Love Crystal - Episode 16

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Love that binds

Jessica, I must say, she's a very nice girl. She's jovial, caring, fun to be with and loving. I refused following them home so they dropped me off at the hotel where I lodged and that was before I promised to spend the weekend with Jessica. I was supposed to leave on Friday and return to work on Monday but then, seems I'll be leaving on Sunday evening .

The weekend was fun filled. Des the pest never left me alone . Des? You might be wondering, from Desmond to Des. Desmond is a pest, that's true but I really enjoy his company. He's funny, teases me a lot but he's way cool. One thing I admire most about him is that, he's unpredictable and it sometimes beats my imagination. 

On Sunday, I and Jessica went to the mall. We bought lots of things and cloths too. After shopping, we sat down to eat. 

" Queen " Jessica called. 

" yes.... "

" tell me about yourself.. "

" um....  I'm a journalist, actually, that's why I'm here at Abuja. I'm the only and first daughter of my parents, and I'm single."

Jessi was already laughing before I could finish. I was a little puzzled, did I say anything funny? 

" hey!  What's funny? "

" are you sure you are single? "

" you are getting me confused right now

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. Of course I'm single. "

" Alright then, I'm Jessica, that you already know. I'm a banker,  been out of the country for a very long time. Mom owns a boutique and my dad... That's another story."

" why did you leave the country for such a long time? "

" why did you leave for such a very long time? " 

" that's a story that even I can not tell. Life played a trick on me and I'm yet to find out why. " 

I noticed her mood changed instantly. 

" why did you say you are single, what about my brother? " Jessi asked. 

I couldn't help but laugh. " now I see why you laughed. Well, Des and I are just friends. He's just exaggerating things. In fact, he force me to the airport that day. "

Remembering everything that happened that day, I started laughing. 

" you are lucky, you know? "
I gave her that look that spells how? And she continued. 

"you are literally the first girl he has ever talked about, the first he tolerates so well, the first he has never gotten angry at, the very first he's talking about spending his life with. But you just don't see the level of his seriousness. "

I stared silently and then,  she smiled. 

" thank God you are single so he won't have a hard time accepting that you are already taken. " she concluded and laughed. 

" hey! Don't be like that! " she added and I snapped and smiled. 

" if you won't find my question offensive, how old are you? " she asked. 

" I'm 27 and you? "

" 34, I'm 34 and Des is 30."

" you are not serious, you look way younger than I am. " we both laughed. 

" you know, I feel very attached to you. Though we've only spent a short time together but I feel like I've known you for ages. I honestly don't want to be your friend, I want to be your sister. What do say? "
I never expected to hear such from her but then, the feeling is mutual. I've always wanted a big sis and if this is God giving me one, then I'm grateful. 

" of course!  Why not big sis. I've always wanted a big sister. Thank you very much. "
 We hugged each other. 

"what say the time?" she suddenly asked. That was when I realised I have a flight to catch by 3pm. 

" oh no! Big sis, it's almost 2pm and my flight leaves by 3pm. " I answered already tensed..

" calm down, have you got your things packed? "

"yes I have but then, my lodge is far from here. I might miss my plane. What do I do? I really need to leave today. "

" OK then...  um... " she was interrupted by my ringtone. 

" it's Desmond " I said and she nodded. 

" Hello... " I answered. 

"Are you ready? " he asked almost immediately. 

" hey!  That's not polite at all and besides, I forgot the time and I'm still at the mall. "
Jessica kept smiling as we were talking. 

" Go down to the airport, I'll go get your things. Try not to miss your flight even if your bags might. " he laughed. 

" You are just so unserious, I hate you! " I almost shouted. 

" I love you baby." he kept laughing and then,  I ended the call. 

" what did he say? " Jessi asked. 

" he said I should head to the airport, try not to miss my flight even though my bags will. "  Jessica started laughing. 

" I really love it when you two fight. Mom should really see this. " she said. 

" big sis, please let's go. " 

We rushed to the airport and yea, I didn't miss my flight but I was now waiting for my bags. Few minutes to go, Des was still no where to be seen. I was about going in when I finally saw him but he wasn't with my bags. 

" hey!  Where are my bags. " I asked. 

" sorry honey, I was on my way to get it but then I figured I might not see you before you leave. So, I turned to get here on time and give you a hug before you leave. Now come and hug me. " 
he had this look on his face that you can't actually know if he's joking. 
I and Jessica stared at him unbelievably. 

" what did you just say? "  I was already boiling in anger. 

" I meant to say, I've already sent your bags inside, it's just left for you to get inside now.

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. " he said and started laughing. 

I didn't know what to say to him so I just smiled. He pulled me close and hugged me so tight, like he was going to suffocate me. 

" I'm coming after you. " he whispered into my ears. 

I turned and hugged Jessica before running inside. 

Though I never really liked Desmond from the start nor have I known his sister for long but I felt really attached to them. I would have stayed much longer if I could. I know I'll really miss them and I hope to see them soon. 
The thought of Desmond never left my head, all Jessi told me. I just felt bored. I wanted to sleep during the flight so I had to clear my mind. All the while, I've been deep in thought. 

" you seem really deep in thought." my seat mate said. 
I turned to see who it was. Lo and behold, it's..


Sorry for the late post. I hope this puts a smile on your face. What do you think so far? 

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