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Love Crystal

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"Hey loosen up" clearly he could read the shock on my face. He kept smiling, I guess more like mockery. "This Isn't a proper way of welcoming a visitor" he added. "Oh! Sorry.." I had to compose myself.. "how did you know my house?" "Can I come in?" He asked ignoring my question.. "I would have loved to but it's quite messy inside" "I'm not complaining. . am I?" He walked past me and yea! Straight into my sitting room. "Um... I actually came around the area to attend to a patient and decided to drop by since you rejected my dinner offer" "oh! Um... what can I get you?" "Anything dear". We chatted for sometime and then I got to find out that, he got my address from my mom. "sorry for barging in like I did. I know how tight you sometimes seem to be." "It's alright Williams I understand and it's been really wonderful having you around" "ok then, I'll be taking my leave now" "okay doc. And drive carefully" "stay cool dear." I saw him off to the door.

Williams POV

I sang along with phil Collins- can't stop loving you. I kept smiling and singing. The joy I felt was indescribable

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. I decided to go over to mom's place to spend the weekend. It's been long I last went there and I only do when mom pleads with me. I horned at the gate thrice before the gatekeeper responded. "Na who be that!" He shouted. "Oh! Oga na you? Abeg no vex" he quickly opened the gate. My mom beamed with joy the moment she saw me walk in. "Oh my baby, come and give mama a hug" I hugged her so tight that one might think, perhaps, I wanted to strangle her. "My beautiful first love, how have you been?" "What did you just say Williams?" My mom could not believe what she just heard. "It's been really long I've seen you this happy and to crown it all up, you just referred to me in a way you have not for the past five years. Hm... I think something is up. What has restored this lost light back to you son?" I smiled cause I knew exactly what she was talking about. "Mom I'm tired. Please, is there anything to eat? I'm hungry" "of course, go up and shower then, come down for food". I smiled and headed upstairs but my mom called again "Williams" while I turned, knowing exactly what she wants. "My ears are seriously itching to hear something " she winked like she was trying to flirt with me. I laughed heading upstairs.

I got into my room and everything was still the way it used to be. My eyes caught a glimpse of a picture on the table. I dropped my jacket and went to the table. I stared at the picture and the past flashed back. Very raw like it just happened yesterday. 5years ago...... The voice of my mom could be heard, laughing so loud. One could tell she was really enjoying herself. "You mean , he has been stealing from his illiterate father?" She asked Jessica amidst her laughter. "Yes mom, like I was really stunned" my mom laughed the more. I came in and started searching for something no one had idea of. "Williams, what are you looking for?" Mom asked cause I seemed very serious. "Mom, I'm searching for the love of my life. I've searched the whole house but she's no where to be found. Please by any chance, did you see her?" Both women laughed while I joined Jessica where she was sitting. "And why is everybody laughing ?" My sister Vanessa walked in. "Why don't you ask your brother" "bro....." she turned to glare at me, gesturing me to say something. "Sis, you won't believe, I have been searching for the love of my life round the house, even under the couch and she was here all along engrossed with what she and mom were discussing. Laughing so loud and leaving me out!" Vanessa joined the laughter. "Oh! Now I understand. Please have her all to yourself". "Baby did you hear that? I can have you all to myself" Jessica responded with a nod and a loud laughter. " ermm.. Jessica, have you seen the latest designer's shoes on jumia?" Vanessa said, catching Jessica's attention immediately. " seriously! You don't say. Let me take a look" she said standing up to join Vanessa. "You see was I was talking about? Everyone turned to my direction. "Just now it was mom and now it's you" "ha! Jealousy" Jessica muttered.

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. "Mom, nessa, we will see you later" I dragged Jessica upstairs while mom and nessa continued talking.

Jessica, you know I love you right?" Jessi was lying down, with her head on my chest. She responded with a nod. "I never know what love was, I never knew how to love . I thought love was for the weak but you proved wrong, you showed me how strong love can make me" she raised her head and sat opposite, looking straight into my face. "You made my life beautiful jessi, you brought out the best in me " I slipped my hand to my pocket and brought out a shining silver ring. "I've lived my life believing you are mine and I want to live with that thought forever. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Please Jessica manyika, be my wife." I concluded on my knees with hope that jessi will say yes! She held my hand briefly and moved away from my grasp. She faced the door backing me and started crying... Do you think Jessica rejected his proposal? Do you think that was what made him bitter for 5years? is it really worth it? Let's find out in the next episode... don't miss the next episode coming your way shortly...

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