Alright Williams.  Bye '

' Bye dear and good morning '

I ended the call with my heart now at ease. His words filled me with so much comfort. I went into my room and slept off. 

        It's a beautiful Saturday morning. The ray of sun pieced through the window, straight to my face. I jumped up from my bed, checked the time, it was already 8 o'clock. I actually planned leaving early in the morning to avoid seeing Gabi and Lucious. But then, it seems God was not on my side. 

' Oh my goodness!  Screw me! ' I lamented out of frustration. 

I wasn't going to work this morning and mom knows it so how on earth am I going to escape my mom and her numerous question? And besides, Dad is around. 

' Arise and shine! Big sister ' I turned and saw Cynthy standing in front of the door. 

' oh!  I didn't notice you '

' it seems you are still sleepy. Anyways, mom said you should come downstairs, breakfast is ready. '

' Alright '

' You better be fast cause no one is eating without you. ' she added before leaving. I know that's mom's line. 

I went into the bathroom, had a quick bath, found something simple to wear. When I finished, stood in front of my mirror and I look perfect. I clad myself in a pink snicker and a white handles blouse and Down I went.

' honey, what kept you so long? ' dad asked

' I'm sorry Dad '

' your manners! Young lady ' mom cautioned 

' I'm sorry mom ' I turned to Mrs Helen

' good morning MA, Dad, Mom ' 

' what about me! ' Lucious said in a jocular tone

Staring at him, I felt this cold rush through my body. The guilt. 

' good morning kiddy and you coln '

' the prettiest of all ' coln replied 

Luckily for me, Gabi wasn't at the dinning room. Apparently, he had something urgent to attend to and I'm loving it. 

' oh gracious lord ' speaking of the devil, it's Gabi 

' oh my Jesus ' I muttered 

' good morning  all ' he greeted 

' morning my dear. Sit and let's eat ' mom said

He went to sit with the boys but mom stopped him

' please Cynthia, adjust , come over to this side. Gabi, sit next to Queen '

Hearing this, I almost melted. No one opposed, they were all smiling like it was a planned work. 
It wasn't really easy eating with Gabi by my side. He was in some sort of a gaiety mood and that smile never left his face. They talked and never failed to asked for my opinion which I only nodded, affirming to whatever they say. 
The coincidence was too much, we both reached out for things at the same time. Like he knows exactly what I wanted at a particular time . I couldn't leave the table cause it's against the family rule, so I had to bear it all. 
After what seemed like a century, breakfast was over. We cleared the table, I was about rushing upstairs when mom stopped me.

' Queen, where are you going to? '

' upstairs, to my room. '

' oh sorry. I'm very much aware of the fact that you don't fancy associating with people but I won't subscribe to that. ' 

I know how my mom can be, so it's totally useless arguing with her. I quietly went to the sitting room. I met the others chatting about a movie they were seeing. I had to sit with them. 
All of a sudden, Lucious said he doesn't like the movie anymore and he wants to change it. No one objected, so he did. I wasn't paying attention to the movie but then, I noticed Lucious was smiling at me. 
My attention was drawn to the movie, it was a romantic scene, where a guy was about kissing a girl. 
I felt like strangling him. He kept smiling and smiling like a fool. The scene was finally over but Coln collected the remote and took it back to that very scene, with the excuse that he wants to see something. 
Just like a planned work, Lucious started again and this time, not just him. Gabi started staring at me. I felt like killing Lucious . I couldn't control the anger I was feeling, I stood up, went straight to Lucious and gave him a very big knock on the head. 
I collected the remote from Coln to turn off the TV and next thing, Lucious started laughing and to crown it all, Coln joined him. I felt very stupid. I stood like a fool, staring at then, not knowing what to do next. I dropped the remote and walked away. I was about entering my room when I heard Gabi call me

' Queen '

' Yes! What is it? ' I retorted

' You've been acting strange since morning '
' And how's that your business?. Oh!  I see, cause of how stupid I acted last night, you now have the effrontery to intrude my privacy? I'm sorry I acted on your weakness, I'm not as cheap as I portrayed and if you don't mind; please stay away from me. I would really appreciate it. '

He was about saying something but my ringtone interrupted 

' oh! Williams, you are such a life saver ' 

I said immediately I picked the call and I went into my room leaving Gabi outside. 

' Pretty, how are you? '

' I'm fine doctor ' 

' Hey!  Stop the doctor thing '

' Williams, my head is just. Any chance we can go out later? '

' Oh my G... ' he said

' You are busy?  Alright, forget it. '

' No, not at all.

Read " Errors In Our Destiny " by the same author ( Queen Allie )

. I won't miss that for the world. '

' Alright then '

We chatted for a while and he helped me clear my head. We agreed to meet later in the evening. 


last night, I was really happy, happy to know that even if she lost her memory of us, she never lost our love. I felt it, I felt how much her soul was calling out for mine. We were really close, though she caught me off guard when she touched my cheek cause I didn't expect it. 
I really wanted to kiss her, I was really close and she wasn't resisting but boom!!  Lucious destroyed everything. Like flash, she ran away. Lucious told me that he has a plan but with the stunt he pulled earlier, it was certainly a disaster. 
I never knew he was going to embarrass her the way he did . If only I had known, I would have stopped him. She's asked me to stay away from her and I know Queen, she's a woman of her word. 
Though I have gotten my prove that she loves me, it's gonna be a long ride and with Dr Williams on the way..... I don't really know.... 


Hope you are having a wonderful evening? I don't think Gabi is having one.. Lolzz

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  • Opeoluwa picture
    Well done
  • carmen picture
    This Williams is looking 4 my trouble o... Ah! kilode?
  • Favour Abhatue picture
    Favour Abhatue
    Hahahahaha, @Carmen how is William looking 4 ur trouble, abi u b Gabi sister ni?? Next pls
  • Abigail Amande picture
    Abigail Amande
    Next please... My heart is beating fast more than normal. Lol
  • Ngozi Awagu picture
    Ngozi Awagu
    I like that, well-done bay
  • Mercy Ekemonye picture
    Mercy Ekemonye
    I'm liking this
  • Pat Kome picture
    Pat Kome
    Hahahahahahhahahahahahahaha that scene was sooooooooooooo funny where Queen gave Lucious a resounding knock nd they started laughing
  • Prince Andy picture
    Prince Andy
    Definately... But as for Gabi, I really feel for him.. Nice work Queen
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