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Love Crystal

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I stayed in my room and later slept off after the call. Later in the evening, Williams called and I told him to come pick me at mom's place. The Hugines were about leaving when I came downstairs. 

" I hope we can do his some other time" mother hugged Helen 

"me too, it was so much fun" Helen replied 

"hey!  Young man, you better drive carefully okay? " Dad added referring to Gabi

"yes sir" he smiled

" Sisi cutie! " Coln called me from the stairs where I was staring .

" baby, please come and give me a hug before I leave. " Helen beckoned on me to come. 
I quietly went down and hugged her . This is just one thing I so love about her. She's loving, and so much more than I can mention. 

" Cynthia, stay cool okay?  And above all, your studies first ." 

" okay big sister. "

Everyone stared at me, like they were expecting me to say something else. 

" What? " I asked no one in particular .

" And what about me? " Gabi asked. 

" you what? " I retorted 

" you just bid mom and Cynthia goodbye, what about me?  Or don't tell me you want me to stay back. " 
He had that cute smile on his face

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. I didn't know when I smiled back. 

" Really? " Alright, goodbye Mr Gabriel and stay out of people's way. " 
I stretched out my hand for a handshake. He laughed, drew me close and hugged me so tight. 

" I don't shake ladies like you, I hug them and funny enough, there's only one lady like you and that's you." he whispered into my ears.
I hate to admit but I love the feeling it gave me. The air from his nostrils, grazing my skin. Those gentle arms that held me so close. He broke the hug. 

" I really love seeing these two fight" Dad said. 

" Don't they look cute together? " Coln added. 

" Oh stop it everybody. Why's everyone making a big deal out of a hug" I said out of  frustration. 
We saw them off to the door. Gabi never took his eyes off me neither did I, maybe cause he refused to stop staring and that's why mine lingered. 

When they drove off, I went inside to get dressed. I was almost through when I heard a car horn outside. I didn't need a pastor to tell me it's Williams. I hastened up and came downstairs. I met him and mom discussing. 

" Hey Queen! " Williams greeted

" Oh!  She's here " mom said 

" Hi Williams " I greeted " Can u continue? Let me get something upstairs " 

" that's not a problem " he continued talking with mom

I entered my room and saw Lucious sitting on my bed. 

Referring to my purse he said, " I knew you'd come back to get this. "

" Yea.. " I replied, turning to leave the room. 

" Is that not Dr Williams? " he asked

" yes that's him, why? " I curiously asked.

" Hope nothing is going on between the both of you? " 

I was dead drawn by his questions 

" And since when did that become your business?" I defensively replied.

" Come on SIS, we do talk about everything. Or you lost that memory too? "
At this point, I was getting exasperated .

" oh!  Since when? " 
I could read the shock on his face 

" since forever, I don't want you to end up regretting anything tomorrow." 

" you know what?  I'd really appreciate it if you stay on your lane and mind your business. "

" oh my gosh! So you also got back this irritating attitude of yours too? I love you sis but with this, I just can't stand you. You changed for good and now this?  I really thought you are smart but look at you. Can't you see? Where's your sense of Inquisitiveness and curiosity Journalist?!! I hope you don't make any silly mistake." 

He gave me this deadly look and walked out on me. I was so shocked to hear him talk to me like he just did. I sat down for some minutes before going downstairs. 

" Williams, I'm ready. "

" Alright. Ma'am, with your permission, I'd like to take your daughter out. "

Mom smiled. " Permission granted but don't stay too long. "

" Alright MA."

" have fun both of you! " mom said

Williams walked me down to his car, he opened the door and I entered. After some minutes of driving in silence, he parked along the road. He came down, opened the passenger door, took my hand, gesturing me to come down. 
I stepped down with my back against the car. He came close, put his hand on my right cheek. 

" Queen, what's wrong? You don't look okay. " 
I faked a smile " I'm fine, just had argument with Lucious. "

" Cheer up, okay?  This look doesn't suit a Queen. " i smiled and nodded. 

The evening was full of fun. At first, I thought we were going to a restaurant but Williams surprised me. He stopped the car in a street and said we are having a street date. I laughed at first but later enjoyed it. 

We bought things on the street, ate on the street, played like child. Later on, we went back to where the car was parked and he drove us down to a beach. 
It was cold. We had so much fun and when I complained I was tired of walking, he carried me on his back. I never knew he's such a play type. Everyone who saw us, stared twice cause we looked like lovers or married couples not knowing we are just friends. 
After some time, we sat down close to a beach house. 

" I wish we can do this some other time. " Williams broke the lingering silence. 

"yea...  Me too. " I smiled " I never knew you were the play type. "

" I never was but she taught me. "

"she? Your girlfriend I guess. "

" Nope. " he smiled

" Who then? "

" Jessica. "

" I don't think I know her. "

" yea...  You don't. "

Seeing how his mood changed instantly, I really wanted to know why. 

" Williams...  I'm not liking your mood. What happened?"

" it's a long story desire. "

" I've got the whole night to listen "

" hey!  That's my line" he jokingly nudged me and we laughed. 

" my ears are itching Williams. "

" you sound just like my mom. " he said

" are you calling me an old woman? "

" hey!  My mom ain't old at all"

" lol...  Seriously?"

" You just know how to get to me. "

" Same here.. " I replied and we both went mute again. 

" She used to be my fiancee " he broke the silence. 

" OK.... " I was pretty ready to listen. 

" she had an accident a day to our wedding and died on our wedding day out of my stupidity. " 

" Oh my G! Williams I'm so sorry" I drew close and hugged him. 
He leaned on me, with his arms around me. We stayed like that till he finished narrating everything to me. 

" It's okay Williams. You lost a friend but you've gotten yourself another.

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. I'm just right here. " I assured him and I felt his grip tighten. 

" Don't leave me too. " he said more like a whisper. 

It took time to console him and finally, we were on our way back. I decided to go to my house instead, since it's already late and trust me, mom will cut off my head. 
When we go to my apartment, I invited him in for a coffee. Minutes later, he was on his way out. 

" Goodnight Liams ." I said

" what? " he asked 

"  I said Liams, so better get used to it cause that's what I'll be calling you from now on. "

" Of course. The Queen has spoken. " he said in a jocular tone. 

" Alright then, bye. " 

He took a few steps, turned, came back and hugged me before leaving.


I just don't understand these guys anymore. Lucious, Queen, Williams..  What do you think? And before I forget, Carmen, Gabi wants me to introduce you to him but then, when Queen gets back her memory, get ready for a big fight. 

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