Love Crystal - Episode 7

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@Abigail Edos, I don't think you have any idea about types of amnesia. The type of amnesia in the story is called SELECTIVE AMNESIA , Selective amnesia is a type of amnesia in which the victim loses certain parts of his/her memory. Common elements that may be forgotten: relationships, special talents (e.g.: juggling, whistling, instrumental talents, etc.), or traumatic events (e.g.: a death/suicide of a loved one or attempt on one's own life). You can check on net to confirm and thanks for the comment and observations.

Williams POV continues.....

In life, there's only but a slim line between love and hate, acceptance and rejection . It's sometimes conditions to things we come across in life. They either make or break us it all depends on us. solely us to determine where circumstances of life pushes us to. At this point, I was already scared. Her reaction, mood swing, everything got me on the hook. I began to sweat profusely. I wanted to say something but couldn't find words. I was already deep in thought, so many things crossing mind, not wanting to believe my instincts or predictions. "All my life, I've only encountered failure. I always thought that I was never good enough, not pretty enough, not brilliant enough. I've always wished to be like other

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. Perhaps, luck might finally come my way. But today, more than ever, I want to be me. I want to be Jessica manyika" she turned to me with this scary look I've never seen before. At that point, I was puzzled. "Doctor Williams Richardson", then, she paused and continued looking straight into my eyes "do you know I've been used and dumped by many guys?" It took a while before I found my words and replied "yes, I know" "do you also know how childish and stupid I can be atimes, flare up at the most common things?" "Yes jess" "do you also know that I'm not a good cook?" "Yes, I'm willing to teach you" "do you know that I lack confidence and feel inferior?" "It's okay jessi, I know all about your flaws. I know you are not perfect and am not too. But then, we could learn from each other. It's our imperfections that keeps us alive and helps us strive for the best. So I'll ask one more time with hope that you will see me worthy enough to commit your entire life to. Jessica manyika, Will you marry me?" " I wouldn't stand a chance of letting you go! Yes!! I love you" Williams slipped the ring through her finger, drew her close, staring deep into her eyes, pressing gently against her lips.....

"I think this shoe is better. Let's place an order" Cynthia suggested to her mom who was going through jumia latest designs online. "Yes, I do agree with you but I also need a handbag to match" "yea... how about this!" "Mom! Nessa!" Williams called out and they both turned to his direction. "What" they both asked in unison. Jessica raised up her hand, making her finger visible for them to see. "Woow..." Nessa and her mom exclaimed... "yes mom! She said yes" "this calls for celebration . Come and give me a hug my dear" my mom stretched out her hands and Jessica ran down to her. "Welcome to the newest member of the family" Nessa teased. "When is the wedding coming up? We need to see her parents immediately" "calm down mom, there's plenty of time for that" "Nkechi" mom called the house help who ran out almost immediately. There's going to be a little celebration this evening so prepare something really nice, okay?" "Yes ma" she replied and headed back to the kitchen. 4 months later... The animated chatter of people filled the air. The house was nicely decorated. Everyone was busy, either talking or working. Yes! They were preparing for the wedding of Williams and Jessica.

The past few months had been really hectic but finally, we are marching to the alter the next day. My friends have been on my neck cause I decided there's going to be no bachelor's party but after much talk, I gave in and it's gonna be tonight. I was really excited but nervous too which made me feel a little awkward . My church has restricted us from communicating with each other for the past one week. I couldn't wait to see her marching to alter in white.. I fantasized alot about it "it's tomorrow right?" I muttered to myself, smiling sheepishly .

Jessica on the other hand was really happy. Finally, her pot of broken promises is now filled up. Her parents have given her loads of advice. She got a call from her designer that evening to come and check the new wedding gown cause she initially rejected the first one. She looked at her time, it was already 5pm so she dashed out of the room. When she got there, it was already halve past 6 o'clock cause of the traffic. She really loved the new collection so she made a choice which was really hard for her cause they all looked nice. Before she could round up, it was already 9pm ." Oh my! I didn't keep track of the time. I'll rush off now and don't be late tomorrow" she said to the designer, rushing out. When she fot out, it has already started raining and the weather was quite bad. She ignited the car engine and zoomed off. Next thing, she noticed her car wipe was no longer working. She had to pack. She called Williams to inform him about her whereabout but he wasn't picking up. She called 5times and then gave up thinking he must be fast asleep due to stress. She tried her parent's line but it wasn't connecting. She thought about her wedding the next day , staying in the lonely road at such an ungodly hour and such a terrible weather. She decided to take the risk of going home. She checked the time it was already 11pm and the rain was not giving an space, she ignited the engine again and tried driving.

Read " Errors In Our Destiny " by the same author ( Queen Allie )

. Just as she entered the road, she saw a big trailer on a very high speed coming on the same lane, facing her car. Immediately she turned left to avoid the car from hitting her and the trailer driver who didn't see her on time, turned right to avoid hitting her at the same time but they ended up hitting each other face to face. The accident was really serve. The trailer driver managed to step down to check on her but she was really in a bad shape so he brought her out. At that point, there was certainly no way to take her to the hospital so he kept waiting for any car to pass by.

Exactly 1pm, I was through with the bachelor's party with my friends, we had so much fun. When I went upstairs to get my phone, I saw Jessica's missed calls I smiled thinking she called cause of the cold weather. I dailled her number but a man picked up. I was totally shocked "who are you?" I asked. "The owner of this phone had a serve accident since 11pm yesterday but we just got help few minutes ago to take her to the hospital". "What!!" It hit me like a bullet in the chest.


Painful right? Let's see what happens next.. stay tunned, next episode coming your way shortly..

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